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Register Now for Watson CXA, IBM Tealeaf and DA Webinars

Posted by Kristin Bonazoli

Fri, Mar 29, 2019 @ 08:03 AM

As an IBM Gold Business Partner specializing in Watson Marketing, Pereion Solutions strives to keep our clients informed of the latest releases and educational content available for  IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud (Tealeaf CX on Cloud), Watson Customer Experience Analytics (Watson CXA) and IBM Digital Analytics (IBM DA). One resource offered by IBM Watson Marketing, that is worth mentioning and is free to all Tealeaf CX on Cloud, Watson CXA and IBM DA users, is a series of product overview webinars that will provide an introduction into the reporting features available for each CX analytic platform. Below you will find the dates and times available in which you can register for these informative webinars.

Tealeaf CX on Cloud Webinars

The webinars offered for Tealeaf CX on Cloud will cover session search, struggle analytics and the snapshot gallery; event manager components; event tester and alert options; and report types available within the analytics section. To register, please click the date and time below that works best for you:

Watson CXA Webinars

The Watson CXA product overview webinars will discuss activity within the overview, web and mobile app dashboards; key stages within Mindset reporting; journey reporting across multiple channels; and flexible reporting.  If you would like to register, please click that date and time below that suits your schedule:

IBM Digital Analytics Webinars

Topics included in the IBM DA webinars will review interface layout, workspaces, standard reporting and ad-hoc reporting. If you wish to sign up, please click one of the dates and times below that works for you:

Additional resources for Tealeaf CX on Cloud and Watson CXA

Need additional resources or help leveraging Tealeaf and Watson CXA?  Pereion Solutions can assist in making sure you are fully utilizing the tools and getting the most value from Tealeaf on Cloud and Watson CXA. First, check out the important use case videos Pereion Solutions has developed that you can use to improve digital intelligence and put customer insights to work. Click the tile below to be directed Pereion's Customer Use Case Video page

Watson CXA/Tealeaf Use Case Videos 1

Also available is our ebook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” that complements the use case videos and includes formulas for success that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences. Gain the insights you need to enhance customer journeys, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value by clicking the tile below to download the eBook:

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

Still need help or have questions on how to effectively leverage Tealeaf CX on Cloud or Watson CXA? 
Click here, to schedule a complimentary consultation with Pereion Solutions.   We can help you in your efforts to optimize and deliver exceptional digital customer experiences through our vast expertise in customer analytics.


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Infuse More Intelligence into Marketing Campaigns with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 07:10 AM

Achieving increased added intelligence from customer behavior and applying it to automated marketing campaigns is every marketers goal. With Watson Campaign Automation (WCA), you already know you are delivering impactful campaigns by leveraging its insights and capabilities. By infusing AI-powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you can inject even more intelligence into your marketing campaigns with deep customer insights that will produce improved segmentation and better yields.

Advanced Analytic Capabilities to Boost your Marketing Efforts

By integrating Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you are able to leverage the analytic capabilities of Watson CXA.  Watson CXA provides a robust set of analytic capabilities based on the customer journey and user experience.  Watson CXA’s advanced analytic capabilities include:

  • Journey Analytics provide you with an aggregate view of the customer journey across time, devices and channels. Presenting you with valuable insight that you can leverage to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


  • Behavior Analytics helps you visualize and understand user experience; it displays and captures customer data through heat maps, session replays and form analytics. These capabilities can quickly identify areas of customer struggle and enable you to remarket to customers who may have abandoned based on user experience issues.

Heat Map Image_1-2


  • Struggle Analytics allows you to rapidly detect and analyze customer struggle on your website in real time. It works to recognized patterns or repetitive activity that could indicate customer struggle and provides the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer friction. By detecting your customer struggle points, you can swiftly take corrective action to rectify issues, uncover areas of opportunity and optimize your customer experiences.

Edit Struggle Factor_image

  • Geospatial Analytics recognizes and assists you in understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business. This aids in identifying key geographical areas for improvement and allowing you to make more informed business decisions on a global level.

Geospatial image_test cut


Integrated Customer Data to enhance Marketing Campaigns

Using IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) you can easily share data between Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA). By passing data from Watson Campaign Automation you provide critical data to build customer journey reports.  Conversely, passing data and audiences from WCXA to WCA enables automated campaign execution based on insights developed through WCXA. 

Optimize Customer Journeys with Watson Experience Analytic

The key to a successful customer journey is having the appropriate data to better understand your customer. By leveraging AI powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), you achieve a greater understanding and view of how customers interact in journeys across time, devices and channels. It supplies you with meaningful insight into your customers’ interactions, so you are well equipped to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers. Allowing you to make better, faster and smarter business decisions across customer touch points and recognize a return on investment (ROI). Learn more about enhancing the customer journey by downloading a copy of the IBM’s Whitepaper, “How to use Customer-Level Data to Supercharge Customer Journeys”, by clicking here. 

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Gain the insights you need to enhance customer journeys, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value by downloading our eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?”. Our eBook is a compilation of the top 10 use cases you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and optimize your overall customer journeys. Put customer insights work with IBM Watson CXA. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

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Watson Customer Experience Analytics Named Leader by Forrester

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jul 31, 2018 @ 07:07 AM

In the recent Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018 report, IBM was recognized as a leader based on  IBM’s Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) and Watson Marketing Insights (WMI). Scoring high overall in a 39-criteria evaluation in the areas of business impact, time to value as well as product investment and vision.

The evaluation included 9 customer analytics solution vendors who provide a comprehensive customer analytics platform which offer DIFM (“do- it-for-me”- business user friendly) and out of the box capabilities. According to the report, as demand for easy and instant access to customer insights among many professionals has increased so has the market for DIFM customer analytics solutions. Due to lack of IT and data science resources within many organizations, this new class of customer analytics solutions has surfaced allowing non-technical business users to leverage the insights needed to make better business decisions.

Click here to download the Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018 report from IBM. 

Watson CXA outperforms in Journey and Struggle Analytics 

Watson CXA distanced itself from the competition by excelling in Journey Analytics and Struggle Analytics in the Forrester evaluation.  Both offer a greater visibility into customers' behavior resulting in outstanding digital customer experiences by leveraging an infusion of Watson AI technology.

  • Journey Analytics provides a cross channel and multi-session customer view to help visualize the complete journeys customers take and assist with identifying the top-performing or popular paths that lead to conversion, offering actionable insight that can be used to replicate positive customer experiences.


  • Struggle Analytics recognizes potential struggle activity, such as step counts, repetitive patterns, or slow load times for pages. In addition, it allows you to drill deeper with session analysis to view individual customer experiences and readily determine the cause of customer struggle.



IBM Watson Marketing Insights - AI-power cognitive analytics with out of box capabilities

Forrester commends IBM Watson Marketing Insights (WMI) for its AI powered predictive customer insights and out-of-the-box analytic capabilities. It allows businesses to explore marketing insights and leverage predictive analytics without requiring data scientist technical skills. IBM WMI assists marketers in understanding and forecasting customer behaviors by recommending target audiences based on predictive analytics by creating segments based on a profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources. For more information about IBM Watson Marketing Insights, click here.

Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA)

As a top performer in customer analytic solutions, IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) provides a comprehensive customer analytic platform which offers a seamless, end-to-end view of the customer experience to understand and optimize every journey.  Gain the insights you need to resolve issues, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value with Watson CXA. In our eBook, we have highlighted the top 10 use cases and formulas for success. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

Pereion Solutions is an IBM Gold business partner specializing in Watson Marketing. If you would like to learn more about IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics please click here or the tile below to request a consult or request a demo.

Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics

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GDPR is Coming! Get Ready with an IBM Digital Analytics Health Check

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Apr 3, 2018 @ 07:04 AM

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25th, so if you are an organization with customers, vendors and partners in the European Union (EU), you will want to ensure that the way you collect, store, and manage their personal data complies with the new regulation.   Designed to give individuals better control over their personal data and establish a single set of data protection rules across Europe, GDPR signals a critical turning point in the way organizations across the globe will need to approach data privacy – providing both challenges, as well as opportunities, for your business.  

As you work towards becoming GDPR compliant, performing a GDPR health check on your IBM Digital Analytics (DA) solution is beneficial in preparing for your GDPR readiness.


Analyze the personal data you collect

The protection of personal data is the core of GDPR, and personal data under GDPR is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person and can include online identifiers, such as contact information, email address, IP addresses, and other unique identifiers.  With the strict rules established for safeguarding this personal data, it is critical for you to identify the customer information you are collecting, understand how the information is being used by your company and recognize who has access to the information across your organization.   

As tags are the primary means for collecting online data and gathering behavioral information about your customers and site visitors, an effective GDPR health check should include performing a tag audit to evaluate the tags used on your website.   Implemented properly, a tag audit can help you isolate specific tags and attributes that are being used to collect different kinds of customer data and how they data is being used.  In addition, efficient management of tags on your site can assist you with maintaining proper control and processing of personal data, as well as assist with offering the required consent or opt-out provision to individuals, which is a key part of GDPR. 


Align your DA reporting to GDPR compliance

Conducting a report review to examine personal data is important for understanding and developing an inventory of what personal data you are collecting.  At the same time, if you are looking to migrate to the new IBM Digital Analytics User Interface, now is also the perfect time to eliminate your older dated reports and create updated ones in the new UI that fully support your GDPR compliance plans. 


Get ready for GDPR!

The GDPR deadline is right around the corner, and it is critical that you have a view of what personal data you collect on customers to effectively prepare for GDPR compliance.   Now that you know what you need, let us help you make the process easier.


Pereion Solutions Gold Business Partner Mark

With expertise in IBM Digital Analytics and Watson Customer Analytics 
Pereion Solutions can help you prepare for GDPR


As an IBM Gold Partner with deep expertise in IBM Digital Analytics and Watson Customer Experience Analytics, we can assist you with a DA Health Check to put you on a successful path to GDPR readiness.  IBM has made available a Watson Marketing GDPR readiness site with additional information on GDPR readiness that you can find here. To request a consult from Pereion Solutions and discuss how a Digital Analytics Health Check can help prepare for GDPR, just click on the tile below. 


Digital Analytics Health Check


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