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Need to Develop Tealeaf Skills in Your Organization?

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Oct 21, 2019 @ 13:10 PM

Tealeaf, now part of the Acoustic Analytics portfolio, is a powerful Customer Experience (CX) analytics offering from Acoustic that can provide invaluable insight into the what and why behind your customers’ behaviors. But, to unlock the solution’s full potential and effectively leverage its robust capabilities does require pertinent skills. As an Acoustic partner specializing in Tealeaf, Pereion Solutions recently launched a learning portal, Pereion Learning Paths, that offers short and easy to navigate education modules which provide entry-level skills to get your organization started on a learning path to uncover actionable insights you can use to digitally transform your business.

Take advantage of the unparalleled opportunity for virtual hands-on training!

To complement the entry-level education offered with our Pereion Learning Paths, Pereion Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a virtual hands-on Tealeaf on Cloud Training Course. Designed to offer beginner level Tealeaf users in your organization the opportunity to develop intermediate level skills, the course content covers two main learning modules: the Fundamentals of Tealeaf and Basic Event Building. The training is administered by a Pereion Solutions’ instructor and a Tealeaf analyst, and the course material is developed for remote delivery to a single company with 3 to 12 students. The curriculum is estimated at eight (8) hours and is customized to your site and Tealeaf environment.


Tealeaf on Cloud Training Class


Increase your proficiency and maximize ROI for your organization with Tealeaf CX Analytics

Acquiring the essential skills needed to successfully leverage Tealeaf helps lay a foundation for effective digital analysis by helping you understand your customer behaviors and creating the actionable insight needed to make more informed decisions about your business. By readily using analytic capabilities in Tealeaf, your organization can gain a valuable macro to micro view on user interactions and the opportunity to quickly uncover issues and implement improvements to optimize experiences, providing your business with an invaluable savings of time and money – and realize the planned ROI with your Tealeaf CX Analytics solution.

Ready to take the next step in developing your organization’s analytic skills?

To learn more about the Tealeaf on Cloud training course offered by Pereion Solutions or to register your organization for the virtual hands on training, please click on the button below. If you do have specific requirements for your organization, we will work with you to customize this class to the needs.

Pereion Solutions Tealeaf on Cloud Training Course

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Transition to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 08:11 AM

Many online businesses aim to optimize and deliver seamless and exceptional cross-channel customer experiences while reducing costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Businesses that currently utilize IBM’s Tealeaf CX on premise platform recognize the benefits of understanding customer behavior in helping to uncover areas of struggle to enhance digital experiences. Although this on-premise behavior analytics solution offers robust analytic capabilities, it also requires a significant investment in hardware, software and resources to manage and maintain. Tealeaf on Cloud was introduced as demand for ease of use, flexibility and cost efficiency increased for a cloud-based offering.

Tealeaf on Cloud combines AI-powered functionality with the strength and robustness found in the legacy Tealeaf CX on-premise platform. Tealeaf on Cloud offers added advanced analytic features and significantly reduces the complexity and ability to maintain which translates into substantial advantages for your business.

Many Tealeaf CX on Premise clients have transitioned over to Tealeaf on Cloud and have realized the many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some functional and financial reasons to make the move.

Greater Visibility in the Customer Experience

By leveraging the advanced analytic capabilities found in AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud you achieve an enhanced view into your customers’ experiences. Some of Tealeaf on Cloud’s innovative analytic capabilities, that cannot be achieved through the on-premise version of Tealeaf, include:

  • Struggle Analytics help you recognize areas of struggle, such as repetitive patterns or step counts, allowing you in drill deeper with session analysis to determine the root cause of friction.
  • Geospatial Analytics assist in identifying and understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business.
  • Anomaly Detection, a new feature in Tealeaf on Cloud, detects unusual patterns in customer behavior data.


With greater visibility into the customer experience, you are well equipped to minimize struggle, uncover areas of opportunity and ensure that your customers progress across all their journeys with consistent and optimized experiences.

Click below to view the Tealeaf on Cloud Customer Use Case Videos.

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Additional Features Deliver Improved Efficiency

Along with advanced analytic features, Tealeaf on Cloud allows you to achieve all the customer experience benefits of a full function on-premise Tealeaf deployment but with greater simplicity and efficiency through technical enhancements. First, a modern user interface offers easy navigation and enhanced views into customer data. Also, with easy deployment of Tealeaf on Cloud, you can quickly implement SDKs to capture data and start getting value in a matter of days. Finally, Tealeaf on Cloud provides you with several added benefits that help you make sense of all the customer data you are capturing to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Recognize a in Savings Time and Money

By implementing AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud, you recognize a considerable savings in time and money and a maximized return on investment (ROI) for your business. With Tealeaf on Cloud you can:

  • Drastically reduce your IT capital expenses and eliminate the need for further investment in hardware or software – including expensive software upgrades for supporting servers.
  • Receive monthly releases that add new enhancements and functionality to Tealeaf on Cloud with no incremental costs.
  • Minimize the dependency on internal IT resources to setup, install and maintain.
  • Simplify licensing as there are no user charges and no separate charges for additional modules like Overstat and Mobile.


With the incremental revenue recognized from optimized experiences and increased conversions, Tealeaf on Cloud maximizes your ROI and expands your ability to focus your time and resources on boosting your business.

Ready to Migrate to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits?

Do you what to learn more about the additional advanced analytic capabilities and the substantial cost saving your business will realize by making the move to Tealeaf on Cloud? Click the button below to request a complimentary Tealeaf on Cloud Migration Assessment.

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Shubert Ticketings’ Successful Transition from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud

Read how Shubert Ticketing, a leading international provider of ticketing services, successfully made the move from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud.Together with the expert assistance from Pereion Solutions, Shubert Ticketing was able to optimize their customers’ digital experiences which resulted in exceptional customer experiences. To access the IBM Tealeaf on Cloud case study for Shubert Ticketing, please click the tile below. 

Read the Shubert TIcketing CXA Case Study

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Announcing Tealeaf CX Hosted in the Cloud

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Nov 4, 2015 @ 10:11 AM

We are proud to announce the availability of IBM Tealeaf CX hosted in the Cloud. This solution combines the strength and robustness of the traditional on premise based implementation of Tealeaf CX with the speed of deployment and time to value of the new IBM Tealeaf SaaS offering.  This is an exclusive offering from Pereion Solutions brought to market in partnership with Oxford Networks

This is a full function "no compromise" implementation of IBM Tealeaf CX hosted in a cloud environment.  IBM Tealeaf has a reputation as the leading web and mobile customer experience analytic solution in the marketplace based on a robust portfolio of clients in retail, travel, telecommunications, and financial services. This implementation takes full advantage of the cloud features announced with v9.0.1 and the virtualization features announced in v9.0.2 earlier this year.  The solution architecture enables us to preserve web site availability and performance, while capturing the network traffic in a fully virtualized private hosted cloud.  By standardizing the Tealeaf deployment in the cloud, we are able to reduce complexity, accelerate the time to value, and maintain the ability to implement the full Tealeaf product portfolio.

Oxford Networks provides the cloud infrastructure, fiber optic internet network backbone, and high security data center for this solution offering. Oxford Networks is based in Lewiston, Maine and recently merged with BayRing Communications in New Hampshire expanding their IT and telecommunications carrier service capabilities.

In addition to a hosted Tealeaf CX cloud, this is a fully managed Tealeaf application environment including Tealeaf application and system administration.  Tealaf event administration and analyst services are also available.  This enables clients to focus on real web and mobile customer experience improvements while minimizing investments in capital infrastructure costs and staff related operational expenses to manage the environment. You can read more about this offering on the Pereion Tealeaf CX Hosted in the Cloud page.

This is a perfect solution for midmarket companies or business units in a larger enterprise looking to avoid a complex implementation with a lengthy deployment cycle.  Please click below if you would like to request information on the Tealeaf CX Hosted in the Cloud offering. 

Learn more about Tealeaf CX Hosted in the Cloud

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Opportunity for Tealeaf Software Consultant

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Oct 12, 2015 @ 15:10 PM

We have an exciting opportunity for someone to join our team as a Tealeaf Software Consultant.  This person will work with our client's web and mobile development teams to deploy the Tealeaf SDK on their web and mobile applications.  This will enable our clients to optimize customer analytics and replay capabilities with IBM Tealeaf.

Following are the skills and qualifications for this position:


  • Proficiency and experience with web and mobile development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, Dojo, JSON, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience with web server technologies
  • Knowledge of digital analytic solutions, such as Google Analytics
  • Knowledge and experience with internet networking technologies
  • Basic Linux and Windows administration skills
  • Ability to provide client website and mobile analysis and communicate directly with client web or mobile development teams
  • Work in an agile development environment
  • Willingness and desire to learn and explore new technologies
  • Strong work ethic and comfortable working in small startup environment
  • Bachelors degree in relevant field


Pereion Solutions is a niche Managed Service Provider specializing in providing Tealeaf Managed Services for customers looking to optimize their digital customer experience.  In addition to the Tealeaf Software Consultant position, we also have opportunities for a Tealeaf Analyst. 

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email with resume directly to


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Best Practice: Integrating Customer Experience Analytics with Customer Engagement

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Jul 27, 2015 @ 09:07 AM

By leveraging rich Customer Experience Analytics through a product like IBM Tealeaf, with a Customer Engagement solution you are able to leverage that customer interaction data to deliver individualized incentives to drive more profitable customer behavior. 

Here Is How It Works

The data captured by Tealeaf can simultaneously be fed into the Exchange Solutions Customer Engagement platform, with no additional investements in software or technology resoureces, to allow for identification of customer "behavior" gaps on a customer by customer basis. Behavior gaps are defined as valuable behaviors that customers are not performing. Companies can then target these behavior gaps with messaging offering individualized incentives in order to close those gaps.  Intelligent rules ensure that the offers are economically rationale, guaranteeing a positive ROI. 

Benefits of Integrated Solution

  • Discover previously unknown website or mobile experience problems, so you can improve success rates and increase online revenues
  • Drive increased profitability using individualized, data driven incentives to target new customer behaviors
  • Exchange Solutions performance based pricing model ensures a return on your marketing investment

Interested in Learning More? 


In combination with IBM and Exchange Solutions we are hosting a complimentary breakfast event which will showcase an integrated customer experience and customer customer engagement solution. This event will be held at IBM's unique interactive space, the IBM Thinklab.  Following are the details for the event:

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Time: 8:30-10:30am

Venue: IBM Thinklab, Third Floor, 590 Madison Ave, NYC, NY


 Space is limited and a confirmed reservation is required.  Reserve your spot now!

If you are unable to join us for this event, but would like to learn more about how to integrate Exchange Solutions Customer Engagement solution with IBM Tealeaf then click on the Exchange Solution button below to download a solution brief on the joint offering developed by Exchange and Pereion Solutions. 

Exchange Solutions Tealeaf Pereion



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Tealeaf Can Improve Health Insurance Buying Experience

Posted by Colleen Perry

Tue, May 5, 2015 @ 21:05 PM

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act created the need for states to develop Health Insurance Marketplace websites for consumers to compare and purchase subsidized health insurance plans. These marketplaces, or health exchanges, are open during each year's annual open enrollment period, creating a large flux of consumers shopping for individual and small business coverage plans. In turn, there was a sudden increase of potential customers visiting state exchange sites and insurance company's sites. 8 million enrolled in the marketplaces during the 2014 enrollement, while 11.7 million were expected to enroll during the 2015 openExchange enrollment. When this peak was first met, both the federal and state marketplaces experienced well-documented difficulties with their technical interfaces, creating widespread customer struggle and financial distress. Many consumers struggled to buy a health insurance plan that they were required by law to have. These issues have continued as health insurance exchanges and companies work to improve the site infrastructure and web experience. Improving the customer experience is a priority for both health exchanges and healthcare insurance companies. Available customer experience analytics and tools, like IBM's Tealeaf Software, can play a critical role in improving the experience on these websites.

Healthcare Exchanges

The implementation of Obamacare has received a lot  of critisicm since it was established, as health exchange sites have been experiencing countless technical difficulties and shutdowns. Some of the struggles customers face on the exchage sites were outlined in this New York Times article. These types of customer experience problems are exactly the type problems IBM's Tealeaf technology was designed to help identify. If you can see the challenges that customers are experiencing on a healthcare exchange in buying insurance, then you have the opportunity to fix those issues.  Tealeaf was uniquely designed to provide that visibility and then able you to segment and prioritize the issues, so you can deliver a quality customer experience. 

Health Insurance Companies

Healthcare Exchange sites provide side by side comparison of health insurance plans and direct links to company websites.  The need for customers and employers to shop for health insurance online has increased the need for health insurance companies to provide a high quality shopping experience. How well does your online conversion rate compare to your competitors, and how can you improve? There are a number of healthcare insurance providers that do leverage Tealeaf today to track and manage the customer experience.   Consumers are becoming savier consumers of health insurance and they won't tolerate poor online experience. Let's look at a quick summary of the benefits that Tealeaf can provide both Healthcare Exchanges and Health Insurance providers.

Tealeaf Benefits for Health Care

  1. Quickly resolve customer-experience problems by vieiwng a replay of the customer's session and addressing the problems directly. Instead of listening to complaints or asking users for feedback on surveys, proactively view the customer's experience.  
  2. Prioritize customer experience issues by using Tealeaf's unique customer experience analytics to answer not only quantitative data questions, but also a qualitative analysis. Then use that data to prioritize the issues having the greatest impact to your site. 
  3. Track your common technical issues with Tealeaf and be alerted when issues begin to arise, so you can resolve them quickly. Arm your call centers with the ability to track and replay user sessions, so they are truyly able to help customers when issues arise.
  4. Understand customer behavior to increase conversions. Understand where in the process users struggle. Why were they unable to find a policy that meets their needs? Why did they load a plan in your cart and then abandon it.

To learn more about how to optimize your web/mobile site to deliver a better online experience for your customers click on the button below to download the Customer Experience best practices whitepaper. 

Request IBM Customer Experience  Management Best Practices Guide


If your interested in discussing ways to improve the customer experience in the health insurance market, please leave a comment below or send an email to

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Optimizing the Value of Tealeaf through Managed Services

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 08:04 AM

The value of IBM Tealeaf Software is providing qualitative customer analytics to improve the web and mobile customer experience for your online customers.  Tealeaf has demonstrated the ability to deliver phenomenal ROI's to businesses serious about improving their online customer experience.  Forrester Research produced a Total Economic Impact study for Tealeaf technology that showed a three year average ROI of 512% for a blend of companies.

So with that kind of ROI, why should you utilize a Tealeaf Managed Service Provider? 

  • First, managed services can provide both a capital expense and operating expense advantage when deploying a technology like Tealeaf; providing for further improvements in ROI.
  • In addition, you can gain immediate access to certified Tealeaf skills and talent that understand the software and the implementation complexities enabling you to quickly capture the real business value. It also provides the opportunity to maintain those organizational capabilities over time.
  • Finally, you gain the opportunity to leverage Tealeaf best practices and have an independent voice to help identify and prioritize customer experience issues.

What types of services can a Tealeaf MSP provide?

  • The starting point is basic event creation and management to develop the analytics and reporting that you can feed to your internal customer analytics team.  This enables your team to focus on identifying and applying customer insights rather than event and reporting management.
  • You can leverage a Tealeaf service provider to implement best practices within your organization and ensure you are maximizing the ROI out of your Tealeaf investment.
  • Systems administration and management services like user management, security, PCA and canister management, as well as backup/archival.
  • Finally, with Tealeaf version 9.0.1 new cloud deployment options are possible enabling companies to move beyond traditional on premise deployment and implementation options.

What are the benefits of partnering with a Managed Service Provider with Tealeaf specific skills?

So we already talked about why to work with a Tealeaf MSP, but here are some of the specific benefits you could achieve:

  1. Faster time to value, including reduced dependiencies on internal IT resources
  2. The ability to maintain the value over time, despite shifting internal resources
  3. Less staff overhead, learning and managing specific Tealeaf  technology
  4. Broader adoption across the organization, not limited to centralized web experience team
  5. Reduced up front and operational costs
  6. Improved ROI through deployment of Tealeaf best practices
Please click on the link below if you would like to download an offering sheet with specific Tealeaf managed service capabilities.

Pereion Tealeaf MSP Offering Sheet

In terms of Tealeaf best practices, a Managed Services Provider can help your organization leverage a broader set of experiences.  IBM put together a Tealeaf Best Practics guide along with a maturity model to provide a structured approach to implementing Tealeaf Best Practices. Following is a list outlining that sequence approach.

Tealeaf Assessment
Customer Experience Investigation
Monitoring Know Issues
Monitoring Site Processes
Measiuring CE KPIs
Advanced Business Analysis
VOC Investigation

By their nature, these best practice initiatives are organized in a lifecycle approach.  A Tealeaf MSP can help you to execute a deployment plan that builds to best practices over time rather than a traditional implementation model that tries to optimize value in a one time up front implementation engagement.  Following is a document you may find a helpful, an IBM data sheet that outlines a set of Tealeaf best pracitices offerings that provide a framework for optimizing your Tealeaf investments.

IBM Tealeaf Best Practices

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Five Compelling Insurance Use Cases for Tealeaf Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Feb 9, 2015 @ 15:02 PM


Tealeaf software provides a unique combination of customer analytics and customer experience management capabilities and it is widely used today by a number of insurance companies. What are some of the key features and benefits of Tealeaf technology that make it attractive to insurance companies? Let start with an overview of the capabilities of IBM Tealeaf:

  • Provides visibility into actual customer experience for both web and mobile
  • Allows quick diagnosis & resolution of site obstacles
  • The ability to quantify business impact of specific issues
  • Real time customer analytics with enhanced segmentation
  • Track and analyze online business processes
  • Integration with CRM systems to enhance call center operations
  • Retain online interactions to assist in fraud detection and customer disputes

Tealeaf software

These capabilities create multiple use cases for insurance companies to improve the online experience for their customers and agents.  Let's look at five specific use cases and the potential value that can be realized:

1) Increase online policy conversion rates

Optimize user experience by identifying why customers and/or agents struggle and abandon the process.  Supplement the struggle abandonment analytics with heat map analysis to have a more complete view of usability. 

2) Prioritize web and process related IT issues

Utilize segmentation and replay to develop a common cross organizational view of site issues. Develop business impact assessments to help prioritize IT related projects. 

3) Provide call center reps with tools to see customer online experience

Eliminate the need for call center representatives to try and recreate customer online problems, by giving them tools to visualize web and mobile experience. Improve customer satisfaction by quickly resolving and web site related issues.

4) Retain documentation of online transactions

Preserve a complete permanent record of customer online transactions and retain them in a document management system. This can be used for audit and compliance purposes, customer disputes, or fraud investigation.

5) Optimize user experience for mobile web

Gain complete mobile visibility, including touch screen interactions.  Quickly find and isolate problems with mobile sessions. Maintain single approach to customer experience management across mobile and web.

Case Studies

Here are a couple case studies of insurance companies that are using IBM Tealeaf and the value they are realizing. Just click on the names below and you will link to the case study. 

Best Practices Whitepaper

IBM developed a whitepaper on Customer Experience Managment best practices for Insurance based on utilizing Tealeaf software to optimize the customer experience.  By clicking on the image below you can recieve a copy of the best practices whitepaper. 

IBM Whitepaper: CEM Best Practices for Insurance

If you would like to learn more about Customer Experience Management with IBM Tealeaf, please click here


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Customer Engagement Solution Integrated with Tealeaf Software

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Jan 19, 2015 @ 09:01 AM


By integrating Exchange Solution's Customer Engagement Platform with IBM Tealeaf's Customer Experience Management technology you can leverage the detailed customer analytic data you recieve from Tealeaf software to optimize profitability through intelligent customer engagement. Customer Experience Management and Customer Engagement need to work as one.  The combination of the two provides marketers with customer data that provides both insights to improve the customer experience and the ability to engage customers with customized incentives to drive more profitable customer behavior. 

Exchange Solution Customer Engagement






Here Is How It Works

The data captured by Tealeaf can simultaneously be fed into the Exchange Solutions platform, with no additional investements in software or technology resoureces, to allow for identification of customer "behavior" gaps on a customer by customer basis. Behavior gaps are defined as valuable behaviors that customers are not performing. Companies can then target these behavior gaps with messaging offering individualized incentives in order to close those gaps.  Intelligent rules ensure that the offers are economically rationale, guaranteeing a positive ROI. 

Benefits of Integrated Solution

  • Discover previously unknown website or mobile experience problems, so you can improve success rates and increase online revenues
  • Drive increased profitability using individualized, data driven incentives to target new customer behaviors
  • Exchange Solutions performance based pricing model ensures a return on your marketing investment

IBM Webinar with Forrester Research

Title: Maximizing Your Profits with Integrated Customer Experience & Customer Engagement

Date: January 27th, 2015

Time: 1-2pm ET


  • Emily Collins, Customer Insights Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Robert Jewell, Chief Revenue Officer at Exchange Solutions
  • Dennis Coates, IBM Tealeaf
IBM Webinar Registration on Customer Engagement with Forrester Research

Pereion Solutions is working with Exchange Solutions to be able to provide clients a simple integrated implementation of IBM Tealeaf with the Exchange Solutions platform.  This allows clients to take advantage of the benefits of both offerings through a single implementation with an integrated pricing model; enabling them to focus on increasing conversion rates, retention rates, and revenue per customer; rather than focusing on implementing hardware and software infrastructure. To learn more about this integrated offering by Pereion Solutions and Exchange Solutions, just click on the image below.

Exchange Solutions Tealeaf Pereion

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Happy New Year! Check Out Newest Version of IBM Tealeaf Software

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Jan 7, 2015 @ 09:01 AM


Deliver superior customer experiences across your digital channels by gaining deep insight into every customer interaction with the newest release of IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience software.  The latest version of this innovative solution is designed to provide accurate, in depth understanding of how and where your customers are struggling online, and to pinpoint the sources of friction that keep them from achieving their goals. 

The new release of IBM Tealeaf technology delivers more powerful mobile experience analytics, expanded site usability features, and flexible deployment model options. Most of all, it provides an efficient way to measure the impact negative customer experiences have on your business, and your bottom line. 

IBM ExperienceOne PartnerTealeaf IBM






Join a Webcast to learn:

  • About support for capture and replay of an extended set of mobile gestures and support for enhanced native and hybrid replay
  • Expanded site usability features with new user interfaces for business users to better manage content
  • New accessibility overlays that help identify areas of struggle for users with visual, auditory, and physical disabilities
  • About flexible deployment model options for hosted service offerings of Tealeaf analytic solutions

Webcast Title: What's New in IBM Tealeaf 9.0.1? Get the Inside Story

Date and Time: January 15, 2015, 11am EST US


  • Henrietta Akpata, IBM Tealeaf Product Marketing Leader
  • Ram Melkote, Program Director, IBM Product Management
Register for Webcast on IBM Tealeaf release 9.0.1

If you are an IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) user and are interested in learning more about how IBM Tealeaf can provide you with a much deeper understanding of Customer Experience on your website and mobile applications, please request more information on our "Jumpstart" offering.

Jumpstart Your IBM Digital Analytics Solution with IBM Tealeaf

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