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Infuse More Intelligence into Marketing Campaigns with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

by Steven Perry on October 30, 2018

Achieving increased added intelligence from customer behavior and applying it to automated marketing campaigns is every marketers goal. With Watson Campaign Automation (WCA), you already know you are delivering impactful campaigns by leveraging its insights and capabilities. By infusing AI-powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you can inject even more intelligence into your marketing campaigns with deep customer insights that will produce improved segmentation and better yields.

Advanced Analytic Capabilities to Boost your Marketing Efforts

By integrating Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you are able to leverage the analytic capabilities of Watson CXA.  Watson CXA provides a robust set of analytic capabilities based on the customer journey and user experience.  Watson CXA’s advanced analytic capabilities include:

  • Journey Analytics provide you with an aggregate view of the customer journey across time, devices and channels. Presenting you with valuable insight that you can leverage to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


  • Behavior Analytics helps you visualize and understand user experience; it displays and captures customer data through heat maps, session replays and form analytics. These capabilities can quickly identify areas of customer struggle and enable you to remarket to customers who may have abandoned based on user experience issues.

Heat Map Image_1-2


  • Struggle Analytics allows you to rapidly detect and analyze customer struggle on your website in real time. It works to recognized patterns or repetitive activity that could indicate customer struggle and provides the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer friction. By detecting your customer struggle points, you can swiftly take corrective action to rectify issues, uncover areas of opportunity and optimize your customer experiences.

Edit Struggle Factor_image

  • Geospatial Analytics recognizes and assists you in understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business. This aids in identifying key geographical areas for improvement and allowing you to make more informed business decisions on a global level.

Geospatial image_test cut


Integrated Customer Data to enhance Marketing Campaigns

Using IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) you can easily share data between Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA). By passing data from Watson Campaign Automation you provide critical data to build customer journey reports.  Conversely, passing data and audiences from WCXA to WCA enables automated campaign execution based on insights developed through WCXA. 

Optimize Customer Journeys with Watson Experience Analytic

The key to a successful customer journey is having the appropriate data to better understand your customer. By leveraging AI powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), you achieve a greater understanding and view of how customers interact in journeys across time, devices and channels. It supplies you with meaningful insight into your customers’ interactions, so you are well equipped to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers. Allowing you to make better, faster and smarter business decisions across customer touch points and recognize a return on investment (ROI). Learn more about enhancing the customer journey by downloading a copy of the IBM’s Whitepaper, “How to use Customer-Level Data to Supercharge Customer Journeys”, by clicking here. 

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Gain the insights you need to enhance customer journeys, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value by downloading our eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?”. Our eBook is a compilation of the top 10 use cases you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and optimize your overall customer journeys. Put customer insights work with IBM Watson CXA. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

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