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IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Provides Online Customer Insights

Posted by Greg Jackman

Tue, Nov 25, 2014 @ 08:11 AM

It's difficult enough to gather analytic data about your own customers and their journey on your website. But when it comes to understanding your digital customers, you also need to understand them in the context of what is going on in the industry and how your site or sites compare to the marketplace. IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark reporting provides insights on the broader market this holiday season by pulling digital analytic data from key dates for over 1,000 retail websites in the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.

IBM ExperienceOne’s IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub provides digital marketers with real-time, cloud-based retail data and analysis. This includes special alerts on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here are some interesting metrics based on online shopping metrics from this past weekend, Alert: Early bird shoppers stuffed their checkout carts last weekend on shopping transactions from Saturday, 11/22 - Sunday, 11/23: 

  • Online sales were up 18.7% over the same two-day period in 2013.
  • Mobile traffic accounted for 48.8% of all online traffic, an increase of 24.4% YoY.
  • Desktop traffic accounted for 51.2% of all online traffic and 73.4% of all online sales. More money was spent on desktops than mobile.
  • The hottest retail category right now is Home Goods with weekend total online sales growth 20% over 2013.

One of the primary features of this hub is the IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live. This online sales tools tracks real-time, industry analytics this holiday season such as:
  • Online traffic
  • Average order value
  • Conversion rate
  • Average page views per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Shopping cart abandonment

Click on the button below to use IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live to see how your customer analytics compare and rank amongst the industry's averages:

IBM ExperienceOne Benchmark Live


In addition to the live benchmark analytic data and the alerts on key dates, the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub provides additional tools, reports, and news feeds for digital analytics reporting this holiday season. You’ll learn about customer/digital analytics stories that build loyalty and drive revenue, so you’re able to better understand your own customers and improve your customer engagement and conversion rates. In this hub, you’re also able to customize and download resources that give you access to online shopping trends.

I recommend you download the 10 Customer Analytics Success Stories That Deliver Results ebook containing the stories of how 10 clients used customer insights to deliver a personalized, real-time brand experience that engaged their customers, and increased conversions and revenue. These are great examples of best practices and will help you to plan ahead and optimize your customer experiences to keep pace with competition, especially during the holiday season.

For fun, check out The Lost Ones, a satirical video on how IBM Tealeaf can help you improve your online customer experience and avoid cart abandonment issues.

Take advantage of the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark data, it will provide additional insights beyond your own digital analytics. If you would like to discuss how to apply the Digital Analytic Benchmark data to your business, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can also contact us at

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Jumpstart Your IBM Digital Analytics Capabilities With IBM Tealeaf

Posted by Greg Jackman

Wed, Sep 24, 2014 @ 08:09 AM

As an IBM Digital Analytics customer you have great web analytics and metrics on web and mobile website traffic, so why should you evaluate IBM Tealeaf?

IBM Tealeaf has the ability to provide a tremendous ROI for companies looking to improve their online customer experience. A Forrester Economic Impact study, Total Economic Impact: Building a ROI for Qualified Prospects to Quantify the Tealeaf Value Proposition, estimated the ROI to be 512% with a payback of 2.6 months.1 The real value of IBM Tealeaf web analytics is that you’re able to gain qualitative insight into understanding why your customers behave the way they do. You can combine that information with the quantitative metrics you receive from IBM Digital Analytics. You will have the ability to quickly identify customer struggle, visualize the issues your customers may be encountering, and optimize your online business processes.

So how do you get started in IBM Tealeaf to optimize your business processes, reduce complexity for your customers, and improve productivity? Pick your most critical process and get started. The heart of this jumpstart offering is that we will work with you to identify a single business process that is critical to your web and mobile presence, such as:

  • Checkout
  • Search & Browse
  • Registration
  • Policy Quotes

The key is to focus on creating events for each step in the business process. By mapping out each step of your process, you can breakdown and see where each customer may have struggled. By segmenting these customer sessions and replaying key elements of these sessions you can identify the critical issues and build plans to fix any breakdowns in customer experience that are causing customer struggle. IBM Tealeaf goes beyond the capabilities of traditional web analytics to show you exactly who did what, when, how, so you can visualize the real issues across the entire customer interaction.

In addition, Tealeaf has extensive digital analytic reporting that you’re able to develop and link directly to a customer’s critical processes. You’re able to utilize a combination of Alerts, Key Performance Indicators, Top Mover reports and Business Process Scorecards to give you a complete view of your digital customer experience. Ultimately, Tealeaf enables you to:

  • Increase your customer retention and conversion rates
  • Generate more revenue with more successful transactions
  • Provide a positive customer experience
  • Gain full visibility into customer struggle without interrupting customer behavior or site performance with tagging
  • Resolve system issues and customer obstacles

While IBM Tealeaf works with other web analytics solutions as well, we are focused on making it easy for IBM Digital Analytics customers to get started. We have packaged a “jumpstart” offering to enable you to get started with IBM Tealeaf and focus on your most critical online process. This jumpstart offering includes:

  • IBM Tealeaf Software (including CX, cxImpact, cxView modules)
  • Hardware Infrastructure
  • Tealeaf Implementation Services
  • Tealeaf Integration with IBM Digital Analytics
  • Initial setup for one business process

Click below to see the great savings you'd receive by getting started with IBM Tealeaf this year. This offering provides significant discounts on the IBM Tealeaf software, for existing IBM Digital Analytics customers, and includes everything you need to get started enabling you to get an immediate payback on your investment!2

Jumpstart Your IBM Digital Analytics Solution with IBM Tealeaf

To learn more about Tealeaf software, click on the "What is IBM Tealeaf" button below.

To contact us directly, please send an email to


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1 Total Economic Impact: Building a ROI for Qualified Prospects to quantify the Tealeaf Value Proposition, IBM Corporation, 2012.
2Only existing IBM Digital Analytics customers are eligible for this offering and must be pre-approved by Pereion Solutions and IBM. Pereion reserves the unconditional right to determine customer eligibility.

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Marketing Plays the Leadership Role in Customer Experience Management

Posted by Greg Jackman

Wed, Aug 27, 2014 @ 07:08 AM

Leading marketing companies are leveraging marketing technology and customer analytics, so that they can play a leadership role in improving customer experience management. Improving customer experience touches many parts of an organization and marketing has a critical role to play.

In the IBM State of Marketing 20131 survey, IBM investigated what the most successful companies are doing from a marketing perspective to keep pace with shifting customer channel preferences. They recommended following these three strategies to enhance the quality of your digital customer experience management:

  1. Integrate & Act on Customer Context:  Understand the context of customer interaction and have the ability to respond accordingly.
  • Adjust real-time offers based on context
  • Use optimization technology across all channels
  • Integrate inbound/outbound and online/offline
  • Systematically Use Customer Insights: Marketing leaders use technology to develop customer insights and act on them in a consistent basis.
    • Conduct analysis of customer insight to discovery causes of problems
    • Apply advanced analytics to determine media spend
    • Detect transaction struggles and take action accordingly
  • Understand the Broader View of Customer Experience: Successful digital marketers recognize the basis and full scope of their customer engagement, so use analytics to drive your actions and create customer relationships that grow and strengthen over time.
    • Track commitments from service interactions
    • Identify and fill execution gaps in brand promise
    • Track customer lifetime value

    The most successful businesses are able to focus on customer engagement by seamlessly integrating across all channels.

    Utilizing tightly integrated cross-channel marketing technology will provide the foundation to improve customer experience management. Customer insight becomes the catalyst for managing and taking action to improve customer experience. Even for marketing leaders integration challenges remain, like integrating across social and mobile channels. The reward for companies that are able to address these challenges is a demonstrablly higher financial return. 

    With the proper digital marketing technology, you'll be able to evaluate the quality of a customer experience with real metrics. These numbers can be analyzed systematically to determine a monetary value for each of your customer engagements. Ask yourself:

    • How well is my business converting customer interactions?
    • What are the obstacles to purchases and detractors from customer experience?
    • Can we identify and target customers that have abandoned online transactions?
    • Do I have customer analytics that provide a view across the customer lifecycle?

    In the end, the highest performing businesses have a clear view of their end goal. To them, marketing is more than a series of individual sales. It’s an influence, and a responsibility that goes beyond the sales cycle. With cross-channel marketing technology, it brings all your channels and interactions together to deliver a superior, end-to-end customer experience. Digital marketing done effectively will translate into a better experience for the customer, and increase revenue for your business.

    For more information on how marketing technology can enable a better customer experience, please download the IBM Whitepaper: How Marketing is Taking Charge: Leading the Customer Experience:

    IBM Whitepaper: How Marketing is Taking Charge: Leading the Customer Experience

    To learn about IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management offerings, please see:

    IBM Tealeaf 

    To contact us directly, please send an email to


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    1The State of Marketing 2013, IBM's Global Survey of Marketers, 2013.

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    Pereion Solutions Becomes IBM Advanced ExperienceOne Business Partner

    Posted by Greg Jackman

    Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 08:08 AM

    Pereion Solutions recently qualified as an IBM Advanced Business Partner based on our expanded certifications to sell and support the IBM ExperienceOne portfolio, including: 

    • Digital Analytics
    • Tealeaf Customer Experience Management
    • Mobile Customer Engagement
    • Silverpop Marketing Platform


    IBM Advanced Business Partner 


    We are continuing to invest in skills, resources, and capabilities around the IBM Tealeaf and Digital Analytics offerings. Pereion Solutions is also now certified as an IBM SaaS Solution Provider, so that we’re able to fully support customers with IBM SaaS based deployments as well as on premise. 

    With the tighter integration of IBM Digital Analytics and Tealeaf that IBM announced this year, we are able to provide a comprehensive set of customer analytic capabilities to clients ranging from standard digital analytics, to improving customer experience by addressing customer challenges in completing online business processes or transactions.

    As a Tealeaf business partner we play several roles for clients, including Tealeaf business analyst or Tealeaf integrator. We’re able to leverage products like cxLifecycle which help integrate a longer view of customer engagement and provide a more integrated view of digital or mobile analytics with greater visibility into online customer experience.

    Our focus is on helping clients understand key online business process or transactions, then setting up the correct level of event reporting and analysis that will allow you to identify and improve the key website or mobile inhibitors customers may encounter. 


    Need Help with IBM Tealeaf and IBM Digital Analytics?

    We’re dedicated to assisting clients fully exploit IBM Tealeaf and IBM Digital Analytics, including implementing IBM Tealeaf and IBM Digital Analytics, as well as enabling Tealeaf business analysis and IBM Digital Analytic reporting.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Tealeaf and Tealeaf best practices, please read the blog: 12 Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf.

    To find out more on IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management offerings see our IBM Tealeaf page and IBM Tealeaf Resources page.

    To contact us directly, please send an email to



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    New cxLifecycle Offering Enhances Your IBM Tealeaf Implementation

    Posted by Greg Jackman

    Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 08:07 AM

    If you’ve implemented IBM Tealeaf, you already understand the value it brings in improving the buying experiences for your customers. cxLifecycle extends that value of your IBM Tealeaf investment.


    IBM Tealeaf cxLifecyle is a SaaS offering that enhances the value of your IBM Tealeaf platform by integrating quantitative and qualitative data to improve your customer’s digital experience.


    cxLifecycle gives you the ability to run all customer analytics seamlessly. By adding ad-hoc and conversion analytics capabilities to Tealeaf, you have complete control over managing your customer’s lifecycle. With visibility into how your programs, channels, products or solutions influence customer behavior, you’re able to optimize their experience.


    3 Key Benefits of cxLifecycle

    1. Run quantitative and qualitative analytics to understand your customer’s behavior.
    2. Influences your customer’s journey across the buying cycle.
    3. Reduces your conversion struggles across multiple devices.


    We welcome you to download IBM’s whitepaper, Understanding Your Customer’s Lifecycle Journey, for the full story of cxLifecycle, and how it adds value to your IBM Tealeaf implementation.

    3 Advanced Analytical Features of cxLifecyle

    1. Lifecycle Analytics: Web analytics reports provide extensive insight into customer interaction with marketing activities and website content, at every stage of the buying cycle. Within a customer’s journey, it fills in the blanks between conversion events, marketing campaigns, devices, products, and frequency of visits. For example, lifecycle milestones show the number of sessions and/or days it took a customer to reach a specific event.
    2. Ad Hoc Analytics: With the ad hoc reporting tool, the ad hoc data is segmented by channel, geographical location, device, and other characteristics, allowing you to analyze and dissect the qualitative data and derive useful, business insights.
    3. Conversion Analytics: Very detailed data on successful and unsuccessful conversions, including video replay of any customer session. You’re able to quantify the business impact of all conversions by connecting the sessions into one customer experience, giving context to the entire conversion journey.


    So let’s put all this into a real-world perspective. What actual problems will cxLifecyle solve for you? What are some specific obstacles cxLifecycle will tackle? Here are 3 real-life challenges IBM Tealeaf users may face, and how cxLifecycle solves them:


    Challenge #1: You need to improve sales and conversion cycles with visitor-level reporting on TeaLeaf search results.
    cxLifecycle Solution: Export sessions to cxLifecyle for visitor-level analysis to uncover issues with a certain customer segment.


    Challenge #2: You need to simplify deployment and management of tags for Tealeaf.
    cxLifecycle Solution: Reduce your reliance on IT for tag deployment by managing all your website tags using DDX simplifying tag management.


    Challenge #3: You need to analyze anomalies on your website and optimize conversions.
    cxLifecycle Solution: Export segment into Tealeaf to reply so you’re able to catch customer struggles causing the longer sales cycles.


    To download the Understanding Your Customer's Lifecycle Journey, and/or request a quote or consultation with us on IBM Tealeaf cxLifecycle:

    IBM Tealeaf cxLifecycle Whitepaper OR Request a Quote or Free Consultation

    Or to contact us directly, please send an email to


    For more on the IBM Tealeaf CX platform, you can visit our IBM Tealeaf page as well.

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    Exploit Customer Analytics With IBM ExperienceOne

    Posted by Greg Jackman

    Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 08:05 AM

    At the Smarter Commerce Global Summit this month, IBM introduced IBM ExperienceOne, a brand new portfolio of solutions centered on acquiring, delighting and maximizing the value of customer engagement. It’s made up of an integrated set of capabilities from IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM), WebSphere Commerce, and Customer Experience portfolios.

    IBM ExperienceOne combines quantitative and qualitative analytics so you’re able to focus on the precise moments that are most valuable to your website visitors. With the level of personalization that IBM ExperienceOne offers, you’re able to track and engage millions of potential clients and customers, regardless of their device or channel. 

    IBM developed ExperienceOne so you’re able to better understand the habits and tendencies of your customers through marketing analytics and make customer engagement faster and easier. With its rich customer analytics and real time personalization services, IBM ExperienceOne is built around the following solution sets:

    • Understand your customers
    • Ignite and grow customer relationships
    • Personalize the store experience
    • Serve and delight your customers
    • Deliver empowering digital experiences
    • Curate meaningful customer interactions
    • Convert digital prospects to loyal customers
    • Reinvent and automate complex B2B sales processes
    • Maximize sales, profit, and shopper loyalty
    • Deliver exceptional experiences across all channels

    IBM also announced the official completion of their acquisition of Silverpop. Silverpop’s automated platform gives you the cloud capabilities to offer personalized customer engagements for businesses of all sizes. Silverpop has boosted IBM’s leadership in the marketing automation area for B2B and B2C companies, and expands IBM’s marketing footprint into midmarket size companies.

    As an authorized IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Partner, Pereion Solutions is excited about the marketing capabilities that have been brought together in this announcement, including the ability to extend those capabilities through SilverPop offerings. The core Enterprise Marketing offerings include IBM Digital Analytics, Social Analytics, TeaLeaf, and Xtify. 

    If you want to learn more about customer analytics, we encourage you to download the Customer Analytics for Dummies eBook that was released by IBM:

    Customer Analytics for Dummies eBook

    For all the details on IBM ExperienceOne, visit the IBM ExperienceOne page. Or to learn more about these IBM announcements, check out the IBM ExperienceOne press release and IBM’s Silverpop press release.

    How are you leveraging customer analytics to drive customer personalization and improve customer experience?   

    Please share this blog using the social media icons above, and subscribe to the Pereion blog and/or visit the Marketing Analytics & Optimization LinkedIn showcase page below.


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    Pereion Becomes Certified IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Partner

    Posted by Greg Jackman

    Mon, May 5, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

    Pereion Solutions is a now a certified partner and authorized reseller of the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) offerings to provide clients with IBM digital marketing optimization and customer experience management tools and capabilities.

    Pereion Solutions partnered with IBM to be able to deliver IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite offerings to our clients. The EMM Suite includes IBM solutions such as, IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management, IBM Digital Analytics, IBM Marketing Center, and IBM Xtify Mobile Marketing.

    With this partnership, Pereion is certified to resell and offer implementation and consulting services for these IBM solutions. These solutions will optimize marketing analytics, improve customer engagement, and enable business growth across web, mobile and social platforms. The ability to have an integrated marketing delivery and analytics platform is critical in today’s environment.

    IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite Partner

    We are very excited and looking forward to leveraging the advantages of the IBM EMM Suite for our clients. The marketing execution and analytical capabilities these solutions provide are critical to help our clients accelerate their business growth.” – Steve Perry, President, Pereion Solutions

    Digital analytics gives marketers the ability to increase ROI, reduce cost, and improve top-line revenue by analyzing the quality of their client’s web traffic. It’s critical that these analytic capabilities extend to mobile and social traffic. The IBM EMM Suite provides businesses with unique perspectives into the customer’s online experience by concentrating on enterprise-class web analytics, digital marketing optimization, customer experience, mobile marketing and behavior analysis solutions to build multi-channel, customer profiles and track real-time metrics.

    Customers utilizing the IBM EMM Suite are receiving excellent results which are highlighted in an IBM white paper on Enterprise Marketing Management, such as:

    • 30% increase in campaign ROI1
    • 50% increase in response rates1
    • 40% reduction in marketing costs1
    • 75% reduction in customer acquisition costs1

    The whitepaper is available for download below. 

    If you would like more information on Pereion Solutions or our new partnership as a Certified IBM EMM partner, please contact Steve Perry directly at

    Please also share this blog using the social media icons above and subscribe to the Pereion blog below.

    IBM Enterprise Marketing Management EMM Whitepaper                                                           Pereion Solutions Blog

    1Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Whitepaper, IBM.

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