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Build a MSP Marketing Plan That Will Increase Lead Generation

Posted by Greg Jackman

Mon, Feb 3, 2014 @ 13:02 PM

Last year, HubSpot released their ROI Report that leaves no doubt that the inbound marketing movement is alive and flourishing across all types of industries. According to the 2013 HubSpot ROI Report1, 93% of companies using inbound marketing have increased their lead generation2. The principles of inbound marketing should be incorporated into an overall MSP Marketing plan, there are solid proof points in the industry of success. For example, Paranet, a managed IT services and consulting firm, increased their monthly organic leads by 2000%, their web traffic by 148%, and their landing page conversions by 1000%3 by implementing inbound marketing practices with HubSpot.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of inbound marketing, it’s an online marketing methodology based on the idea of creating quality content around a product or service to educate potential clients. Inbound marketing practices include blogging, SEO, social media, webinars and other forms of content, like whitepapers or eBooks. As opposed to traditional outbound marketing tactics, like cold calling or sending email blasts, inbound marketing earns the attention of customers by aligning with their specific interests and focusing on naturally attracting leads through website traffic and lead nurturing.

So through MSP inbound marketing tactics, we aim to educate your prospects and clients about your solutions in order to improve your:

  • Traffic generation
  • Online lead generation
  • Conversion of leads to customers
  • Marketing automation and analytics 

MSP marketing transforms your marketing and enables you to market to your clients in the way they buy. Your MSP marketing plan will need to address the needs of potential customers as they shop and research their options online.

Pereion provides MSP’s with the Inbound Marketing eBook for Managed Service Providers so you’re able to formulate an efficient MSP marketing plan. This eBook methodically walks you through everything that needs careful consideration within the MSP marketing process. Pay special attention to the specific tactics identified as part of an overall MSP marketing plan, including:

  • Targeting your blogging practices
  • Implementing appropriate SEO methods
  • Essential involvement on social media forums
  • Aligning digital advertising with your overall plan
  • Researching for suitable offers for clients in each of the 3 funnel positions
  • Scheduling lead nurturing emails

To download our Inbound Marketing eBook for Managed Service Providers, please click on:

MSP Inbound Marketing

We would welcome your feedback, so if you’d like to discuss your own MSP marketing goals or challenges, please take advantage of the comment section below. To learn more about our MSP marketing services or if you have any questions, please send an email to Steve Perry at

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1 Return on Investment from Inbound Marketing through Implementing HubSpot Software, HubSpot, January 2013.

2 93% of Companies Using Inbound Marketing Increase Lead Generation [New ROI Data], Hubspot, February 2013.

3 Paranet Increases Organic Leads By 2000% Using HubSpot, HubSpot.


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IT Marketeers, you should complete Inbound Marketing Certification!

Posted by Steven Perry

Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 14:04 PM

I just completed the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Training and Certification, and I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to do the same. If you are a marketeer working for an IT Solution Provider, VAR, Managed Service Provider, ISV or SaaS provider then taking the time to go through the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification classes and test is well worth your time.  

Inbound Marketing Certification Regardless, if you or your firm have totally embraced Inbound Marketing as the means to drive lead volumes and conversions; the principles you pick up through the training can be broadly applied. If you have any of the following challenges, then you will get value out of taking the training: 

  • Optimizing your website experience to maximize visits
  • Leveraging blogging to generate leads 
  • Exploiting social media to expand your marketing reach
  • Creating great content your prospect and customers want
  • Utilizing landing pages to convert traffic to leads
  • Perfecting the lead conversion process
  • Optimizing email marketing to improve lead nurturing
  • Creating alignment with your sales team

The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification program was just updated and it will help you develop the skills to address these challenges.  In the IT marketplace today, sales teams are being engaged much later in the buying process as clients research potential solutions via the internet long before they talk to a salesperson.  If you aren't getting your company's message in front of your prospects and clients earlier, then you are destined to enter the buying cycle to late.  Inbound Marketing can help!

Plus, the classes and certification are free! 

If you want to learn more about Inbound Marketing before jumping into the Inbound Marketing Certification program, then click on the button below and request a copy of the Guide to Inbound Marketing.  If you are ready to make the jump, then just follow this link to the HubSpot Academy and get started today!  

Feel free to contact me directly by sending an email to, if you would like to discuss this blog post or would like help in getting started with Inbound Marketing.  

 Request Free  Guide to Inbound Marketing




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Tips on Lead Generation for IT Service Providers

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Feb 27, 2013 @ 16:02 PM

This morning, I saw a recently released report titled "B2B Lead Generation Trends 2013".  I wanted to share the report because the findings mirror some of the feedback I hear from IT Service Providers and Managed Service Providers as they wrestle with how to improve their own marketing. Understanding the information in the report provides some insight for IT Service Providers to start revising their marketing plans to improve their lead generation efforts. Following is a link to that report that was produced by the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn: 

B2B Lead Generation Trends 2013 

At a minimum, this report provides some insight on how to apply your limited marketing budget as an IT Service Provider. Not surprisingly, the #1 marketing challenge identified by B2B companies is generating high quality leads. More interestlingly; the company website, Search Engine Optimization, and email marketing were identified as the most effective lead generation activities followed by conferences and tradeshows.  Again probably not surprisingly, but lack of resources is cited as the greatest barrier to the successful generation of new leads.  One of the key secrets to success identified in B2B marketing is compelling content. The interesting point for me from this study is not one specific finding, but rather that this is absolutely consistent with what I hear from marketing people in IT Service Providers all the time.  Therefore, the question is what can we learn and what tips or takeaways can we highlight as it relates to lead generation for IT Service Providers. 

Inbound Marketing IT Service Provider   Tips on Lead Generation for IT Service Providers 


  • Your Website and Search Engine Optimization are critical investments
  • Blogging and Social Media are relatively inexpensive means to drive more traffic to your website
  • If you sustain these investments, you will enhance your brand recognition and maintain an ongoing lead generation presence
  • Ensure your website is setup to capture leads through calls to action and landing pages
  • This lead generation approach requires compelling content, you must not only maintain quality product collateral but also educational and informational marketing content
  • Supplement this approach with limited number of online and in person events
  • Simple marketing automation tools allow you to track and manage the effectiveness of your marketing activities
  • You can not maintain all of the traditional marketing activities you may have done in the past and have the necessary resources to implement a new approach, reallocation is required
  • This "Inbound Marketing" approach will provide you a lower cost per lead, if you maintain it over time
Pereion Solutions provides Channel Development and Inbound Marketing services to IT companies.  


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VAR Marketing...To Generate More Leads, Call a New Play!

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

In today's economic environment, generating enough quality leads is challenging for everyone. Over the years, many VAR's have been overly dependent on vendor co-marketing programs, traditional telemarketing campaigns, or have just underinvested in marketing.  If you are a Value Added Reseller or IT Solution Provider, you may need to try a new approach in today's market. It is time to call a new play!  

VAR football play

What is the new play?

The new play is Inbound Marketing.  Inbound marketing is about aligning your marketing with the way customers learn, shop, and buy today.  What business customer today would look for solutions to run their business without educating themselves and researching alternatives over the Internet? If your VAR marketing plan doesn't enable you to be found online and if doesn't help in the process of educatiing potential customers on what solutions are available, then you may be misallocating your limited marketing investments.  

How do you know this is the right play?

Because we have lots of data. Let's take a look.

  • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that do not
  • 45% of B2B companies that use LinkedIn report acquiring a customer from that channel
  • 62% lower cost per lead generated
  • 64% of respondents reported and increase in sales

* Data from 2011 HubSpot Inbound Marketing Survey

How does Inbound Marketing work? 

It starts with generating traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Blogging.  It requires a commitment to creating content that provides value to your prospects and clients. As a Value Added Reseller or IT Solution Provider you need to leverage the content produced and provided by your strategic partners.  Once you create increased traffic to your website, you need to capture that traffic and convert it to leads. To do this requires the use of landing pages and lead nurturing campaigns with increasingly relevant content.  If you do it well, you will improve the quantity and quality of leads you create for your sales team.  

There is another benefit! 

In addition to improving the effectiveness of your demand generation investments, the other benefit is having real data and metrics to track your results.  Many solution providers have good visibility into the sales pipeline, but very limited visibility into their marketing pipeline and limited information to determine how to invest their limited marketing dollars.  Inbound Marketing can provide you visibility all the way through the process, including: traffic volumes, traffic sources, lead conversion rates, offer effectiveness testing, customer conversion rates, and ultimately ROI of your marketing investments.  

How do I get started?  

The first step is to look at what you are doing today and understand how many leads you are generating and to what extent you are leveraging your website and Inbound Marketing processes or tools today.  If you understand where you stand today, then you can lay out a goal and a plan to get there.   

If you would like to dig deeper then you can download the Inbound Marketing eBook for Value Added Resellers, by clicking on the button below.

Request Inbound Marketing eBook for VARs 

You can also directly request help with a free Inbound Marketing Assessment from Pereion Solutions by clicking on the link below.

Request Inbound  Marketing Assessment




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