Transform the B2B Customer Experience 

Digital technology is having a profound impact on B2B organizations and redefining how they must connect with their clients.  With more of the B2B decision-making process occurring online, successful B2B companies are now required to better develop their digital channels and increase their B2B ecommerce effectiveness.   At the same time, B2C ecommerce has reshaped the expectations of B2B customers, and B2B companies need to improve business processes and meet the challenge of providing an optimized online customer experience to remain competitive and capitalize on opportunities.

How must B2B ecommerce adapt?

B2B organizations that want to be successful must digitally transform their business to streamline processes and enrich the buyer experience to meet the demands of today’s B2B customer.   To accomplish this, B2B  organizations need to understand their customer’s online struggles, eliminate the obstacles that prevent successful conversions and offer a personalized and seamless experience.  The ability to successfully convert customer behavior data into actionable insights that result in customized and frictionless experiences offer a huge opportunity and competitive advantage for B2B companies.


“Thanks to our Customer Experience Analytics solution, we successfully diagnosed and remediated issues almost twice as fast as was previously possible."

 - Jennifer Tattenbaum, Senior Director of Interactive at Shubert Ticketing

B2B CHALLENGES                                                                                                       

Managing complexity with high volume transactions

Gaining visibility into customer experiences

Delivering operational efficiency across online business processes

Offering collaboration across entire organization

Providing consistently optimized experiences across all channels

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ADDRESSING THE B2B ECOMMERCE CHALLENGES                                              

Customer Experience Analytics provide capabilities to B2B companies to use data and apply customer experience use cases that overcome transformation challenges and accelerate digital transformation across their entire organization.

Business Process Conversion

Uncover customer struggles or usability issues in business processes to identify process steps that may require enhancements and recognize unique segments that may be underperforming, allowing you to root out inefficiencies across the flow of your critical business processes and boost conversions.

Product Selection and Configuration Tools

Analyze product page metrics like page views and click through rates to understand engagements and struggles across product pages and tools, and compare different data sets to further identify what content is engaging and what content may be lower value and require optimization.

Improving Support Processes

Create struggle factors based on pertinent events taking place on your site and set struggle thresholds and alerts to quickly detect and analyze user struggle, allowing you to swiftly rectify issues to improve support applications and optimize overall user experiences.         

Onsite Search Optimization

Analyze customer behavior before, during and after performing search on your site to gain advanced insights into search terms and click through behaviors to assist in optimizing search terms and improving search functions


Segment customers by needs and buying behavior, enabling you to create unique and personalized experiences to meet the needs of all customers and effectively provide compelling content across the customer journey for each group.

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