Pereion Customer Success Case Studies


Closes the book on customer struggle

Faced with challenges in the ever-changing textbook market, largely due to the shift from print to digital content, eCampus set out to improve customer experience, increase conversion rates and boost site performance and functionality. One of the main areas of focus was identifying and quickly resolving customer struggle. Together with the implementation of Acoustic Tealeaf and CX Analytics services from Pereion Solutions, eCampus is now able to replay website interactions and pinpoint areas of friction to improve customer satisfaction.

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Shubert Ticketing BroadwayShubert Ticketing

Optimizing Digital Experiences by Reducing Customer Struggle

With a complex and high volume check-out flow for both online and mobile customers, Shubert Ticketing was striving to understand their customer engagements and struggles to successfully optimize their digital experiences across all channels. Through the deployment of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) along with the expert assistance of Pereion Solutions, Shubert Ticketing gained valuable insight into their customers' journeys and behaviors to identified areas and quickly resolve customer struggle resulting in exceptional customer experiences.

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Presentation - On site search IBM-com Final Draft

Optimizing On-site Search with IBM

Pereion presents with IBM at the Marketing Analytics Summit 

Pereion was thrilled to co-present with Dave McDuff, IBM’s leader for Search and Discovery at the Marketing Analytic Summit on 6/2/20.  This presentation focused on On-site search capabilities for

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