Making Gains in the Financial Industry By Leveraging Effective Customer Experience Analytics

Nearly every sector of business is dealing with the disruption of digital technologies, and the financial industry is no exception.  Whether they are opening a checking account, paying off a home equity loan, filling an insurance claim or buying securities, customers expect a seamless digital experience that allows them to easily find what they are looking for and quickly accomplish their tasks.    Financial service companies must also deliver an experience that builds trust and loyalty and engages customers in a way that differentiates and elevates their brand in a competitive market.

How must the financial industry adapt?

Banks, investment firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions need to adopt customer experience initiatives that offer a strong understanding of customer behaviors to secure the necessary actionable insight that can be used to identify and remove areas of struggle and offer rewarding interactions with customers.   By improving their digital intelligence, organizations in the financial industry can quickly respond to their customers’ evolving needs, improve process efficiency and provide consistently optimized experiences – the experiences that also serve the bottom line.


What causes customers to abandon before completing transactions on your site?  Do you have visibility into customer sessions?


Uncovering fraudulent online activity

Gaining visibility into customer experiences

Delivering effi­ciency across online processes

Managing critical compliance and regulatory data

Providing a consistently optimized omni-channel experience




Customer Experience Analytics empower financial services companies to act on visibility into the digital experience and apply customer experience use cases that accelerate digital transformation across their organization and help them meet the challenges of rising customer experience expectations. 

Process Optimization

Identify abandonments in online processes like opening an account, requesting a quote or submitting a claim to uncover customer struggles or usability issues, allowing you to root out inefficiencies across the flow of critical processes and offer an optimized and rewarding experience. 

Fraud Detection

Enable struggle events on your site that could signal potential fraud, like a user entering different passwords in a session, or apply anomaly detection to key metric reports to detect unusual patterns in customer behavior and determine contributing factors to identify possible fraudulent activity.    

User Experience Testing and Struggle

Apply usability analytics like heat maps to understand where customers engage the most on your pages and uncover design flaws that may be causing customer struggles and abandonments, offering insight you can use to implement design and layout changes to improve engagements and enhance customer experiences.   

Sessional Archival

Retain and manage important session data, such as a customer completing a financial transaction or submitting pertinent information on an insurance form, that you can use to resolve customer disputes, identify possible fraud or comply with regulatory audits – allowing you to safe-guard your business interests as well as protect your customers.

Session analysis

Isolate and analyze individual sessions to gain a valuable macro to micro view into the what and why behind customer struggles, and integrate with Voice of the Customer to understand the complete context of customer experiences, arming you with insight you can use to optimize experiences and increase conversions and revenues.

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