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As one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors, the Retail industry is facing increasing pressure to digitally transform their business and create exceptional customer experiences that grow and retain valuable customers and boost the bottom line.   Retailers including department stores, specialty stores, supermarkets and pure ecommerce retailers must be able to quickly respond to customers’ wants and needs and deliver better products faster and more reliably to maintain a competitive edge.   The successful retailers are also those that can quickly understand customer behavior, readily learn what is working and what is not, and capitalize on opportunities by providing customers with differentiated offerings and rich experiences.

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B2B eCommerce

Digital technology is having a profound impact on B2B organizations and redefining how they must connect with their clients.  With more of the B2B decision-making process occurring online, successful B2B companies are now required to better develop their digital channels and increase their B2B ecommerce effectiveness.   At the same time, B2C ecommerce has reshaped the expectations of B2B customers, and B2B companies need to improve business processes and meet the challenge of providing an optimized online customer experience to remain competitive and capitalize on opportunities.

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Travel and Entertainment

With the number of companies offering a myriad of ways to enjoy valuable leisure time, it is no wonder that competition in the travel and entertainment industry is at an all-time high.  At the same time, the ability for leisure companies to provide a seamless online experience has become even more paramount when you consider that the majority of reservations and check-ins for airline, hotel, cruise, concert tickets, fitness centers and many other attractions take place online.  Travel and entertainment consumers also provide the perfect opportunity for leisure organizations to create profitable and loyal customers, as offering unforgettable and rewarding experiences will undoubtedly earn future repeat business and invaluable references.  

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Financial Services

Nearly every sector of business is dealing with the disruption of digital technologies, and the financial industry is no exception.  Whether they are opening a checking account, paying off a home equity loan, filling an insurance claim or buying securities, customers expect a seamless digital experience that allows them to easily find what they are looking for and quickly accomplish their tasks.    Financial service companies must also deliver an experience that builds trust and loyalty and engages customers in a way that differentiates and elevates their brand in a competitive market.

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Healthcare Insurance

Digital disruption is forcing transformation across the healthcare industry where healthcare insurers are confronted with rising customer expectations and increased competition. From selecting an insurance policy, renewing healthcare coverage or filing a medical claim, healthcare consumers are demanding top-notch experiences that reliably anticipate and address their needs and convert them into loyal customers.   At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the requirement for healthcare agencies to innovate and successfully deliver simple and optimized healthcare services across all online channels – web, mobile, email and video -- for the safety of their customers.

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