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Transition to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 08:11 AM

Many online businesses aim to optimize and deliver seamless and exceptional cross-channel customer experiences while reducing costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Businesses that currently utilize IBM’s Tealeaf CX on premise platform recognize the benefits of understanding customer behavior in helping to uncover areas of struggle to enhance digital experiences. Although this on-premise behavior analytics solution offers robust analytic capabilities, it also requires a significant investment in hardware, software and resources to manage and maintain. Tealeaf on Cloud was introduced as demand for ease of use, flexibility and cost efficiency increased for a cloud-based offering.

Tealeaf on Cloud combines AI-powered functionality with the strength and robustness found in the legacy Tealeaf CX on-premise platform. Tealeaf on Cloud offers added advanced analytic features and significantly reduces the complexity and ability to maintain which translates into substantial advantages for your business.

Many Tealeaf CX on Premise clients have transitioned over to Tealeaf on Cloud and have realized the many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some functional and financial reasons to make the move.

Greater Visibility in the Customer Experience

By leveraging the advanced analytic capabilities found in AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud you achieve an enhanced view into your customers’ experiences. Some of Tealeaf on Cloud’s innovative analytic capabilities, that cannot be achieved through the on-premise version of Tealeaf, include:

  • Struggle Analytics help you recognize areas of struggle, such as repetitive patterns or step counts, allowing you in drill deeper with session analysis to determine the root cause of friction.
  • Geospatial Analytics assist in identifying and understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business.
  • Anomaly Detection, a new feature in Tealeaf on Cloud, detects unusual patterns in customer behavior data.


With greater visibility into the customer experience, you are well equipped to minimize struggle, uncover areas of opportunity and ensure that your customers progress across all their journeys with consistent and optimized experiences.

Click below to view the Tealeaf on Cloud Customer Use Case Videos.

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Additional Features Deliver Improved Efficiency

Along with advanced analytic features, Tealeaf on Cloud allows you to achieve all the customer experience benefits of a full function on-premise Tealeaf deployment but with greater simplicity and efficiency through technical enhancements. First, a modern user interface offers easy navigation and enhanced views into customer data. Also, with easy deployment of Tealeaf on Cloud, you can quickly implement SDKs to capture data and start getting value in a matter of days. Finally, Tealeaf on Cloud provides you with several added benefits that help you make sense of all the customer data you are capturing to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Recognize a in Savings Time and Money

By implementing AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud, you recognize a considerable savings in time and money and a maximized return on investment (ROI) for your business. With Tealeaf on Cloud you can:

  • Drastically reduce your IT capital expenses and eliminate the need for further investment in hardware or software – including expensive software upgrades for supporting servers.
  • Receive monthly releases that add new enhancements and functionality to Tealeaf on Cloud with no incremental costs.
  • Minimize the dependency on internal IT resources to setup, install and maintain.
  • Simplify licensing as there are no user charges and no separate charges for additional modules like Overstat and Mobile.


With the incremental revenue recognized from optimized experiences and increased conversions, Tealeaf on Cloud maximizes your ROI and expands your ability to focus your time and resources on boosting your business.

Ready to Migrate to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits?

Do you what to learn more about the additional advanced analytic capabilities and the substantial cost saving your business will realize by making the move to Tealeaf on Cloud? Click the button below to request a complimentary Tealeaf on Cloud Migration Assessment.

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Shubert Ticketings’ Successful Transition from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud

Read how Shubert Ticketing, a leading international provider of ticketing services, successfully made the move from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud.Together with the expert assistance from Pereion Solutions, Shubert Ticketing was able to optimize their customers’ digital experiences which resulted in exceptional customer experiences. To access the IBM Tealeaf on Cloud case study for Shubert Ticketing, please click the tile below. 

Read the Shubert TIcketing CXA Case Study

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New Channel Incentive Payment Solution for Service Providers

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @ 07:04 AM

The shifts in the IT marketplace to Cloud delivery models is well underway, SaaS and Managed Service providers are all evolving their business models and creating new channels to sell their solutions.   These evolving business models and new channels are creating many new business opportunities, successful cloud service providers of all types including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and managed service providers are developing new channel distribution models and deploying new fee structures to their channel partners. 

There is significant debate in the market about how to design the right incentive or fee structures for channel partners that are reselling or referring SaaS or managed service offerings.  While there is significant debate and experimentation on incentive models and fee structures, regardless of that fee structure, successful service providers need the processes and tools to implement and manage those channel incentive payments. The complexity in this environment is driven by the recurring revenue model, variability in offerings and fee structures, and ultimately the volume of channel partners or partner sales representatives. 

NetCommissions Incentive Payment Solution





Pereion Solutions and NetCommissions are teaming together to bring to market a Channel Incentive Payment Solution that is uniquely able to handle the needs of Cloud Service providers of all types that are going to market through channel partners and require a system with the flexibility to handle recurring fee payments across multiple offerings and a number of channel partners.  Pereion Solutions brings channel management skills and experience in developing and managing channel incentive programs.  NetCommissions has a proven platform to manage and implement commission and incentive payment systems.

Companies in the initial stages of building their indirect channel often manage incentives and fees with off line systems such as spreadsheets. This approach makes sense when the partner count is low and the complexity of the process is manageable. The technology is ubiquitous and trained support staff is relatively easy to find.

Channel compensation approaches for the cloud based SaaS market where fees and incentives are linked to contracts that span multiple years pose many challenges, but clearly one of the most daunting is how best to managing incentives in a SaaS world of recurring subscription revenue streams. This process often involves tracking and matching, bookings, service delivery and invoices to rules which define each channel partner’s contract and commission fee schedule.

Complications typically arise because as your partner network grows so does the complexity of channel incentives. Overlay a growing product portfolio and spreadsheet based systems typically reach a breaking point. Research has shown that as one tries to scale a spreadsheet based process, the incidence of human error increases as does the level of effort to manage the process.

This solution overcomes this obstacle by enabling you to improve the value of your investments in channel commissions & fees and eliminate the excess effort you put into administering channel incentives. How?

Ease of use: Point and click interface targeted for the skill set of a business analyst. The NetCommissions platform enables managers to easily administer the process, maintain their channel hierarchy and easily set up the business rules that drive incentive calculations.

Cloud based: Take full advantage of our web based approach that is scalable, sustainable and requires little to no IT support or skills.

Ensure Timely and Accurate Payments: Take advantage of a robust platform built to streamline and support the unique needs of sales incentive compensation.

Save Time:  Save yourself time administering a manual process and instead focus that critical time on activities with higher strategic impact.

Improve communication: Crisp and clear reporting builds trust and loyalty within the channel.

As a channel manager, if you are managing a growing SaaS or Managed Services channel business than you may want to consider a cloud based Channel Incentive Management software solution that ensures that your channel management process is streamlined, efficient and delivers tremendous value to your business. 


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