A/B Testing and Personalization

Did you know, according a 2019 Gartner report, that companies that invest in personalization outsell their competitors by 30%?   Personalization adds sophistication to marketing campaigns so you can deliver tailored content in real time that facilitates increase engagements and boosts conversions on your web and mobile apps.

Pereion can assist in developing personalization and A/B testing plans that are built on data and analytics. A testing plan is critical to determine what changes to make, any testing plan needs to be grounded in data.

We help with:

  • Development of use cases and requirements for personalization and testing
  • Assistance with configuration of product or content recommendations
  • Help creating and configuring segments and zones
  • Implementation of A/B testing and custom metrics

Let's talk about gaining greater customer insight and improving digital experience for your customers.

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