Ease the Pains in Healthcare by Optimizing the Customer Experience 

Digital disruption is forcing transformation across the healthcare industry where healthcare insurers are confronted with rising customer expectations and increased competition. From selecting an insurance policy, renewing healthcare coverage or filing a medical claim, healthcare consumers are demanding top-notch experiences that reliably anticipate and address their needs and convert them into loyal customers.   At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the requirement for healthcare agencies to innovate and successfully deliver simple and optimized healthcare services across all online channels – web, mobile, email and video -- for the safety of their customers.

How must the healthcare industry adapt?

Healthcare organizations must digitally transform their business by securing the actionable insight into customer behaviors they can use to deliver frictionless and consistent experiences that build trust and create long-term customers. Insurers need to deliver valuable new digitized services that optimize customer care, such as mobile apps, and offer reliable and seamless access to personalized offerings based on consumers’ unique needs.  Ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing risk exposure of patients’ personal information are also critical for healthcare insurers to build trust and confidence with their customers, as well as protect their own reputation.

Do you have visibility into the customer experience?  Can you identify the cause of struggle on your site? 


Gaining visibility into customer experiences

Delivering simplification across online processes

Offering a personalized and meaningful experience

Managing critical compliance and regulatory data

Providing seamless efficiency across websites and apps




Customer Experience Analytics enable healthcare insurers to act on visibility into the digital experience and apply customer experience use cases that accelerate digital transformation and assist in delivering the optimized and personalized experiences that their customers expect.

Claim Simplification

Identify abandonments in essential online processes like submitting a medical claim to uncover customer struggles or usability issues, allowing you to root out inefficiencies across the flow of critical processes and offer a simplified and seamless experience on your site and applications.

Member Portals

Analyze customer engagements across your pages and applications to understand how customers interact with digital touchpoints and gain insight into customer preferences that assist you with delivering relevant content and offers at the right time to keep your customers engaged and provide a personalized and rewarding experience that is vital for long-term healthcare relationships.

Fraud Detection

Enable struggle events on your site that could signal potential fraud, like a user entering different member IDs and passwords in a session, or apply anomaly detection to key metric reports to detect unusual patterns in customer behavior and determine contributing factors to quickly identify possible fraudulent activity and proactively work to safeguard your and your clients’ information.  

Session Analysis and Archival

Capture and analyze individual digital interactions to gain a valuable macro to micro view into what and why behind customer struggles, enabling you to identify and rectify the root causes of friction. Then, retain and manage relevant online interactions, such as a customer completing pertinent information on a medical claim, that you can use to resolve customer disputes, identify possible fraud or comply with regulatory audits – helping you to provide safe and seamless transactions.                            

Mobile optimization

Segment standard business practices like abandoned sessions using mobile-specific attributes, such as platform, orientation changes and gestures, to understand how your mobile channel is performing compared to other channels. Further segment, analyze and drill down into mobile data to understand where and why your mobile customers struggle, allowing you to better implement site design changes and optimize your mobile experience.

Helping Healthcare Payers Gain Deeper Insights into the Digital Customer Experience On-Demand Webinar

Learn more about the digital customer experience opportunities and challenges faced in healthcare insurance.  This on-demand webinar explores critical use cases that are important to healthcare insurers and provides tips on improving the patient experience on mobile apps and websites while protecting patient data and ensuring HIPAA compliance.  Click here to register for the on-demand webinar.

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Applying CX Analytics in Healthcare Insurance to Reduce Call Center Volume and Improve Production Support On-Demand Webinar

This on-demand webinar will demonstrate how to leverage Digital Customer Experience (CX) Analytics and apply CX analytic use cases to help minimize call center volumes and improve production support in healthcare insurance. We also take a look at the digital properties, website and mobile apps, that are important to healthcare insurers and touch upon customer journey mapping.  Click here to register for the on-demand webinar.

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Enabling Digital Self Service in Healthcare Insurance with CX Analytics

This on-demand webinar takes a deep dive on enabling the self service digital offerings in healthcare insurance. Whether it be submitting a claim or paying a bill, we demonstrate how Digital Customer Experience (CX) Analytics can play an important role in facilitating digital self service by helping to optimize the user experience in member portals and mobile apps.  We also explore several use cases that can be applied to further support digital transformation within healthcare insurance.  Click here to register for the on-demand webinar.

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