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Pereion Solutions Blog

Five B2B Digital Experience Success Factors

by Steven Perry

The prolific use of digital technologies is not only transforming the way your B2B customers interact with your business, but it is revolutionizing customer expectations. Today’s B2B customers expect you to better understand their needs and to offer the highest level of customer service possible across all channels. But, how can you be sure that your B2B portal is optimized to foster engagements, deliver enriched customer experiences and develop loyal customers?

Accelerating B2B Digital Transformation with CX Analytics

by Steven Perry

Like many organizations, B2B companies have elevated digital transformation on their business agenda. Faced with rising expectations in a competitive landscape where much of the B2B decision-making process is now online, B2Bs realize they must quickly understand and address their customers’ needs across their digital journeys and deliver an exceptional eCommerce experience. But, while digital technologies are forcing B2B companies to rethink how they can best service their customers and adopt new ways of transforming their business, they often find themselves struggling to overcome B2B digital innovation challenges.

Applying B2B Marketing Analytics to Optimize Your B2B Customer Experiences

by Steven Perry

In today’s evolving B2B landscape, customers are expecting more personalized and frictionless experiences when engaging with B2B organizations.   To create the optimized experiences customers expect on your B2B portal, you need data-driven and actionable insights that will allow you to better connect with your B2B audiences and improve your online business processes.   But, how do you draw real insights from your data and identify the key actions that will maximize the business value of your B2B portal?


B2B Marketing Analytics:  Get more from your data

As part of your B2B marketing practices, you no doubt collect and track a variety of data on your clients and their interactions inside your B2B portal.   By applying the right B2B marketing analytics to accurately analyze and interpret the data, you gain the necessary tools to not only meet the needs of your buyers, but to exceed their expectations and deliver a truly optimized B2B customer experience.

For example, by segmenting your B2B users by the profile or behavioral data you collect, you have the ability to segment your B2B audience down to individual users and deliver personalized content to your clients across all channels.  

            B2B marketing analytics to help enrich B2B customer experienence 
and improve B2B business processes


What’s more, by applying B2B marketing analytics to evaluate key touch points on your B2B portal – like search functions, click through rates (CTRs) and call to actions (CTAs) on pages and customer service engagements – you can identify areas to improve the B2B customer experience and develop more profitable business relationships through optimization.   Employing the power of analytics to your critical B2B business processes, including inventory management, order fulfillment and processing of quotes, can help you draw real insight from your data into your business’s success and identify areas to improve your business processes to increase conversions and maximize opportunities on your B2B portal.


Ready for digital transformation of your B2B portal?

Jumpstart your efforts to explore your data to improve your customer insights and optimize your B2B customer experiences.  Pereion Solutions’ new B2B digital transformation CX checklist identifies the top 6 success factors for applying B2B marketing analytics to transform your data into a valuable tool for building an optimized customer experience on your B2B portal.

To learn more about how to get started with developing data-driven actions to optimize your B2B customer experiences, you can download our B2B digital transformation CX checklist by clicking below. 

B2B Digital Transformation CX Checklist

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This blog provides insight and tips on Digital Customer Experience Analytics, Web Analytics and Tag Management, and A/B Testing and Personalization to optimize web and mobile experience.

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