Analytics Use Cases

Digital Experience Analytics 
Use Cases

Digital Experience Analytics can help you understand customer behavior to uncover opportunities and recognize areas of improvement for your online business.  Explore these top digital experience analytics use cases that you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and put your customer insights to work to provide optimized and superior digital customer experiences:

Session Search
Session Replay and Analysis
Funnel/Process Conversion Optimization
Onsite Search Optimization
Call Center Performance Improvement
Rage Clicks
Registration and Login Process Optimization
Quantify Business Impact
Page Engagement Optimization
Struggle Analysis
Portal Optimization
Mobile Apps
Real time alerts


Marketing Analytics
Use Cases

Marketing Analytics offers actionable insight on influencers that drive conversions across the marketing funnel.  With this valuable insight, you are better equipped to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, allocate your marketing resources and align your marketing strategy to boost opportunities.  Learn more about the top Marketing Analytics use cases that you can put to work to facilitate compelling marketing campaigns that translate into increased conversions:

Marketing Attribution
eCommerce Marketing Analysis
Web analytics
Audience segmentation
A/B Testing
Journey mapping
Path Analysis
Tag Management