Grow and Retain Customers in Retail by Delivering Exceptional Products and Experiences

As one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors, the Retail industry is facing increasing pressure to digitally transform their business and create exceptional customer experiences that grow and retain valuable customers and boost the bottom line.   Retailers including department stores, specialty stores, supermarkets and pure ecommerce retailers must be able to quickly respond to customers’ wants and needs and deliver better products faster and more reliably to maintain a competitive edge.   The successful retailers are also those that can quickly understand customer behavior, readily learn what is working and what is not, and capitalize on opportunities by providing customers with differentiated offerings and rich experiences.

How must retail companies adapt?

Retailers in today’s digitized economy must embrace transformation initiatives that provide the agility and insight to create unique customer-centric shopping experiences.  Adopting a continuous product design approach, for example, allows retail companies to connect customer gestures to every phase of the product lifecycle, enabling teams to learn faster, agree on priorities and deliver the digital products that customers want.  By securing actionable insight from customer behavior, retailers can also pinpoint and address areas of friction and operational inefficiencies – offering the ability to consistently provide a seamless omni-channel experience that increases customer loyalty and maximizes revenue.


Delivering better experiences faster and more reliably                            

Innovating to rapidly respond to evolving customer expectations               

Promoting and nurturing customer loyalty

Gaining visibility into the customer experience

Providing consistently optimized experiences across all channels





Customer Experience Analytics provide capabilities to retail companies to leverage customer data and apply customer experience use cases that uncover the actionable insight that can assist with delivering the enriched experiences and innovative offerings that customers expect.

Increase cart value

Uncover customer struggles or usability issues in online processes to identify process steps that may require enhancements and uncover site design flaws that may cause confusion, allowing you to offer customers a seamless experience that encourages easy browsing and purchasing.   

Resolve abandonments

Create struggle factors and alerts based on pertinent events taking place on your site like repeated patterns of unproductive user actions or exceptionally high number of user-initiated actions on a page to quickly detect and analyze user struggle, allowing you to swiftly rectify issues and optimize user experiences.   

Improve customer engagements and retention

Analyze product page metrics like page views and click through rates to understand engagements and struggles across pages and identify what content is engaging, and segment buyers based on buying behaviors to enable you to provide compelling and personalized content that promotes customer loyalty.

Re-target lost customers

Identify segments of customers who have abandoned their cart and export to your marketing automation system to effectively remarket to those customers with a targeted campaign or promotional offer as a means to recoup lost business and increase customer satisfaction

Optimize on-site search

Analyze customer behavior before, during and after performing search on your site to gain advanced insights into search terms and click through behaviors to assist in optimizing search terms and improving search functions.   


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