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Mobile Customer Experience Analytics Are Essential

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Dec 15, 2015 @ 08:12 AM

This post is a copy of the Guest Blog post we wrote for the IBM Holiday Readiness Blog series on December 10, 2015. This article was published in the IBM Commerce blog and can be found here.  

2015 Holiday Mobile Metrics

The mobile trends this holiday season are continuing from previous holiday seasons and not surprisingly mobile traffic and sales continue to outpace the broader market.  The following graph from IBM Watson Trend Hub shows the mobile site traffic and % of sales data for Black Friday in 2015 compared to the previous 5 years. It is interesting to note that mobile traffic exceeded traditional website traffic for the first time and that mobile now accounts for more than one third of sales increasing 30% year to year.  Within mobile, smartphone traffic is far outpacing tablets and Apple is the preferred smartphone for shoppers.  You can see the complete report for Black Friday and Cyber Monday by clicking on one of the links for IBM Watson Trend Hub.


Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough

So given the clear continued growth of mobile as a platform for consumer shopping, I want to highlight a report generated by Forrester Consulting that was commissioned by IBM that is titled Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough and released in October 2015.  The study focused on answering two key questions.  1) What elevates a good, serviceable and even profitable app into the realm of great? 2) And if a mobile app achieves greatness, what is the impact? There were four key findings from the report:

  • A great app not only works flawlessly, it also provides immediate and relevant mobile moments.
  • Great apps increase revenue, reduce cost, and engage customers exponentially more than good apps.
  • Firms must invest to create great apps.
  • Firms must measure the things that will lead them to create great mobile apps.

To highlight a couple of key points, the study found that great apps generate an average of five times more revenue than a good app.  In addition, they lower costs by decreasing operational costs and improving employee productivity. Finally, there are demonstrable improvements in customer loyalty, engagement and experience.  Over time this creates a compounding financial impact. 

In addition, companies with great apps track the transaction volumes, cost savings, revenue generated, average revenue per user, engagement, and customer satisfaction.  I would encourage you to download and read the full report, Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough.


Compelling ROI for Mobile Customer Experience Analytics

If you accept that great mobile apps have a compounding financial benefit over good apps, then it should come as no surprise that the ROI for enterprises that leverage customer experience analytics to create great apps are extremely high.  IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting earlier in the year to perform another study that evaluated the Total Economic Impact of IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile.  Forrester worked with IBM to analyze the total economic impact that CX Mobile had on a number of customers. 

The study concluded that customers that had implemented CX Mobile customer experience analytics realized an ROI of 196% with a payback of 4.7 months.  The following diagram highlights some of the benefits; including increased conversion rates, improved customer retention, and operational cost savings that were identified in producing these financial results.



Companies that invest in mobile customer experience analytics achieve compelling returns on their investments.  When you combine this with the financial impact of producing great mobile apps and the need for a robust mobile analytic platform to build great mobile apps, the need for mobile customer experience analytics is clear.  As this holiday season is showing, the growth in mobile traffic and sales is continuing and creating an essential and compelling reason to have a methodical approach to mobile customer experience analytics.   

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IBM ExperienceOne Forums Highlight Tealeaf Best Practices

Posted by Greg Jackman

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 08:10 AM

Pereion Solutions recently sponsored two IBM ExperienceOne Customer Forums, one in San Francisco and one in Boston. Both events included robust discussions on Customer Analytics and specifically best practices in leveraging IBM Tealeaf to help companies improve digital customer experience across web and mobile.

IBM ExperienceOne Customer Forums image2 resized 600

Karen He, a Product Manager for IBM Tealeaf just wrote an IBM SmarterCommerce post about marketing optimization and customer experience best practices: Enhancing customer engagements through customer experience best practices based on these customer events. In the blog, she discusses our conversations around IBM Customer Analytics and Tealeaf, including Pereion’s partnership with SiteSpect, a premier provider of an A/B and Multivariate testing platform. This partnership includes a private cloud implementation of IBM Tealeaf with the SiteSpect Cloud platform. To learn more about this offering, please click here.

During both IBM ExperienceOne forums, there were presentations and discussions on Tealeaf Best Practices, including a Tealeaf Maturity Model on Best Practices from initial implementation through advanced use cases as well as sessions on Tealeaf CX Mobile Best Practices and Call Center Best Practices. The sessions included:

  • Best Practices in Identifying and Resolving Customer Struggle with IBM Tealeaf
  • Delivering Superior Mobile Customer Experience: Demonstration Showing How Leading Companies are Improving their Mobile Apps with IBM Tealeaf
  • Tealeaf in the Call Center: Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction


IBM Tealeaf Maturity Model

For existing Tealeaf software users, IBM presented a maturity model of best practices to improve the customer journey, and maximize Tealeaf’s potential. The model highlighted the following steps:

  • Customer Experience Investigation
  • Monitoring Known Issues
  • Monitoring Site Processes
  • Measuring Customer Experience Key Performance Indicators
  • Advanced Business Impact Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Investigation


IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile Best Practices

The Tealeaf CX Mobile solution captures, stores and analyzes the customer experience to optimize your mobile channel giving your customers the power of Tealeaf’s customer experience management solutions for mobile websites. This includes the following Tealeaf CX Mobile capabilities:

  • Capturing user data for mobile websites to obtain complete mobile visibility.
  • Developing an early warning system to discover mobile application failures and usability issues, leading to unsuccessful transactions and cart abandonments.
  • Real-time drag and drop analysis of the mobile user’s behavior to quantify business impact and segmentation.
  • Identify errors in customers’ mobile sessions with ad hoc discovery and segmentation without tags.


Call Center Best Practices with IBM Tealeaf

How many customers contact your call center when experiencing an obstacle on your website? How long does it usually take to accurately understand the issue and identify the actual problem? Tealeaf software streamlines these business processes for your call center. Tealeaf’s best practices for customer service optimization in the call center include:

  • Offering instant customer session access to call center agents to walk through customer sessions, increasing customer service effectiveness.
  • Protecting online customer interactions records to resolve customer disputes quickly and accurately.
  • Providing online self-service options that reduce calls to the contact center, decreasing costs, and optimizing web and mobile channels.
  • Training your customers about online processes to avoid future calls, decreasing costs.


For a thorough analysis of the potential benefits of IBM Tealeaf for your business and a discussion about Tealeaf best practices in improving Customer Experience Management please click on the button below.

IBM Tealeaf Business Assessment 

To learn more about Tealeaf software, click on the "What is IBM Tealeaf" button below.


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