Digital Customer Experience Analytics

Digital Customer Experience Analytics provide organizations with visibility and valuable data-driven insight into cross-channel customer interactions that can be used to quickly identify, diagnose and remove obstacles in the customer journey. With an enhanced view into the customer journey, businesses are better equipped to discover areas of opportunity, reduce customer support costs, increase conversions and capture lost revenue

With our deep expertise in Customer Experience Analytics, our team can help your business leverage Customer Experience Analytics to gain greater customer insight and improve the web and mobile customer experience for your customers. Specializing in several leading customer experience solutions, let us assist you in getting the most out of your investment.

Our Services include:

  • Setup and implementation
  • Training and skills transfer on best practices
  • Create objects and alerts to track user activity
  • Create reports and dashboards for various audiences
  • Segment user sessions based on various factors to identify and report on specific customer issues
  • Provide session analysis to identify issues and customer struggle points based on segmentation, using session timelines and replays
  • Deploy heatmaps and page analytics
  • Setup performance analytics to track site performance issues
  • Identify customer struggle points, such as rage clicks, and quantify the business impact
  • Identify opportunities to improve web and mobile customer experience
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Analyst to act as a help desk and assist distributed teams create events and reports to support their individual use cases

Let's talk about gaining greater customer insight and improving digital experience for your customers.

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