Enrich Customer Experiences in the Travel and Entertainment Industry to Create Loyal Customers

With the number of companies offering a myriad of ways to enjoy valuable leisure time, it is no wonder that competition in the travel and entertainment industry is at an all-time high.  At the same time, the ability for leisure companies to provide a seamless online experience has become even more paramount when you consider that the majority of reservations and check-ins for airline, hotel, cruise, concert tickets, fitness centers and many other attractions take place online.  Travel and entertainment consumers also provide the perfect opportunity for leisure organizations to create profitable and loyal customers, as offering unforgettable and rewarding experiences will undoubtedly earn future repeat business and invaluable references.  

How can travel and leisure companies succeed? 

In order to stay competitive in the industry, hotel and vacation chains and travel and  entertainment organizations must quickly improve the customer experience.  To do so requires not only offering a simplified and friction-less online experience, but providing personalization that offers recommendations or upgrades to customers based on their interests and preferences.   The successful companies will be those that can transform their customer data into actionable insight they can use to optimize experiences and build programs that attract and retain lifelong loyal customers.

“Thanks to Pereion Solutions and our [Customer Experience Analytics] platform, we’re offering customers a fast, straightforward route to find the right tickets at the best price."     

                         - Jennifer Tattenbaum, Senior Director of Interactive at Shubert Ticketing


Creating and retaining loyal customers                                 

Delivering seamless efficiency across websites and apps

Offering a personalized and meaning experience

Targeting marketing efforts for a strong ROI

Providing optimized experiences for unique customers




Customer Experience Analytics provide capabilities to travel and entertainment companies to help them apply customer experience use cases that allow them to gain actionable insights that assist with delivering positive and meaningful experiences to attract and retain loyal customers. 

Reservation and Ticketing Applications

Identify usability issues or points of friction and drill down with session replay for a better understanding of customer behaviors to gain the necessary actionable insight you can use to maximize simplicity and provide a seamless experience on your website and applications.

Membership Portals

Analyze customer engagements across your pages and applications to understand how customers interact with digital touchpoints and gain insight into customer preferences that assists you with delivering relevant content and offers at the right time to keep customers engaged and providing a personalized and memorable experience to create loyal customers.   

Marketing Attribution

Evaluate conversion paths to identify the pages, campaigns and marketing channels that drive the most conversions and then correlate consumer behavior to your marketing activities to gain insights that you can use to target and optimize your marketing efforts and realize a strong ROI.

On-site Search Optimization

Correlate search terms and customer behavior before, during and after performing search to understand if you are providing the right content on your pages and in your site’s search function and gain advanced insights to assist with optimizing search and increasing customer satisfaction.

Behavioral Segmentation

Segment customers by demographics, needs and buying behavior to assist you with providing compelling content and rewards that cater to different customer segments, enabling you to create unique and personalized experiences that motivate and delight customers in each group.

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Pereion Solutions assists clients with leveraging the Customer Experience Analytics solution to help them understand customer struggles and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  With deep expertise in customer analytics skills, Pereion Solutions allows businesses to reduce the time to value for their customer analytic solution and implement best practices across organizations.

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