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Four Themes from the MassTLC Channel Marketing ROI Seminar

Posted by Greg Jackman

Wed, Aug 6, 2014 @ 11:08 AM

Last week, MassTLC held the Sales & Marketing Seminar: Channel Marketing ROI to share some of channel marketing’s best practices. With the panel of sales and marketing executives from reputable companies, four themes emerged:  


  1. Partner Recruitment: Segment the Partner Community & Know Your Target. Do you understand the DNA of the partners you are recruiting? Have you differentiated your business from a channel perspective?
  2. Content Marketing: Establishing Thought Leadership. "Marketing in a box" doesn't work.  Do you have high value content they utilize?
  3. Marketing Planning & Execution: Build Individualized Plans with Your Partners. Work with your committed partners on their marketing plans in a flexible and collaborative way.
  4. Management System: It’s Possible to Build a Repeatable Process with Consistent Outcomes. What key performance indicators should you focus on as you develop your management plan?


I had the opportunity to moderate the Mass TLC panel discussion. To read our guest post on the MassTLC blog that covers the entire event, including more information on these four areas, please visit the Mass TLC Blog.


Who is MassTLC?
Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council is a technology association and network of tech industry leaders focused on accelerating innovation through active communities and events to support workforce development. With a membership of over 550 companies, MassTLC provides industry-leading content and a visible platform for companies and individuals looking to influence and grow their technology businesses.

If you would like to talk about this event, these channel marketing themes, or your specific channel marketing challenges, please contact us directly at

We offer a Channel Readiness Assessment to help companies identify the gap areas they need to work on to improve their channel sales performance.  Click below to learn more about Channel Readiness Assessments.  

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Channel Readiness & Partner Value Drive Channel Partner Program Design

Posted by Greg Jackman

Mon, May 19, 2014 @ 08:05 AM

Determining the improvements you need to make to your channel partner program to drive revenue growth isn’t easy. There are two key drivers that will help you plan a new or refreshed partner program design: Channel Readiness and Partner Value.

Channel Readiness Icon resized 600Any channel program needs to deliver real partner value, and you need to understand how it differs from what your competitors offer. This is the basis for designing any partner program. Channel readiness is the other key driver. It’s about assessing the key elements of your partner program, and ensuring it provides your partners with what they need to be successful.

A structured framework to channel readiness can be a good tool to use for designing a channel partner program, following are some channel readiness questions to guide you through the thought process:


  1. Business Goals & Channel Objectives: Do you have clearly defined goals and objectives for your partner program, such as revenue volumes, number of new customers, number of trained partners, and product volumes?
  2. Partner Role & Profile: Have you clearly defined your partners’ role in the sales cycle? What defines your ideal partner and do they have the proper skill sets for your sales process?
  3. Capacity Planning: Do you have a clear view of the number of channel partners, technical specialists, and sales partners to achieve your objectives?
  4. Partner Value: Can you clearly articulate the value prop of your channel program? Have you tested it?
  5. Partner Recruitment: Do you have a marketing plan to market your channel programs to your ideal partner prospects?
  6. Economic Model: Have you validated the economic model for your partners and channel sales reps?
  7. Product Access & Skills: Do you have product access and affordable training and certifications programs in place?
  8. Marketing Support: Does your channel marketing plan support the latest digital marketing approaches? Do you offer a channel marketing concierge service?
  9. Sales Support: Does your program provide access to technical sales resources to accelerate sales cycle times?
  10. Program Structure & Tools: Do you provide easy access for the channel sellers including support through mobile devices?
  11. Management System: Do you provide dashboards and reporting tools so your partners are able to easily manage the various elements of your relationship?

Download the following eBook on Channel Readiness Assessment to give you some additional ideas and considerations on each of these topics and help guide your efforts in designing a partner program:

channel readiness assessment ebook

Do you have a clear view on the differentiated partner value your channel program needs to deliver?  Are all the elements of your partner program in place, so your channel is ready to deliver?  Has your channel program evolves over time, it is important to step back and ask these questions. 

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Partner Recruitment - Three Critical Success Factors

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Dec 4, 2012 @ 10:12 AM

There are many different types of channel programs and partner recruitment initiatives can go in many directions.  That said, there are some fundamental principles that will help ensure the success of your partner recruitment efforts.  Having the right partners and the right number of partners is critical to your overall channel strategy and creating successful partner programs. 

partner recruitment

If you focus on the following three items in building your partner recruitment plan, you will have a solid foundation to execute against: 

  1. Clear set of goals and objectives
  2. Partner profile
  3. Partner value proposition

Goals & Objectives

It is important to start with the end in mind.  Build a simple channel capacity model, that will allow you to have a view of not just how many partners you need but how many partners you need in various partner segments.  For example, you may need to slice your channel capacity model by region, by industry, by skill set, or by partner model.  It may be appropriate to phase your partner recruitment efforts, either by starting with a pilot project or just building a phased approach.  In either case, your goals and objectives need to reflect the approach.  You also need to consider the phases of onboarding a partner at this early stage.  How are you going to move them from interest to commitment?  Think about partner recruitment, like you think about customer demand generation.  How many partners do you need at the "top of the funnel" to get the required number of truly committed partners?  The critical point here is that you start with a plan and execute against that plan.

Partner Profile

You need to consider what constitutes a successful partner for your company or for the specific initiative you are working on.  If you are launching a new product or just expanding indirect channel sales for an existing product, you need to understand the type of partner that can be successful selling that offering. Here are some questions, you may need to consider:

  • Do you need them to sell to their install base? 
  • What skills are required?  
  • Do they have access to the key decision makers? 
  • What investments are required? 
  • Is their business model aligned (e.g. service delivery versus product)?

Working through these questions, will make it much easier for you to target the right partners and ensure they will be successful once they are on board.  Build your list of questions and commit the answers to paper, from that you can create a partner profile that truly aligns with your channel requirements. 

Partner Value Proposition

Once you have a clear view of your goals and the profile of a prospective partner, it is time to build and test your partner value proposition.  Start with your partner profile and think through what will motivate them.  Again, let's frame some questions to think through our partner value proposition and see if it is compelling and differentiated. 

  • What drives the economic model of your ideal partner? 
  • Will your product or offering help them grow?  
  • Do you help them expand their customer base?  
  • What is the barrier to entry? 
  • Have you addressed their pain points? 

Thinking through some of these questions, will help you not just recruit partners but ensure that you get partners that truly will invest your products or offerings.  It is important to test this with partners early in the cycle, get their feedback on the value you are offering and how it compares with other opportunities they see in the marketplace.  You will save yourself a lot of time and wasted energy if you get this right up front.  

Next Steps

If you walk through these three factors and feel you have these issues addressed, you should have a good foundation to begin your partner recruitment efforts.  Hopefully, this helps you build your partner recruitment plan and gives you one or two nuggets to consider. If you need help in building or executing your partner recruitment plan, please reach out to us at Pereion Solutions.  Pereion provides Channel Marketing services to help you grow your revenue through indirect sales channels. 

Please click the link below to discuss your Partner Recruitment requirements and also subscribe to future blog articles by providing your email address in the left hand column. Thank you.  

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