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IBM ExperienceOne Forums Highlight Tealeaf Best Practices

Posted by Greg Jackman

Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 08:10 AM

Pereion Solutions recently sponsored two IBM ExperienceOne Customer Forums, one in San Francisco and one in Boston. Both events included robust discussions on Customer Analytics and specifically best practices in leveraging IBM Tealeaf to help companies improve digital customer experience across web and mobile.

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Karen He, a Product Manager for IBM Tealeaf just wrote an IBM SmarterCommerce post about marketing optimization and customer experience best practices: Enhancing customer engagements through customer experience best practices based on these customer events. In the blog, she discusses our conversations around IBM Customer Analytics and Tealeaf, including Pereion’s partnership with SiteSpect, a premier provider of an A/B and Multivariate testing platform. This partnership includes a private cloud implementation of IBM Tealeaf with the SiteSpect Cloud platform. To learn more about this offering, please click here.

During both IBM ExperienceOne forums, there were presentations and discussions on Tealeaf Best Practices, including a Tealeaf Maturity Model on Best Practices from initial implementation through advanced use cases as well as sessions on Tealeaf CX Mobile Best Practices and Call Center Best Practices. The sessions included:

  • Best Practices in Identifying and Resolving Customer Struggle with IBM Tealeaf
  • Delivering Superior Mobile Customer Experience: Demonstration Showing How Leading Companies are Improving their Mobile Apps with IBM Tealeaf
  • Tealeaf in the Call Center: Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction


IBM Tealeaf Maturity Model

For existing Tealeaf software users, IBM presented a maturity model of best practices to improve the customer journey, and maximize Tealeaf’s potential. The model highlighted the following steps:

  • Customer Experience Investigation
  • Monitoring Known Issues
  • Monitoring Site Processes
  • Measuring Customer Experience Key Performance Indicators
  • Advanced Business Impact Analysis
  • Voice of Customer Investigation


IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile Best Practices

The Tealeaf CX Mobile solution captures, stores and analyzes the customer experience to optimize your mobile channel giving your customers the power of Tealeaf’s customer experience management solutions for mobile websites. This includes the following Tealeaf CX Mobile capabilities:

  • Capturing user data for mobile websites to obtain complete mobile visibility.
  • Developing an early warning system to discover mobile application failures and usability issues, leading to unsuccessful transactions and cart abandonments.
  • Real-time drag and drop analysis of the mobile user’s behavior to quantify business impact and segmentation.
  • Identify errors in customers’ mobile sessions with ad hoc discovery and segmentation without tags.


Call Center Best Practices with IBM Tealeaf

How many customers contact your call center when experiencing an obstacle on your website? How long does it usually take to accurately understand the issue and identify the actual problem? Tealeaf software streamlines these business processes for your call center. Tealeaf’s best practices for customer service optimization in the call center include:

  • Offering instant customer session access to call center agents to walk through customer sessions, increasing customer service effectiveness.
  • Protecting online customer interactions records to resolve customer disputes quickly and accurately.
  • Providing online self-service options that reduce calls to the contact center, decreasing costs, and optimizing web and mobile channels.
  • Training your customers about online processes to avoid future calls, decreasing costs.


For a thorough analysis of the potential benefits of IBM Tealeaf for your business and a discussion about Tealeaf best practices in improving Customer Experience Management please click on the button below.

IBM Tealeaf Business Assessment 

To learn more about Tealeaf software, click on the "What is IBM Tealeaf" button below.


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How Do We Get Started with Mobile Marketing?

Posted by Greg Jackman

Mon, Jul 21, 2014 @ 09:07 AM

Not sure where to get started with mobile marketing? You’re not alone. But there’s an easy way:


Create an IBM Mobile Web Push campaign in a few minutes.


You don’t need to go out and create and develop your own application. Mobile Web Push is simple. It’s a great, low-cost way to get started with mobile marketing, so you’re able to provide relevant messages to your mobile audience as soon as possible.


Mobile marketing with IBM Mobile Customer Engagement solutions sends your mobile customers and prospects highly relevant, targeted push notifications, in real-time, based on reliable digital analytics, engaging them at the optimal time and place.

You’ll also want to target your messages based on your user’s behavior. For example, if the user is searching for information on a particular product or solution, you’re able to send them a push notification that includes a video of that product or solution.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

  • Enriches your customer relationship by personalizing their web experience
  • Capitalizes on the increasing use of mobile devices in the hands of consumers
  • Engages your mobile consumers with relevant offers and alerts
  • Increases your customer conversion rates, revenue, and brand loyalty
  • Tracks and reacts to the user’s action patterns in real-time
  • Optimizes your promotions by time, language and global location


IBM Mobile Push Notifications can be delivered to your mobile audience in two ways:

1. IBM Mobile Web Push communicates with your mobile users via mobile websites.

2. IBM Mobile App Push communicates with your mobile users via mobile apps.


IBM Mobile Web Push

As I mentioned before, Mobile Web Push is the easiest starting point. It can be seen on either a mobile device or a desktop. It empowers marketers to send notifications without the complications of a CMS, IT involvement, or hard coding to your website. All of the notifications are managed in a dashboard specifically designed for marketers. With IBM Mobile Web Push, you’re able to:

  • Build and execute a push campaign in minutes
  • Drive and track measureable actions on your website regardless if your customer is using a desktop or mobile device
  • Increase conversion rates based on visitor frequency and time spent on your webpages
  • Target repeat visitors with up-sells
  • Cut down on your website’s bounce rates with timely offers
  • React to users actions such as: clicks, purchase histories, leaving a page, or cart abandonment


IBM Mobile App Push

If you decide you want your customers to be able to use a mobile application to receive your messaging, use Mobile App Push. You’ll be able to:

  • Provide your customers with a notification inbox within the app so they’re able to view all  notifications at their convenience
  • Send messages to users that may not have opted into your offers
  • Optimize your app revenues by segmenting your customers
  • Improve your average purchase value with targeted promotions by app usage

The most efficient way to employ Mobile App Push is to exercise all 3 of these campaign types at once: Broadcast, Narrowcast, and 1:1 Cast.


All that said, we still recommended starting out your mobile marketing plan with a simple Mobile Web Push campaign. They reach more of your mobile audience, will only take a few minutes to set up, and costs relatively next to nothing. It’s just as easy as sending out an email to a colleague!


Mobile Marketing: IBM Mobile Web Push


To learn more about IBM Push Notifications or other mobile marketing features and benefits, please visit our Mobile Marketing: IBM Mobile Customer Engagement page.

Or contact us directly at to discuss your mobile marketing options.


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