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Free Acoustic Tealeaf HealthCheck

by Kristin Bonazoli on July 19, 2022

Are you trying to build a Tealeaf use case around a unique business requirement but do not know the best way to develop it? Need some help validating that you are leveraging the latest Tealeaf capabilities?  Interested in learning about additional use cases that you are not currently leveraging? If so, we can help!

Through our extensive work and knowledge of Acoustic Tealeaf, we can ensure you are getting the maximum value out of your investment to improve your digital intelligence and put insights to work!

Take advantage of our Complimentary Tealeaf HealthCheck

Tealeaf offers a robust set of capabilities to identify areas needing improvement and potential opportunities within your digital properties. What’s more, if successfully leveraged, Tealeaf can help to improve your digital intelligence, create actionable insights, and accelerate digital innovation across your entire organization. Therefore, it is important to validate that you are exercising your Tealeaf application to its fullest potential to ensure you are taking advantage of all the features and analytic tools the solution has to offer.

To assist in this effort, we are offering current Tealeaf users a free Tealeaf health assessment to help you determine if you are getting the answers you need to important business questions and are realizing the maximum value of Tealeaf. From now until September 30, 2022 we are offering 8 free hours of consulting services to review your Tealeaf environment and will provide a list of recommendations and best practices at the end of the assessment. Here is what is included in this offer:

Complimentary Tealeaf HealthCheck

  • 8 hour assessment of your Tealeaf environment at no cost
  • Initial call with Pereion to learn about business requirements
  • SDK evaluation for potential updates to leverage new capabilities
  • Review existing use cases and identify new ones based on business needs
  • Identify areas not being used within Tealeaf and suggest new features to apply
  • Discuss and identify possible gaps in reporting
  • Pereion to provide a list of recommendations to help you fully leverage Tealeaf at the assessment conclusion

Click here to schedule your 8 hour free Tealeaf HealthCheck to realize the full potential of your investment.Schedule a complimentary Tealeaf HealthCheckPereion can help you move along the Tealeaf Maturity Curve

Pereion Solutions has helped many organizations over the past several years unlock the powerful analytic capabilities and features within Tealeaf. Whether you are a first time or an experienced Tealeaf user, you will find there is a learning curve to acquiring the essential skills needed to successfully leverage the CX analytic solution. These skills over time will ultimately lay a strong foundation for effective digital analysis and can help you understand your customer behaviors and create the actionable insight that is needed to make more informed decisions about your business.

Coupled with developing Tealeaf skills are several Tealeaf customer use cases that can be created to address unique business scenarios. These use cases extend from understanding and addressing customer struggle to recognizing areas requiring website improvements. Furthermore, they advance your Tealeaf competencies by moving you along a Tealeaf Maturity curve from “find and fix” problems to a data driven approach to digital transformation.

In our Problem Resolution and Site Optimization Use Case On-Demand Webinars, we discuss several of the top customer use cases Tealeaf users, at various stages of the maturity curve, can apply to improve digital intelligence, create actionable insights and accelerate digital innovation. Register for one or both of these webinars to put your insights to work using Tealeaf and begin to realize the business value of converting your customer behavior into a competitive transformation tool!

Problem Resolution Use Case On-Demand Webinar - Learn about the customer use cases you can apply to find and fix areas of customer struggle and the steps you can take to quickly resolve. These include: Session Search and Analysis, Improve Call Center Performance, Error Reporting, API Errors and Performance, Anomaly Detection, Alerts, Site Migrations, Page Performance, Struggle Analysis, Process Conversion Optimization, Invalid Promo Codes, Form Field Abandonment, Rage Clicks, Login and Registration Optimization, Mobile Apps. Click here to register for the Problem Resolution Use Case Webinar.

Tealeaf Problem Resolution Use Case Webinar

Site Optimization Use Cases On-Demand Webinar - Discover a set of sophisticated customer use cases that can be used to facilitate site optimization and drive digital innovation. These include: Page engagement & Usability, Marketing Analytics, Geospatial Analysis, Navigation Analysis, On site search, Behavioral Segmentation, Duration Reporting, Privacy Consent, A/B testing integration, VoC integration, Product Finder, Product analysis - cross sell, out of stock, sale pricing, Fraud detection, Session Export. Click here to register for the Site Optimization Use Case Webinar.

Site Optimization Use Case Webinar

In addition to the Tealeaf Use Case webinars we discussed, we offer many other Tealeaf educational resources at no cost. We are committed to supporting Tealeaf and strive to help organizations realize the solution’s maximum potential and the value of transforming customer behavior data to deliver superior digital experiences for all customers. Click here to access all of our available Tealeaf training on-demand webinars.

Also, do not forget to schedule your free Tealeaf HealthCheck!  Click here to get started and recognize the maximum value of your Tealeaf investment!

Schedule your Free Tealeaf HealthCheck Today!!


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