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New cxLifecycle Offering Enhances Your IBM Tealeaf Implementation

Posted by Greg Jackman

Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 08:07 AM

If you’ve implemented IBM Tealeaf, you already understand the value it brings in improving the buying experiences for your customers. cxLifecycle extends that value of your IBM Tealeaf investment.


IBM Tealeaf cxLifecyle is a SaaS offering that enhances the value of your IBM Tealeaf platform by integrating quantitative and qualitative data to improve your customer’s digital experience.


cxLifecycle gives you the ability to run all customer analytics seamlessly. By adding ad-hoc and conversion analytics capabilities to Tealeaf, you have complete control over managing your customer’s lifecycle. With visibility into how your programs, channels, products or solutions influence customer behavior, you’re able to optimize their experience.


3 Key Benefits of cxLifecycle

  1. Run quantitative and qualitative analytics to understand your customer’s behavior.
  2. Influences your customer’s journey across the buying cycle.
  3. Reduces your conversion struggles across multiple devices.


We welcome you to download IBM’s whitepaper, Understanding Your Customer’s Lifecycle Journey, for the full story of cxLifecycle, and how it adds value to your IBM Tealeaf implementation.

3 Advanced Analytical Features of cxLifecyle

  1. Lifecycle Analytics: Web analytics reports provide extensive insight into customer interaction with marketing activities and website content, at every stage of the buying cycle. Within a customer’s journey, it fills in the blanks between conversion events, marketing campaigns, devices, products, and frequency of visits. For example, lifecycle milestones show the number of sessions and/or days it took a customer to reach a specific event.
  2. Ad Hoc Analytics: With the ad hoc reporting tool, the ad hoc data is segmented by channel, geographical location, device, and other characteristics, allowing you to analyze and dissect the qualitative data and derive useful, business insights.
  3. Conversion Analytics: Very detailed data on successful and unsuccessful conversions, including video replay of any customer session. You’re able to quantify the business impact of all conversions by connecting the sessions into one customer experience, giving context to the entire conversion journey.


So let’s put all this into a real-world perspective. What actual problems will cxLifecyle solve for you? What are some specific obstacles cxLifecycle will tackle? Here are 3 real-life challenges IBM Tealeaf users may face, and how cxLifecycle solves them:


Challenge #1: You need to improve sales and conversion cycles with visitor-level reporting on TeaLeaf search results.
cxLifecycle Solution: Export sessions to cxLifecyle for visitor-level analysis to uncover issues with a certain customer segment.


Challenge #2: You need to simplify deployment and management of tags for Tealeaf.
cxLifecycle Solution: Reduce your reliance on IT for tag deployment by managing all your website tags using DDX simplifying tag management.


Challenge #3: You need to analyze anomalies on your website and optimize conversions.
cxLifecycle Solution: Export segment into Tealeaf to reply so you’re able to catch customer struggles causing the longer sales cycles.


To download the Understanding Your Customer's Lifecycle Journey, and/or request a quote or consultation with us on IBM Tealeaf cxLifecycle:

IBM Tealeaf cxLifecycle Whitepaper OR Request a Quote or Free Consultation

Or to contact us directly, please send an email to


For more on the IBM Tealeaf CX platform, you can visit our IBM Tealeaf page as well.

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