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Pereion Solutions Presents at IBM Think 2019

Posted by Kristin Bonazoli

Wed, Feb 20, 2019 @ 07:02 AM

Pereion Solutions was proud to present and be a part of the IBM Think 2019 conference that wrapped up last Friday.   Our founder and president, Steve Perry, discussed ways to utilize data driven insights and leverage the power of AI to diagnose struggle, remove obstacles, capture lost revenue and improve customer experience using IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud (Tealeaf CX on Cloud) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA).

59 (1)Steve Perry, President of Pereion Solutions presents at IBM Think 2019


Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf

Our IBM Think 2019 session, Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf, touched upon IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud best practices and important use cases that can be applied to help achieve a better understanding of customer behavior to enhance digital experience and drive business opportunities.  Some of the important use cases covered in the presentation include:

  • Anomaly Detection - Identify unusual patterns and irregularities in customer behavior data and uncover contributing factors
  • Struggle Analytics - Detect and analyze customer struggle on your site in real time
  • Business Process Scorecards - Gain visibility into the performance of your business processes and identify individual process steps that may need improvement
  • Geospatial Analytics - Understand where your customers are engaging and struggling geographically
  • Onsite Search Optimization - Achieve advanced insights into how customers engage with content and what they are searching for on your website


Please click the tile below to take a look at additional Tealeaf CX on Cloud and Watson CXA customer use cases that were not included in our presentation.

Watson CXA & Tealeaf Use Case Video 


Missed our IBM Think 2019 session?  Download a copy of our presentation or schedule a consultation on Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf, by clicking the tile below.

Download Pereion Solutions' IBM Think Presentation, Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf, or request a consult


Pereion introduces new Learning Path portal at Think 2019

In addition to our presentation, we are thrilled to have introduced Pereion Solutions' Learning Paths at IBM Think 2019!

In effort to address the needs of our customers and put resources within reach to effectively leverage IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud and Watson CXA solutions, Pereion developed the Pereion Learning Path portal.  It is designed to help you focus on specific areas important to facilitating effective digital analysis and creating actionable customer insight.

Our Learning Paths curriculum is continually being developed so be sure to visit our portal regularly for new material.  Click below to register and get started on your learning path to successful digital analysis!

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