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Maximize the Value of CX Data with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

by Steven Perry on February 28, 2018

Customer data is an invaluable asset to your business – one that you want to effectively manage, store and protect.  Leveraging the ability to retain session replay and raw data of your customer sessions over an extended period of time allows you to not only perform additional analysis of customer interactions with your business, but it provides you the means to efficiently tap into data you can use to resolve customer disputes, help identify fraud and comply with regulatory audits.   Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) provides a unique means to collect vast amounts of CX data, then segment the data to understand customer experience issues.  Now Watson CXA also provides the means to retain and manipulate the data in new ways to provide additional use cases to maximize the value of collecting and maintaining CX data. The new Session Data Export and Retention capabilities recently introduced in Watson CXA offer you increased ease and flexibility in managing your data, while providing for longer retention.

Let’s take a closer look at the substantial business value that these new capabilities can offer.


Data Retention:  Save and explore your customer engagement data

User interaction data provides unique information about how your customers engage with your organization through your mobile application or website.  The ability to retain and manipulate that data, while looking for user experience patterns, is an extremely valuable asset for your business.   For example, with the new Session Data Export and Retention capabilities, you can selectively export raw behavior analytics data in CSV format and then integrate this exported data with additional enterprise business solutions to expand on your data analysis and testing.    This ability to combine analytic competencies can empower you with valuable business insight into cross-channel effectiveness and marketing campaign performance you can use to fine-tune your marketing and sales efforts, as well as offer a view into potential fraud detection that you can use to actively protect your organization.


Session Export Data and Retention_image

Session Data Export in Watson CXA helps you leverage and maximize the value of your CX data


Session Archive:  Retain, view and analyze customer interactions

At the same time, the Session Data Export and Retention capability allows you to export and archive complete, replayable sessions in PDF format for long-term storage that you can use, as necessary, to resolve various business issues that may arise or to comply with regulatory requirements.  For instance, you can easily retain pertinent sessions by setting filters for exporting data, such as filtering by a "purchase" event or by a customized event for a "promo code,” to archive and replay the sessions at a later date to resolve customer disputes.   The exported sessions for a purchase event or a promo code event, as examples, can be used as a record for the returning customer in case that customer disputes the 30-day return policy or challenges a promotional offering, allowing you to control costs and maintain your business’ integrity.   In addition, archived and replayable sessions can act as long-term records for corporate or government audits and investigations of security violations or fraud, assisting you in preserving and safe-guarding your business interests.


Maximize Resources:  Save time and money: 

While the benefit of retaining and archiving your important data offers critical value to your business, Session Data Export and Retention also provides substantial financial advantages.   The increased flexibility the solution provides in managing and storing your data means that you can enjoy the cost benefits of a SaaS offering and export your data for storage in a pay-as-you-go cloud storage model or in your own data center.  Additionally, the ability to easily filter data helps you save and retain only what you need and find exactly what you are looking for. 


Take the Next Step:  Explore your User Interaction Data

Whether you are currently a Watson CXA customer, an IBM Tealeaf customer or just getting started with digital customer experience analytics, build a plan to leverage the value of the user interaction data from your web and mobile properties. 

If you would like assistance with helping your company take advantage of IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, request a consult by clicking here.  If you would like to review more use cases for Watson CXA then click on the tile below and request the ebook.

To learn about how one company has successfully leveraged Watson CXA to reduce customer struggle and optimize their customers’ digital experiences, visit the IBM case study for Shubert Ticketing by clicking on the tile below. 

 Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook                Read the Shubert TIcketing CXA Case Study

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