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Need to Develop Tealeaf Skills in Your Organization?

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Oct 21, 2019 @ 13:10 PM

Tealeaf, now part of the Acoustic Analytics portfolio, is a powerful Customer Experience (CX) analytics offering from Acoustic that can provide invaluable insight into the what and why behind your customers’ behaviors. But, to unlock the solution’s full potential and effectively leverage its robust capabilities does require pertinent skills. As an Acoustic partner specializing in Tealeaf, Pereion Solutions recently launched a learning portal, Pereion Learning Paths, that offers short and easy to navigate education modules which provide entry-level skills to get your organization started on a learning path to uncover actionable insights you can use to digitally transform your business.

Take advantage of the unparalleled opportunity for virtual hands-on training!

To complement the entry-level education offered with our Pereion Learning Paths, Pereion Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of a virtual hands-on Tealeaf on Cloud Training Course. Designed to offer beginner level Tealeaf users in your organization the opportunity to develop intermediate level skills, the course content covers two main learning modules: the Fundamentals of Tealeaf and Basic Event Building. The training is administered by a Pereion Solutions’ instructor and a Tealeaf analyst, and the course material is developed for remote delivery to a single company with 3 to 12 students. The curriculum is estimated at eight (8) hours and is customized to your site and Tealeaf environment.


Tealeaf on Cloud Training Class


Increase your proficiency and maximize ROI for your organization with Tealeaf CX Analytics

Acquiring the essential skills needed to successfully leverage Tealeaf helps lay a foundation for effective digital analysis by helping you understand your customer behaviors and creating the actionable insight needed to make more informed decisions about your business. By readily using analytic capabilities in Tealeaf, your organization can gain a valuable macro to micro view on user interactions and the opportunity to quickly uncover issues and implement improvements to optimize experiences, providing your business with an invaluable savings of time and money – and realize the planned ROI with your Tealeaf CX Analytics solution.

Ready to take the next step in developing your organization’s analytic skills?

To learn more about the Tealeaf on Cloud training course offered by Pereion Solutions or to register your organization for the virtual hands on training, please click on the button below. If you do have specific requirements for your organization, we will work with you to customize this class to the needs.

Pereion Solutions Tealeaf on Cloud Training Course

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Leverage Customer Experience (CX) Analytics to Drive Business Value

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Oct 7, 2019 @ 09:10 AM

As customer expectations continue to soar, the customer experience has become a make-or-break component for business success. At the same time, you are under increasing pressure to drive digital transformation across all areas of your business – and to do so within tight budgets where your investment in optimizing customer experiences translates into significant value to your business and fosters profitable growth. Fortunately, the right CX Analytic solutions can help you move beyond traditional web analytics and leverage your customer data to increase ROI and deliver the extraordinary customer experiences that can facilitate successful digital transformation of your business. In fact, based on a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, Tealeaf CX Analytics demonstrated a potential three-year risk adjusted result of 196% ROI with a payback period of 4 months, offering significant business value.

eBook Blog picCX Analytics offer significant value to your business

Boost digital intelligence with data-driven insight

While many organizations employ traditional digital analytics to help with recognizing what customer interactions are taking place on their site, leveraging Customer Experience Analytic (CX) solutions offers you the necessary data-driven insight into the why behind customer behavior -- arming you with valuable digital intelligence you can use to make important business decisions on rectifying issues and optimizing your site for all customers.

With customer analytic capabilities that provide insight into your customers’ actions, CX Analytics allow you to easily identify customer struggles and monitor critical process steps on your site, as well as detect potential anomalies in your business that could signal concern. Real-time alerting can be deployed to offer you the ability to quickly uncover obstacles to superior experiences and allow you to proactively eliminate areas of struggle or confusion on your site, translating into a valuable savings of time and lost opportunities for your business.

Behavior analytics available in CX Analytics can further assist by helping you identify what – or what paths -- lead to positive customer behavior. For example, marketing analytics can help determine the campaigns and channels that lead to conversion, while journey analytics offer a consolidated view of multi-path journeys and the ability to compare and optimize important touch points. Additionally, mobile analytics can offer increased visibility into the struggles and actions of this important user segment, and integration of Voice of the Customer allows you to link your customer feedback to actual customer experiences taking place on your site.

Transform your digital business

By applying powerful analytic capabilities to your customer data, CX Analytics offer data-driven insights into customer behaviors that you can use to optimize areas of your business crucial for maximizing digital transformation.

By providing insight into search terms and identifying customer behavior before, during and after performing a search, for example, CX Analytics can assist you with search optimization and help you understand if customers find what they are searching for on your site. At the same time, CX Analytics can help you evaluate page engagements on your site to aid you with correlating different elements of customer engagement across your pages and to assist with overall page optimization that can lead to increased conversions.

In addition, CX Analytics provide further capabilities that can assist you with optimizing experiences across your site. Geospatial analytics can help you understand geographically where your customers engage or struggle, allowing you to realize geographic trends and to rectify issues or replicate successes on a global level. The ability to perform session search and replay specific sessions for further analysis provides an invaluable macro to micro view on user interactions and the opportunity to quickly uncover issues and rapidly implement improvements to optimize experiences, providing your business with an invaluable savings of time and money.

Ready to get started with building the digital intelligence to transform your business?

CX Analytic solutions can help you quickly uncover the actionable insights from your customer data that you can use to improve the customer experience and gain the important digital intelligence necessary to drive digital transformation and significant business value across your organization. To help you get started, Pereion Solutions has compiled the top customer experience use cases you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and put data-driven insights to work using Tealeaf, a CX Analytics offering from Acoustic.

To learn more about how converting your customer data into actionable insight can help you make better decisions and provide optimal value to your business, you can download the Tealeaf Use Case eBook by clicking the tile below.

Download the Tealeaf Use Case eBook

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It is a Great Time to be a Tealeaf on Premise Customer!

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Aug 28, 2019 @ 07:08 AM

At the end of June of this year, IBM sold the key elements of the Watson Marketing portfolio to a private equity company, Centerbridge Partners, enabling the formation of a new “Martech” company called Acoustic. One of the gems of this sale was Tealeaf CX Analytics. Tealeaf has been available as an “on Premise” product as well as a “SaaS based” offering for several years. Unfortunately, there had not been a new release of the on Premise version of the product for quite a few years. Whereas, the cloud or SaaS version of the product has seen the bulk of the investment and regular monthly releases. A new version, v10, of Tealeaf on Premise was released almost to the day of the start of Acoustic; the new name is Acoustic Customer Experience Analytics.

For existing Tealeaf on Premise customers, this is good news. There are now two excellent choices to consider:  (Option #1) Upgrade to v10, and, (Option #2) Migrate to Tealeaf on Cloud.  Let's explore the two options that are now available for Tealeaf on Premise users.

What’s New in v10

There are a number of updates in moving from v9.0.2 to v10.0, including:

  • Modernized user interface
  • Replay fidelity improvements
  • Collection and processing improvements
  • Browser based replay (BBR) enhancements
  • Integration with Acoustic Exchange (aka Universal Behavior Exchange or UBX)

Tealeaf v10Tealeaf on Premise v10 modernized user interface

What’s Different with Tealeaf on Cloud

Tealeaf on Cloud provides certain capabilities that do not exist in Tealeaf on Premise, such as:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Struggle analytics
  • Geospatial analytic reporting

Geospatial-16Geospatial Analytic Reporting available in Tealeaf on Cloud

What are the Key Factors Determining the Best Path?

The fundamental difference between Tealeaf on Premise and Tealeaf on Cloud is the method of data capture and retention, so this is the good starting point. Tealeaf on Premise is based on network capture through the PCA and is supplemented with client side data. The sessions and data are stored in a company managed server environment. Tealeaf on Cloud is based primarily on client side capture through the SDK (js file) that routes the data to the Acoustic cloud environment. Sessions and data are stored in the cloud. There is a hybrid option to supplement client side capture with passive network capture. Understanding how the data is collected and how it is stored, including any privacy or security restrictions, are the first factors to consider when evaluating the best path forward.

The next area to consider are specific functional differentiation between the two products. There are unique attributes associated with each offering which may lead you one way or another based on your requirements.

System implementation and management is the next consideration. The Tealeaf on Premise environment is more complex to setup and manage than the Tealeaf on Cloud environment and requires additional system management skills and resources. The cloud version of Tealeaf is relatively easy to maintain, updates to the SDK is the only software to maintain and application software updates occur automatically through monthly SaaS application updates.

Finally, cost is factor in deciding between Tealeaf on Cloud and On Premise versions. There are differences in annual license charges, hardware maintenance, and systems management. These costs are critical in measuring the overall ROI on your Tealeaf investment.

Why v10

Staying with the On Premise version and upgrading to v10 is generally going to be driven by data privacy and security related concerns or company policies, along with a need to maintain passive network capture.

Why Tealeaf Cloud

The decision to the migrate to the cloud is generally driven by the desire to simplify the environment and taken advantage of all the benefits of a SaaS based delivery model, including costs, simplification, cloud directives, automatic updates, and new functionality.

What’s Best for Us

With two great choices, there are a several things to consider before choosing between an On-Premise v10 vs. Cloud deployment.  We recommend that Tealeaf on Premise customers do an assessment of both options to determine which is the best fit for their business. Pereion can assist you in your decision and help you take the next step with a complimentary Tealeaf on Premise Migration Path Assessment.  Click here or the tile below to get started!


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Learn About Data Driven Customer Experience with Tealeaf at IBM Think 2019

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Feb 5, 2019 @ 07:02 AM

IBM Think 2019 is just seven days away and an ideal time for companies to get hands on experience and explore the many technologies and resources that can be employed to help transform and optimize their businesses. Artificial intelligence (AI) will again be a key topic at Think and a great opportunity for online businesses to discover new ways of leveraging the power of AI in solutions like IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud (Tealeaf CX on Cloud) to enhance digital experiences and maximize business opportunities.

Pereion Solutions to present at IBM Think 2019

As an IBM Gold Business Partner specializing in Watson Marketing, Pereion Solutions is proud to be presenting and to be a part of IBM Think 2019.  Please join us on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, from 9:30 AM - 10:10 AM for a break out session (Session ID#7359A), Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf, located at Moscone South, Exhibit Level, Hall D - Data & AI Think Tank E.  Learn how to use data driven insights and AI to diagnose struggle, remove obstacles, capture lost revenue and improve customer experience. We will focus on Tealeaf CX on Cloud best practices and highlight important use cases that you can apply to help you better understand customer behavior and transform your data into usable insight to create exceptional digital experiences and boost business performance.  Our presentation will cover the following key topics:

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Struggle Analytics
  • Business Process Scorecards
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • OnSite Search Optimization
  • Session Search & Analysis Techniques


We hope to see you at Think 2019.  For additional information on our session click here

 Think 2019-2


Not attending Think but are interested in learning more about Tealeaf on Cloud and the valuable information being presented? Please click below for a one-on-one discussion on Data Driven Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf.

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CX Analytics Drive Digital Transformation

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Jan 23, 2019 @ 07:01 AM

As we begin a new year, now may be an ideal time for many online businesses to rethink their digital transformation initiatives.  With expectations continuing to grow in the digital marketplace, online marketers must be able to quickly understand the needs of customers across all digital journeys in effort to deliver exceptional cross-channel customer experiences and to stay ahead of the competition.  Developing a solid digital transformation strategy will give businesses the means to understand customers’ needs and empower them to deliver value that is aligned with the customer demands.

Requirement of an effective digital transformation strategy

For many companies, digital technologies have been the driving force behind how they improve customer engagements and find new ways to transform business.  Yet, most lack the required data and insight needed to really understand digital customer experience issues which results in a transformation approach that misses the mark.  An effective digital transformation strategy must move beyond traditional web analytics, which offers a glimpse into customer interactions, and embrace Customer Experience (CX) analytics to get a thorough understanding of customer behaviors and journeys.  Although basic digital analytics provide you with details as to what is happening on a website, like number of clicks, page views or bounce rates, it does not tell you why digital properties perform as they do By applying CX analytic tools to customer data, businesses achieve an understanding into why and how users interact with digital properties rather than the properties themselves.  CX analytics plays an important role in producing successful digital transformation plans by supplying organizations with actionable insights that they can use to improve customer engagements and optimize digital experiences.  CX analytics have essentially become a digital transformation imperative.

Drive digital innovation with actionable insights

Data is an important component in the success of digital transformation.  Using the right customer data coupled with advanced data analysis supplies companies with rich insight into customer behaviors that enable them to create more actionable insights to use to improve customer experiences and maximize digital business performance.   By leveraging the robust data analysis capabilities of CX analytics, organizations can achieve the insight needed to drive digital innovation across some key areas of their businesses, which include digital process optimization, site optimization and marketing effectiveness, allowing them to rise above the constraints in the adoption of digital technologies.   Let’s take a closer look at three key areas:


Digital Process Optimization

At the core of digital transformation is process optimization which entails restructuring business processes across an organization – sales, marketing, customer service, operations, etc. – to help create enriched customer centric experiences.  Using CX analytics, companies can measure process effectiveness and obtain a greater view into the overall performance of their important business processes as well as identify individual process steps that may require enhancements or improvement.    Additionally, the capability to drill deeper using session analysis and to segment data in CX analytics offers companies insight into both the what and the why behind business performance. Allowing them to understand what causes customer struggle in certain process steps and quickly take corrective measures to carry out improvements to optimize business processes.

Site Optimization

A critical part in digital transformation is ensuring that web pages on your site are fully optimized to draw customers, drive engagement and ultimately boost conversions.  Site optimization encompasses several different factors from detecting struggle, understanding page engagement, improving site usability and search function, to providing the right content to enrich customer experience.  By applying behavior analysis in CX analytics, organizations can gain a better understanding of customer behavior across their site to assist in optimizing search and page engagements and identifying areas of customer struggle.  With increased visibility into customer experiences, struggles and paths, companies can identify best practices and areas of improvement for optimizing their site to furnish enriched digital customer experiences.

Marketing effectiveness

Marketing plays a major function in the digital transformation process.  Not only are marketing efforts required to produce powerful content to drive customer engagement throughout the customer journey, they are also expected to maximize marketing effectiveness and boost return on investment (ROI).  By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in CX Analytics, companies can realize valuable insights that can be used to develop more personalized campaigns and messages based on customer behavior.  Armed with rich customer insights, marketers can produce impactful campaigns that will produce improved segmentation and better yields.


Start accelerating digital innovation

Successful digital transformation involves a customer-centric approach that empowers companies to produce innovative and engaging customer experiences across their entire organization.  By focusing on the key elements in digital innovation and applying the power of CX analytics for actionable insights, businesses can prevail over digital transformation challenges and begin to address rising customer expectations in the digital landscape to stay ahead of the competition.  To get started with accelerating digital innovation using CX analytics, click the title below to download Pereion's white page, Customer Experience Analytics: A Digital Transformation Imperative."

New call-to-action

Start accelerating digital innovation for your business with help from Pereion Solutions. We can assist you in learning how to apply the necessary CX analytic tools to gain actionable insights that you can use to improve customer experiences and maximize digital business performance.  Click the tile below to get started!

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Learn what’s new in Watson Customer Experience Analytics and IBM Tealeaf on Cloud

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jan 8, 2019 @ 07:01 AM

Many new features and improvements were recently released for Watson Experience Analytics (CXA), IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud and IBM Digital Analytics (DA). Let’s take a closer look at the latest enhancements that were introduced in Q4 of 2018 .

Watson Customer Experience Analytics improves user management and support for partnered offerings:

  • The Watson Customer Experience Analytics URL has a new design and login. Now all logins are directed to This new link provides easy access to other IBM Marketing products that you may be utilizing like Watson Campaign Automation and Watson Content Hub.

Watson CXA new look

Watson Customer Experience Analytics new look

  • Ability to designate one publisher for each event by going to Settings>Data sources. To avoid duplication be sure to select a source for each event.
  • Now audiences within individual journeys can be filtered and saved.
  • User management enhancements include the ability to delete users from Watson CXA and view the last recorded time each user logged in. Administrators also can change users and roles.
  • Newly enhanced is the support for partnered offerings like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and IBM Digital Analytics that give you visibility into data from session events like cart and conversion abandonment.  Click here for more information about how you can integrate your Adobe and Google Analytics data with Watson CXA to gain deeper insight into your customer journeys.

UBX with Google and Adobe

Watson CXA adds insights to Adobe and Google Analytic data

  • Icons have been added to journey events allowing you do easily differentiate between events and channels.

IBM Tealeaf on Cloud introduces many features that enhance functionality and usability:

  • Content Retrieval Service (CRS) provides an improved way of retrieving static content from URLs captured in sessions.
  • Overstat reports can now be saved for future viewing. There is a new Save as option on the report builder in CX Overstat on Cloud. In the past, Overstat reports were read-only.

SaveAsOverstatReportCX Overstat on Cloud new Save As option

  • The user interface now has an Export option that enables you to export overlay data in CSV format.
  • Add session attributes within an event or add conditions to events using the new Create new session attribute button.

SelectSessionAttribute - create session attribute

Create new session attributes in Tealeaf CX on Cloud

  • A new replay rule has been added, AddQueryParameters, that enables you to keep some or all the parameters in the URL.
  • Enhancements have been made to the Event Import feature and the Asset Manager for Replay and Tealeaf Template files.
  • An Analyze interactive elements only checkbox has been added to the Customize option for Link Analytics enabling to you to flag only the page element that visitors can interact with.
  • There is now an auto-update feature for the Snapshot Extension that checks the version of the Snapshot Extension that is currently installed and will notify you if a newer version is available.
  • An Event Usage feature has been introduced to easily monitor data usage.
  • Simple event editing is now available. Use Edit option to edit simple events that were saved to the Event Manager.
  • Watson Assistant has added "Show Me" capabilities to assist in finding data within Tealeaf and Anomaly Detection reports.
  • Other usability enhancements added include:
    • An expanded work space navigation pane.

Usability navigationTealeaf CX on Cloud expanded work space navigation pane

    • The ability to open session replays in a separate tab.
    • Expanding or collapsing events with a single button in Timeline view. Also, for each page session that was loaded in replay a timestamp is now displayed.
    • Name and Status columns of the Data Export table now have a filtering feature. Additionally, the Task type column now has a filter that will let you sort by daily or once run tasks.
    • In Session Search, an enhancement to Free text search offers a check box named Exact Match that provides you with only those sessions with the exact string of text in search results.

Free Text, exact match

Exact Match check box in Free test search

    • Consolidated Replay now synchronizes content across Replay and Raw Data views ensuring that context remains the same when moving from one tab to another. Consolidated replay also includes the Timeline view.

IBM Digital Analytics (DA) updates provide expanded functionality and improvement to reports:

  • Administrators now have the ability to manage DA users in IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA). In DA, administrators can use the Manage users in CXA link under Admin to manage users in DA, Tealeaf on Cloud, UBX and Watson CXA.
  • Easily navigate directly to page URLs in Top Pages, Page Categories and Page Categories – Hierarchy reports. Simply go to the URL for a page in the report, click the 3 dot menu in the page row then click Actions > Navigate to this page.
  • Newly released is the Alert Manager window that allows you to create and manage alerts to monitor specific metric activity. The Alert Manager can be found under the Admin section of the navigation menu.
  • A new enhancement to Collapse in Report Manager allows you to quickly return to your previous page location. In prior releases, you returned to the top of the page in the Report Manager after clicking Collapse.
  • Now you can email reports that contain Link Clink Data by selecting Schedule Email for Link Click Data. In earlier releases, you could only download Link Clink Data as an Excel file and could not email.
  • Several improvements have been made to True Path reports in IBM DA. First, True Path reports can now be exported as a CSV or Excel file by clicking Menu>Export>CSV or Menu>Export>Excel. In the past, True Path reports could only be exported as PDF or PNG files. Additionally, True Path reports can be emailed one time or scheduled to reoccur – daily, monthly or quarterly and ad hoc True Path reports can be copied. Lastly, by hovering over steps in the True Path report configuration pane, you can view value information about the steps like the step’s name and page ID.
  • Previously, report filters or any changes to columns and sort order were removed when a report was emailed or exported. Now if a filter is applied or the report is customized by column or sort order the data will be consistent with report data in the UI if it is exported or emailed.
  • Any changes to custom work spaces and reports, like the order of reports or dates in a report calendar, are now saved in future Digital Analytic sessions.
  • A new feature of DA provides check boxes to Select Rows that enable you to select rows to display in a chart that compare date ranges and segments.
  • Report charts now display compare periods for selected events.

Boost digital intelligence in 2019

Leverage the advanced analytic capabilities found in AI-powered IBM Tealeaf on Cloud and Watson CXA to drive digital transformation across your business in 2019. To help you get started, check out the important use case videos Pereion Solutions has developed that you can use to improve digital intelligence and put customer insights to work. Click the tile below to be directed Pereion's Customer Use Case Video pageWatson CXA & Tealeaf Use Case Video

 Also available is our ebook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” that complements the use case videos and includes formulas for success that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences. Transform your customer data into actionable information that allows you to make better decisions for your business, download the eBook by clicking the tile below

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook 

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Improve Digital Intelligence to Transform your Business

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Dec 11, 2018 @ 07:12 AM

As an online organization, you understand the necessity of embracing digital transformation to promote engagements and readily respond to your customers’ evolving needs and expectations. Central to this pivotal shift is the ability to improve your digital intelligence and gain the actionable insight required to execute transformative initiatives that are based on a true understanding of your customers’ behaviors, journeys and experiences – empowering you to deliver value across your business that is aligned with customer expectations and demands.


Convert your customer data into actionable insight

By applying powerful analytic capabilities to customer data, Watson™ Customer Experience Analytics (Watson CXA) and IBM® Tealeaf® Customer Experience on Cloud (Tealeaf CX on Cloud) offers actionable insight into customer behavior and assists you with making better decisions to drive digital transformation across your business. Utilizing struggle analytics, you can easily monitor specific processes, pages and events on your site to quickly identify where your customers struggle, while real-time alerting can be enabled to quickly notify you at the first sign of struggle. By then applying session replay technology, you can identify why your customers struggle – offering a valuable macro to micro view on customer behavior that you can use to rectify issues and optimize the many campaigns, processes and digital experiences that drive business across your site.

Journey analytics can assist further, by allowing you to readily compare customer paths across unique segments like web, mobile and email, offering you a deeper understanding of multi-channel customer journeys and the ability to identify paths where your customers may struggle and recognize what actions may lead your customers to convert. Additional capabilities like geospatial analytics can expand your reach and help you understand where your customer are engaging or struggling with your organization across regions, offering you additional insight you can use to make more targeted and informed decisions about your business and execute digital transformation efforts that focus on areas of growth and global opportunities.


Watson CXA_new look_2018

Watson CXA with new navigational design and added features


Optimize experiences with data-driven success

Successful digital transformation requires a customer-centric approach that enables you to leverage data-driven insights based on customer behaviors to create engaging and optimized customer experiences across your entire organization. Creating advanced search events and customized reporting using Watson CXA and Tealeaf CX on Cloud can assist by providing deeper insight into customer behavior before, during and after performing search, offering the opportunity to optimize search terms and functions and improve content on your site to more actively engage your customers. Similarly, developing business process scorecards can help you measure and score your overall business process success by identifying the abandonment and conversion rates across and within each step of a critical business process, allowing you to recognize and root out inefficiencies in your important steps and optimize business processes across your organization. The capacity to segment your customer data and compare unique segments of customers offers you the capability to recognize issues with particular segments and optimize experiences, engagements and processes across your entire digital channels.

Applying usability analytics like heat maps are also very beneficial in providing insight into customer interactions on your pages and help you recognize usability issues with your site. As heat map overlays identify regions of a page where customers click or hover, they can assist you with identifying high and low interest areas on a page and providing insight you can use to replicate engaging content, make your pages more personal for your customers and optimize your page design to enrich the customer experience. The new feature of anomaly detection can further boost your business intelligence by providing real-time, actionable insights that assist you with detecting unusual patterns, or outliers, in your customer behavior data and determining contributing factors – helping you discover unexpected incidents and quickly respond to evolving issues to optimize and transform your entire online business performance.


Get started with building digital intelligence to transform your business!

Implementing effective customer behavior analysis can set the stage for the discovery of actionable insights you can use to drive digital transformation across your business. To help you get started with delivering consistent and extraordinary customer experiences, Pereion Solutions has developed a series of videos that introduce the important use cases you can execute to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work using Watson CXA and Tealeaf CX on Cloud.

Watson CXA/Tealeaf Use Case Videos 1


Also available is our ebook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” that complements the use case videos and includes formulas for success that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis that can help you visualize the customer journeys and create the actionable insights you need to optimize customer experiences and digitally transform your business.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook


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Hiring New Data Analyst to Support 2019 Growth!

Posted by Steven Perry

Fri, Nov 23, 2018 @ 12:11 PM

Pereion Solutions is a hiring a new data analyst to support our continued growth in 2019.  We help clients leverage advanced analytic tools, including AI technologies,  to understand and improve digital user experience issues. In addition to user experience improvements, we leverage digital data to assist clients with conversion optimization and marketing attribution.  

At Pereion Solutions, we believe that data analysts and data scientists need to build off a set of foundational skills that enable them to provide a unique set of insights to our clients.  That  foundational skill set includes: 

  • IT/Technical Skills
  • Data Science Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Business Acumen
  • Data Visualization
  • Client communication

We also believe it is our responsibility to help our analysts to develop those skills.  If you are interested in working for a company that helps clients to develop unique data based insights about their businesses and develop your skills based on this approach, then I would encourage you to check out our latest job posting.  

We have a new job posting for a Digital UX and Marketing Data Analyst posted on our Careers page at If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.  

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Transition to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Nov 14, 2018 @ 08:11 AM

Many online businesses aim to optimize and deliver seamless and exceptional cross-channel customer experiences while reducing costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Businesses that currently utilize IBM’s Tealeaf CX on premise platform recognize the benefits of understanding customer behavior in helping to uncover areas of struggle to enhance digital experiences. Although this on-premise behavior analytics solution offers robust analytic capabilities, it also requires a significant investment in hardware, software and resources to manage and maintain. Tealeaf on Cloud was introduced as demand for ease of use, flexibility and cost efficiency increased for a cloud-based offering.

Tealeaf on Cloud combines AI-powered functionality with the strength and robustness found in the legacy Tealeaf CX on-premise platform. Tealeaf on Cloud offers added advanced analytic features and significantly reduces the complexity and ability to maintain which translates into substantial advantages for your business.

Many Tealeaf CX on Premise clients have transitioned over to Tealeaf on Cloud and have realized the many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some functional and financial reasons to make the move.

Greater Visibility in the Customer Experience

By leveraging the advanced analytic capabilities found in AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud you achieve an enhanced view into your customers’ experiences. Some of Tealeaf on Cloud’s innovative analytic capabilities, that cannot be achieved through the on-premise version of Tealeaf, include:

  • Struggle Analytics help you recognize areas of struggle, such as repetitive patterns or step counts, allowing you in drill deeper with session analysis to determine the root cause of friction.
  • Geospatial Analytics assist in identifying and understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business.
  • Anomaly Detection, a new feature in Tealeaf on Cloud, detects unusual patterns in customer behavior data.


With greater visibility into the customer experience, you are well equipped to minimize struggle, uncover areas of opportunity and ensure that your customers progress across all their journeys with consistent and optimized experiences.

Click below to view the Tealeaf on Cloud Customer Use Case Videos.

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Additional Features Deliver Improved Efficiency

Along with advanced analytic features, Tealeaf on Cloud allows you to achieve all the customer experience benefits of a full function on-premise Tealeaf deployment but with greater simplicity and efficiency through technical enhancements. First, a modern user interface offers easy navigation and enhanced views into customer data. Also, with easy deployment of Tealeaf on Cloud, you can quickly implement SDKs to capture data and start getting value in a matter of days. Finally, Tealeaf on Cloud provides you with several added benefits that help you make sense of all the customer data you are capturing to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Recognize a in Savings Time and Money

By implementing AI-powered Tealeaf on Cloud, you recognize a considerable savings in time and money and a maximized return on investment (ROI) for your business. With Tealeaf on Cloud you can:

  • Drastically reduce your IT capital expenses and eliminate the need for further investment in hardware or software – including expensive software upgrades for supporting servers.
  • Receive monthly releases that add new enhancements and functionality to Tealeaf on Cloud with no incremental costs.
  • Minimize the dependency on internal IT resources to setup, install and maintain.
  • Simplify licensing as there are no user charges and no separate charges for additional modules like Overstat and Mobile.


With the incremental revenue recognized from optimized experiences and increased conversions, Tealeaf on Cloud maximizes your ROI and expands your ability to focus your time and resources on boosting your business.

Ready to Migrate to Tealeaf on Cloud and Realize the Benefits?

Do you what to learn more about the additional advanced analytic capabilities and the substantial cost saving your business will realize by making the move to Tealeaf on Cloud? Click the button below to request a complimentary Tealeaf on Cloud Migration Assessment.

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Shubert Ticketings’ Successful Transition from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud

Read how Shubert Ticketing, a leading international provider of ticketing services, successfully made the move from Tealeaf CX on Premise to Tealeaf on Cloud.Together with the expert assistance from Pereion Solutions, Shubert Ticketing was able to optimize their customers’ digital experiences which resulted in exceptional customer experiences. To access the IBM Tealeaf on Cloud case study for Shubert Ticketing, please click the tile below. 

Read the Shubert TIcketing CXA Case Study

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Infuse More Intelligence into Marketing Campaigns with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 30, 2018 @ 07:10 AM

Achieving increased added intelligence from customer behavior and applying it to automated marketing campaigns is every marketers goal. With Watson Campaign Automation (WCA), you already know you are delivering impactful campaigns by leveraging its insights and capabilities. By infusing AI-powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you can inject even more intelligence into your marketing campaigns with deep customer insights that will produce improved segmentation and better yields.

Advanced Analytic Capabilities to Boost your Marketing Efforts

By integrating Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA), you are able to leverage the analytic capabilities of Watson CXA.  Watson CXA provides a robust set of analytic capabilities based on the customer journey and user experience.  Watson CXA’s advanced analytic capabilities include:

  • Journey Analytics provide you with an aggregate view of the customer journey across time, devices and channels. Presenting you with valuable insight that you can leverage to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


  • Behavior Analytics helps you visualize and understand user experience; it displays and captures customer data through heat maps, session replays and form analytics. These capabilities can quickly identify areas of customer struggle and enable you to remarket to customers who may have abandoned based on user experience issues.

Heat Map Image_1-2


  • Struggle Analytics allows you to rapidly detect and analyze customer struggle on your website in real time. It works to recognized patterns or repetitive activity that could indicate customer struggle and provides the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer friction. By detecting your customer struggle points, you can swiftly take corrective action to rectify issues, uncover areas of opportunity and optimize your customer experiences.

Edit Struggle Factor_image

  • Geospatial Analytics recognizes and assists you in understanding where geographically customers are engaging or struggling with your business. This aids in identifying key geographical areas for improvement and allowing you to make more informed business decisions on a global level.

Geospatial image_test cut


Integrated Customer Data to enhance Marketing Campaigns

Using IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) you can easily share data between Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) and Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA). By passing data from Watson Campaign Automation you provide critical data to build customer journey reports.  Conversely, passing data and audiences from WCXA to WCA enables automated campaign execution based on insights developed through WCXA. 

Optimize Customer Journeys with Watson Experience Analytic

The key to a successful customer journey is having the appropriate data to better understand your customer. By leveraging AI powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), you achieve a greater understanding and view of how customers interact in journeys across time, devices and channels. It supplies you with meaningful insight into your customers’ interactions, so you are well equipped to quickly resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers. Allowing you to make better, faster and smarter business decisions across customer touch points and recognize a return on investment (ROI). Learn more about enhancing the customer journey by downloading a copy of the IBM’s Whitepaper, “How to use Customer-Level Data to Supercharge Customer Journeys”, by clicking here. 

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Gain the insights you need to enhance customer journeys, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value by downloading our eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?”. Our eBook is a compilation of the top 10 use cases you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and optimize your overall customer journeys. Put customer insights work with IBM Watson CXA. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

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About this blog

This blog provides insight and tips on Customer Experience Analytics, especially in the usage of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) and Acoustic Analytics (CXA) to optimize web and mobile experience.

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