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Optimizing the Value of Tealeaf through Managed Services

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 08:04 AM

The value of IBM Tealeaf Software is providing qualitative customer analytics to improve the web and mobile customer experience for your online customers.  Tealeaf has demonstrated the ability to deliver phenomenal ROI's to businesses serious about improving their online customer experience.  Forrester Research produced a Total Economic Impact study for Tealeaf technology that showed a three year average ROI of 512% for a blend of companies.

So with that kind of ROI, why should you utilize a Tealeaf Managed Service Provider? 

  • First, managed services can provide both a capital expense and operating expense advantage when deploying a technology like Tealeaf; providing for further improvements in ROI.
  • In addition, you can gain immediate access to certified Tealeaf skills and talent that understand the software and the implementation complexities enabling you to quickly capture the real business value. It also provides the opportunity to maintain those organizational capabilities over time.
  • Finally, you gain the opportunity to leverage Tealeaf best practices and have an independent voice to help identify and prioritize customer experience issues.

What types of services can a Tealeaf MSP provide?

  • The starting point is basic event creation and management to develop the analytics and reporting that you can feed to your internal customer analytics team.  This enables your team to focus on identifying and applying customer insights rather than event and reporting management.
  • You can leverage a Tealeaf service provider to implement best practices within your organization and ensure you are maximizing the ROI out of your Tealeaf investment.
  • Systems administration and management services like user management, security, PCA and canister management, as well as backup/archival.
  • Finally, with Tealeaf version 9.0.1 new cloud deployment options are possible enabling companies to move beyond traditional on premise deployment and implementation options.

What are the benefits of partnering with a Managed Service Provider with Tealeaf specific skills?

So we already talked about why to work with a Tealeaf MSP, but here are some of the specific benefits you could achieve:

  1. Faster time to value, including reduced dependiencies on internal IT resources
  2. The ability to maintain the value over time, despite shifting internal resources
  3. Less staff overhead, learning and managing specific Tealeaf  technology
  4. Broader adoption across the organization, not limited to centralized web experience team
  5. Reduced up front and operational costs
  6. Improved ROI through deployment of Tealeaf best practices
Please click on the link below if you would like to download an offering sheet with specific Tealeaf managed service capabilities.

Pereion Tealeaf MSP Offering Sheet

In terms of Tealeaf best practices, a Managed Services Provider can help your organization leverage a broader set of experiences.  IBM put together a Tealeaf Best Practics guide along with a maturity model to provide a structured approach to implementing Tealeaf Best Practices. Following is a list outlining that sequence approach.

Tealeaf Assessment
Customer Experience Investigation
Monitoring Know Issues
Monitoring Site Processes
Measiuring CE KPIs
Advanced Business Analysis
VOC Investigation

By their nature, these best practice initiatives are organized in a lifecycle approach.  A Tealeaf MSP can help you to execute a deployment plan that builds to best practices over time rather than a traditional implementation model that tries to optimize value in a one time up front implementation engagement.  Following is a document you may find a helpful, an IBM data sheet that outlines a set of Tealeaf best pracitices offerings that provide a framework for optimizing your Tealeaf investments.

IBM Tealeaf Best Practices

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