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Add to Cart Rate is a Critical Ecommerce Metric

by Steven Perry on March 21, 2023

Do you spend a lot of time working to optimize the checkout funnel on your ecommerce site?  How much time do you spend optimizing the top of the funnel, including Add to Cart metrics? Do you have the data and analytics to understand user behavior that drive the Add to Cart? 

The Add to Cart Rate provides a baseline ecommerce metric which we can leverage to evaluate the site effectiveness in several areas.  Why should we care about the Add to Cart Rate?   Obviously, there are a lot more users adding products to cart, than actually converting.  This gives a broader sample of customers to look at to understand top of the funnel behavior.  We can breakout the Add to Cart Rate in a number of dimensions to provide insights in Top of the Funnel behavior. So what are some of the questions we might want to answer:  

  • What products have the highest Add to Cart Rate?   
  • What navigation paths drive better Add to Cart Rates? Search?  Navigation? Promotion? 
  • What campaigns and channels are driving the best Add to Cart Rates?
  • How do product page design changes impact the Add to Cart Rate?
  • How do on-site product merchandising decisions impact the Add to Cart Rate?
  • Do we have other customer segments to compare?
  • Do certain products with high Add to Cart Rates underperform to conversion? 
  • Which products get added to the cart first? And which products only get added as an add-on?  

There is a tremendous amount of potential data to track and monitor as it relates to Add to Cart Rates and top of the funnel behavior. The next question becomes what is actionable?  Can we drive real differences in our overall ecommerce conversion rates based on decisions made with this data? 

The answer is yes!  Let’s talk about at least five ways we can leverage this data to make real improvements.  

  1. Product page design improvements
  2. Site navigation design improvements
  3. Campaign product promotion and landing page decisions
  4. Product merchandising decisions based on add to cart behavior
  5. Promotional actions to improve bottom of the funnel conversions 

Add to Cart Rates can provide actionable insights in driving page and navigation design improvements.  They also provide a direct connection to marketing campaign and content decisions.   Finally, we are able to gain insights in making product merchandising decisions on our site.  

Take the time to build out your Top of the Funnel ecommerce reporting up to and including the Add to Cart, it will provide valuable insights when combined with your bottom of the funnel conversion analytics.  Click here to schedule an ecommerce analytics consultation with us today and start gaining the valuable insights that you may have been overlooking!

Ecommerce Analytics Consultation Request Click Here

Topics: actionable insight, ecommerce, B2B eCommerce, retail ecommerce, top of the funnel, marketing funnel, cart conversions, checkout funnel

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