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Interested in Data Science in a Digital World? We are Hiring!

Posted by Steven Perry

Sun, Aug 13, 2017 @ 13:08 PM

If you are interested in customer analytics and technology and working with clients to optimize their digital businesses, we currently have two positions open and posted on our Careers page.  Please check them out! 

The first position is a Customer Analytic Data Scientist. This position is perfect for someone who is both interested in technology and interested in data analytics.  We work with clients to provide them advanced insights into the digital interactions on their web and mobile properties.  You will have the opportunity to understand, analyze, and help optimize our client's digital processes and customer experience.  To be successful at this position you will enjoy learning new digital technologies and be analytical in nature;  always looking to peel back the onion one more layer to find the hidden insights.  

The second position is a Customer Analytic Sales Specialist. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys engaging with people and helping them solve business problems.  You must be persistent, but also able to listen and understand the challenges individuals face in their respective businesses and organizations.  Through a thorough understanding of the technologies and analytic methodolgies, you will help customers and potential customers solve business problems.  You must be able to understand and communicate business value.  

 At Pereion Solutions:

  • We invest in our customers by delivering value.  
  • We invest in our employees by building skills. 
  • We invest in excellence by always seeking to be the best at what we do.  
  • We invest in growth by reinvesting back in our business.

We are a small company providing customer analytic solutions, committed to these principals and looking for people interested in joining our team.  Please check out the details on each of these jobs on the Pereion Careers page. We would love to hear from you!   


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