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New Watson CXA Success Formulas and Community

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 07:03 AM

We are happy to announce that we recently launched the Customer Experience Analytics Formula blog which focuses exclusively on Formulas for Success for using IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, Tealeaf CX on Cloud, Digital Analytics, Journey Analytics and Universal Behavior Exchange. The blog will provide regular updates with new formulas that you can apply to your business.

Join the CXA Community and CXA Formula blog

We are also introducing a new Customer Experience Analytics community! Have a question in any of the above areas? Ask your peers in the community! This community provides a forum for users to ask questions, discuss and discover best practies and approaches to solving different challenges. This is a great opportunity to share with and learn from peers and network with other customer experience and customer analytic professionals.

These formulas and this community are designed to provide you with insight and best practices in customer analytics.  Register for the CXA Community and CXA Formula Blog today!


The Business Value of Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Dec 12, 2016 @ 07:12 AM


In a customer-driven market, customer analytic solutions that reveal how and why your customers may be struggling on your website are invaluable.   Armed with this information, you are better able to understand your customers’ behaviors and enhance customer experiences across web and mobile channels.  So, while a detailed understanding of your customers is key in today’s competitive environment, being able to truly quantify the business value of customer analytics can be a daunting task – but one that is all the more important as you compete for funding in an era of shrinking budgets.   The ability to determine a practical return on investment (ROI) for deploying a customer analytic solution requires a careful review of business benefits and financial costs.

Leveraging customer insights to maximize business opportunities

Customer experience analytic solutions, such as IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud, provide actual visibility into your customers’ experiences so that you can quickly identify issues that lead to transaction abandonment and implement design improvements that optimize your customers’ experiences.  The insight into your customers’ online experiences goes beyond providing quick-fixes to issues, however.   With an enhanced view of your customers’ journeys, you are better able to discover higher level trends to further enrich your customer relationships and create continuous customer experience improvements.  The result is incremental revenue from increased conversion rates and improved customer retention across channels.   Increased revenue is not only realized through higher conversion rates and retention of customers, but satisfied customers are certainly more likely to refer new business your way as well.   


Save valuable time and money to reinvest in your business

As you know, time is money and customer analytics can save you significant time in the reproduction of issues, especially those that are difficult or nearly impossible to duplicate.   Issues that could take you days to discover on your own can now be uncovered in as little as minutes.  At the same time, another key benefit of a customer analytic solution is how it helps you identify and understand the extent of a problem, so that you can prioritize your development efforts on the prevalent issues that affect the most customers, saving you both time and money.  Finally, deploying a customer analytics cloud offering allows you to avoid upfront hardware costs and save on on-going maintenance and labor costs.  The incremental revenue recognized from optimized customer experience, coupled with the ability to focus your time and resources on other high impact areas of your business, can translate into a significant value for your business.


Weighing the costs for increased business value

While the value to your business can be substantial, there are internal and external costs you need to anticipate in measuring the ROI for a Customer Analytics solution.  Yearly cloud licensing fees and initial professional and training expenditures need to be evaluated, as well as man-hours spent on the planning and implementation of the solution’s initial deployment.    With the deployment of a cloud offering, there is minimal incremental IT administrative support required; however, costs for incremental customer experience staff should be considered.  Specifically, an analyst resource to support the customer experience analytics solution with event and report generation, issue prioritization, and monitoring of alerts and dashboards is an important consideration. The actual deployment and support costs can vary depending on your business size, requirements, and adoption rates, so it is important to consider possible impact and implementation risks in your financial assessment.  

With continuously tight budgets, you must answer for every dollar spent, as well as optimize your customers’ experiences for successful business growth.   Fortunately, the right customer experience analytic solution can help you leverage your customer data to help increase ROI and improve your customers’ experiences.   Based on a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, the IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud solution can yield a potential three-year risk adjusted result of 196% ROI with a payback period of 4 months, demonstrating significant value to your business.

 Forrester TEI_rev.jpg

Ready to invest in business growth and customer loyalty?

To learn more about the cost savings and business benefits of IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud identified using Forrester’s TEI framework and methodology, you can download the IBM commissioned study by clicking on the tile below.   If you have questions or would like to see a demo of your website with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud then simply request a IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud consult.

 Download the Forrester TEI Study               Learn more about IBM Customer Experience on Cloud



Optimize Your Customer Journey with the new IBM Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

Today, your customers can embark on many different journeys with your business – across multiple channels, applications and devices -- and they expect exceptional experiences at every step.    To be successful and delight your customers at every juncture, you must know who they are, what they want and why and how they want it.   While IBM Digital Analytics (DA) can provide you with key data points, for you to truly recognize your customers and understand how activity in one channel impacts conversion in another, you need to be able to connect the customer data points to form an integrated and holistic view of your customers that provides insight into their needs, behaviors and motivations.

The new IBM Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) draws on capabilities from IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf, and enhances them with customer journey and mindset analysis, providing a platform to help you quantify and visualize customer journeys – individually and in aggregate – across devices, channels and touchpoints, offering you the opportunity to resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


Get more from your customer data  

With all the paths your customer can take on their journeys, it is easy for customer data to become fragmented and challenging to effectively analyze.  CXA combines several innovative analytics -- customer behavior analytics, journey analytics and heatmaps and form analytics – to offer a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ digital experience.   The customer behavioral analytics help you identify where your customers struggle, and easily zoom in to replay the parts of the session that caused the problem, allowing you to act on insights to improve site optimization and customer experience.  The new multi-channel path analysis of journey analytics allows you to quickly compare path popularity, duration, revenue and customer values across unique segments and drill down for deeper understanding of customer journeys.  The inclusion of heatmaps and form analytics can help to round out the picture by showing where customers click, hover or swipe on your site or struggle when completing a form, so that you can work to increase conversions and better understand your customers’ interactions.   With CXA, these analytic capabilities work seamlessly together in a single user interface making it easy to unite around your customers and collaborate around insights by providing you a refined lens to view your customers' journeys.

 IBM CXA graphic.png


Differentiate yourself in the market  

By providing a consolidated view of your customers’ journeys and experiences, the CXA solution allows you to transform your customer data into a strategic and competitive tool to help you deliver extraordinary customer experiences and develop loyal customers.  Because you understand where your customers struggle or which events impact purchase consideration and advocacy, you are better able to address or avoid customer pain points and minimize churn with optimized engagement and offers. With increased insight into the multi-channel customer journeys, you can identify the most successful journeys and replicate them to increase conversion rates, revenue and customer loyalty.  So, in a competitive environment where you need to react fast to keep up with customers and remain a step ahead of the competition, CXA arms you with critical information to help you deliver consistent and exceptional customer experiences. 


Ready to deliver extraordinary customer experiences?

Whether you have recently made the transition to the new IBM Digital Analytics Interface or are in the process of making the conversion, this is the perfect time to consider the IBM CXA solution to optimize your business.   In addition to the improved user experience and enhanced capabilities offered with the new Digital Analytics Interface, your upgrade to IBM CXA offers additional benefits.   The CXA solution is being extended to valued DA clients with an advantageous renewal price where a relatively minimal investment offers you significant upgrade capabilities.   Converting to CXA also means you eliminate DA add-on products, as unlimited Explore credits, DA report segments and extended data retention are all included in the CXA solution.   One of the additional benefits is the newly announced option to upgrade with IBM Digital Analytics Suite, offering an entitled bundle of four popular add-on marketing and analytics services -- IBM LIVEmail, IBM Lifecycle, IBM Digital Data Feed, and IBM Multichannel Analytics—only available to CXA clients.

To learn more about the benefits and best practices for understanding customer journeys, you can download the IBM Customer Analytics white paper by clicking here or on the tile below. 

If you have questions or would like to get a quote to convert from IBM Digital Analytics to IBM Customer Experience Analytics, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below. 

If you missed our last feature, Elevate Your Experience with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud, you can read it here.

Best Practices For Understanding The Customer Journey                      Learn more about IBM Customer Experience Analytics        

Elevate Your Experience with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Nov 1, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

The way you see your online customers and how you manage your e-commerce business is constantly evolving.  Today there is a heightened customer focus with an unprecedented need to continually deliver a rewarding customer experience across your digital channels.  At the same time, you need to constantly find new ways to innovate and increase efficiency across your business while balancing resources and controlling costs.

For legacy IBM Tealeaf CX on-premise customers, you already recognize the IBM Tealeaf benefits of exceptional visibility into your customers’ behaviors and struggles that allow you to proactively take corrective actions, improve your conversion rates and help provide a rich customer experience.   Now, with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud, you can enjoy these same advantages with the additional benefits of a SaaS based offering.


Tealeaf CX on Cloud.jpgSave time and money and optimize resources

Implementation of IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud significantly reduces your internal IT expenses and lowers your administration costs.   With Tealeaf CX on Cloud hosted in a IBM Softlayer environment, you will no longer need to invest in the purchase or maintenance of hardware and software for your Tealeaf IT infrastructure.  That means no more worry about planning and paying for costly software upgrades, including Linux, Microsoft Windows SQL Server, and Tealeaf.   Additionally, with monthly updates that routinely add new functionality automatically pushed out by an agile software release cycle, you have the assurance that Tealeaf CX Cloud is always the latest version. The licensing model is much simpler, minimizing the need to buy additional modules or additional user seats.   IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud also takes advantage of a new document object model (DOM) replay technology that is easier to implement and less costly to maintain, eliminating the need to setup complex replay rules.  Free from owning and managing these IT operations, you can focus on business value and ROI, rather than infrastructure upkeep. 


Innovation and simplification for increased efficiency

IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud in an innovative all in one solution that provides a complete database of all your user sessions and provides Usability Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Geospatial reporting and Replay all in a fully integrated package.  In the on-premise version of Tealeaf you would need to purchase a separate Mobile module, with Tealeaf CX on Cloud full native and web based mobile analytics are available with the base module.   In addition, the 50 authorized users included in the Tealeaf CX on Cloud bundle offers broad adoption across departments, and this even provides an opportunity to grant your customer service center access so they can investigate active or completed sessions.  Tealeaf CX on Cloud also offers a new next generation User Interface and workflow that is easier to navigate with updated features for streamlined usability such as the new event manager module, report generation and new session timeline for quick root cause analysis.   

While there are some advanced features and custom integrations that are realized in the legacy Tealeaf CX on-premise offering, the Tealeaf on Cloud solution offers a re-architected and powerful analytics platform for web and mobile applications and offers you the ability to easily take advantage of integration into the new IBM Customer Experience Analytics platform including Journey Analytics.


Ready to take your customer experience management to the cloud?

To learn more about IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud, you can download the IBM Whitepaper by clicking on the tile below.  If you have questions or would like to see a demo of your website with Tealeaf CX on Cloud then simply request a Tealeaf CX on Cloud consult below.

Download Whitepaper - IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud                   Learn more about IBM Customer Experience on Cloud

Transforming the B2B Customer Experience

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 18, 2016 @ 07:10 AM

The prolific use of digital technologies is having a profound impact on B2B organizations. With more of the B2B decision-making process occurring online, successful B2B companies are now required to better develop their digital channels and increase their B2B ecommerce effectiveness.  While B2B organizations can certainly look to lessons learned in the B2C channel in this endeavor, they must also improve business processes and address the challenge of enhancing the B2B customer experience on their site to remain relevant and competitive.


Increased Expectations in the B2B Customer Experience

The B2B buyer is now typically smarter and younger and has grown up in the B2C environment of higher expectations of having what they want, when and where they want it.  Buyers are requiring B2B organizations to better understand them and their needs, and they have come to expect the highest level of customer service possible.  At the same time, B2B buyers, like their B2C counterparts, are engaging with companies in multiple ways, whether it be desktop, mobile or apps to the call center, and their expectation is having a superior experience across all these interactions.  Compounding these challenges is the fact that B2B organizations operate in a highly competitive environment where a poor online B2B customer experience can lead to customer dissatisfaction and possible desertion to the competition.  The negative business impact can become more detrimental by disgruntled customers taking to social media to air their frustrations and share their unfavorable customer experience.


Understanding the B2B online business process

The complexity of B2B transactions is another important challenge faced by B2B organizations.   Unlike B2C transactions, the typical B2B ecommerce transaction is usually high volume – with many parts or components comprised in a single transaction.  Automobile manufacturing is one example that illustrates the intricacy of B2B online business processes, where car makers must source many unique parts from numerous different vendors.  The process encompasses handling quotations, special pricing and advanced payment options, supply chain and order management, as well as customer service and support.  B2B ecommerce involves facilitating all of these processes online in a very effective manner where operational efficiency is key.  At the same time, the successful B2B company must allow for collaboration across these online business processes within their organization, as many stakeholders and decision-makers are involved, and the sharing of information is important in providing a consolidated view of the customer and better understanding the customers’ experience.  Visibility into the shared view of the online customer enables B2B organizations to understand how to deliver better online solutions and service and to assist with providing the superior customer experience that creates repeat and loyal customers. 



How must B2B ecommerce adapt?

As the B2C trends are transcending into the B2B world, B2B organizations must optimize their online business and improve their business processes in order to provide a rich B2B customer experience.       To help accomplish this, B2B organizations need to understand their customers’ online struggles and eliminate the obstacles that prevent successful conversions.  So, it is not enough to understand what is happening on their websites; to effectively remove the barriers to successful business transactions, they must also quickly identify why something is happening online. And, given the various ways that the B2B buyer can interact with companies, it is important to understand this information across the various B2B ecommerce interactions.  This valuable insight can be used to not only help B2B organizations improve their online customer experience, but it can be used to enhance B2B marketing efforts to more effectively target customers and increase conversion and retention rates.   


Addressing the B2B ecommerce challenges

Today, customer experience is going beyond the sales transaction, and successful B2B organizations must advance their business processes and delight customers by delivering an enriched B2B customer experience.   While it might be considered a daunting task, there are customer experience management (CEM) solutions that can help organizations improve and maximize their B2B ecommerce effectiveness and assist companies in creating a compelling customer experience.  IBM® Tealeaf® CX on cloud, for example, provides extensive visibility into customers’ online experiences and actionable insights so B2B organizations can deliver superior and profitable interactions with customers, and the platform can be used throughout an organization to support a range of functions, including e-commerce, marketing, development and design, customer service and compliance administration.

To learn more about the components of successful B2B eCommerce, click below to access this FitForCommerce whitepaper, sponsored by IBM.

 Download B2B Commerce Effectiveness Whitepaper

If you would like additional information or assistance in helping your company take advantage of Customer Experience Analytics, please click on the tile below.

Learn more about Customer Experience on Cloud for b2b commerce

New IBM Digital Analytics UI is Ready!

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 4, 2016 @ 07:10 AM

What’s new in the redesigned IBM Digital Analytics User Interface?

A lot has evolved with the IBM Digital Analytics User Interface (UI) since its general release in June, and there is even more to come in the product roadmap over the upcoming months.   For customers utilizing IBM Digital Analytics (aka Coremetrics), there are numerous new features in the UI that greatly increase user experience and functionality.  The newly redesigned UI offers both improved performance and maximized usability in a responsive design that provides for unified digital analytics.  For long time Coremetrics users, the time is now to start transitioning.  Let’s explore what’s new in more detail.


Design improvements:  More functionality in a refreshed new look

The design features in the updated IBM Digital Analytics UI presents you with an improved ease of navigation and a refined view of your reporting, allowing you to more quickly analyze your reports.   The redesigned UI offers a modern and fresh look and is now tablet-friendly, so you can easily view your reports on the go.   Users immediately realize improved navigation, with admin features added to the left navigation panel, and a “help banner” across the bottom of the page provides on-screen assistance to users of all experience levels. 

One of the most beneficial improvements is the incorporation of a workspace for increased visualization and organization of your reports.   The workspace allows you to better organize your analysis of reports, as tile cards or report tiles can be easily viewed and reorganized on the workspace, and a simple click allows you to expand the tile card into a larger report chart.  Finally, a new compare window allows you to easily view and compare Top Line Metric reports, offering trended insights into your reported data, and saving you time and effort of manual comparisons.

New IBM Digital Analytics (Coremetrics) User Interface graphic


Entitlement enhancements:  Deeper reporting and powerful segmentation

The most compelling features of the redesigned IBM Digital Analytics UI are what it proffers in upgraded reporting and segmentation capabilities.   While the legacy Digital Analytics UI offers a select number of Explore reports, the new UI offers unlimited report creation, offering all users the ability to create endless reports across client IDs.  There is also extensive reporting capability with an integrated flexible report builder, and the new configuration panel makes it easier for you to build and edit a report.  You can add more report columns and create a custom data range with no date limits – you can report on all stored data.  The report processing options have also been expanded, and the integration of Tableau allows you to report your data in Tableau format.   The new UI also provides performance improvements, especially for customers who have large amounts of data, segments and filters.

The new IBM Digital Analytics UI definitely makes your report data more robust.  One of the key enhancements is the ability to apply unlimited segments to any report with any date range, as well as the ability to create new segments and apply the segments to previous reports you created.   This powerful segmentation capability allows you to apply better iterative analysis in your reports, offering you even more valuable insight you can use to optimize your marketing efforts.  Finally, the integration of Ghostery Trackermap provides a highly interactive graphic representation of the data flow from different monitoring methods used on websites.  This information can help you identify unauthorized access on your pages, for example, as well as reveal other hard-to-detect site issues.  

The new IBM Digital Analytics User Interface has a developed roadmap that will continue to help position you to optimize on your digital marketing efforts and enable you to more easily adopt Customer Experience Analytics to improve your customers’ experience across your website.


Preparing for the transition:  Recommended next steps

While the legacy and new user interfaces will run in parallel through at least the end of this year, you will want to begin to take the necessary steps to prepare for a successful transition.   This is the perfect time to give your current Coremetrics or IBM Digital Analytics implementation a tune up and start the move. 

Take advantage of the available training and education including regional training sessions (in select cities), release overviews and self-paced webinars.   Registration information and access to education and training can be found here.

If you would like additional information on the new IBM Digital Analytics User Interface or assistance in helping your company take advantage of IBM Customer Experience Analytics, please click on the tile below.

Learn more about IBM Digital Analytics (aka Coremetrics) TuneUp

Improving Conversion Rates. It's about the DATA!

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jun 21, 2016 @ 08:06 AM

The importance of optimizing web and mobile digital experience is well understood. There is lots of market data to support what is intuitively obvious.  The challenge is in how to do it well.  Do you have the tools and DATA you need to properly understand and manage the user experience on your web and mobile properties? 

Building and maintaining transactional sites that deliver great customer experiences is not easy.  There are many permutations and variables that occur a high volume transactional site every day: device types, network, mobile, user path, country/geography, product selection, configuration choices, promotions/rebates, support, etc. Each of these variables can create different responses that alter the user experience.  Testing is critical, but not flawless.  Having the ability to collect the DATA that enables you to segment and slice user sessions by all these variables and then monitor user experience for each segment is critical for companies that are serious about managing online customer experience.

None of the pure web analytic tools in the marketplace give you this level of DATA. There are a proliferation of tools in the marketplace that give you a variety of different views of customer experience, including heatmaps, link analytics, session replay (usually sample data), and A/B testing. Almost all of them fail to give you the level of DATA you need to segment and subsegment user sessions to monitor user sessions and identify issues or customer struggle points.  Getting the tools and DATA in place is the first step to understanding, analyzing, and managing customer experience.

Once you have the DATA then you can establish a set of business processes that will enable you to monitor customer experience. Linking customer experience analytic DATA to other sources, such as Voice of Customer, surveys, and the contact center will enable you to connect the dots between customer feedback and actual user experience.  The right DATA strategy will also enable you to quantify the business impact of various user experience issues and prioritize those issues that are having the greatest impact to conversion and/or adoption rates.  To get more information on best practices, click below to download the IBM Commerce whitepaper titled: "Five Ways to Increase Conversion and Adoption Rates". 

5 ways to increase conversion and adoption rates

Customer experience management will improve conversion rates and ultimately boost revenue.  It will also improve customer loyalty and social sentiment.  The first step on this journey is to put the right tools in place, so you can collect the DATA you need. 

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Customer Experience Analytics - Hiring Tealeaf Consultant & Analyst

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Jun 6, 2016 @ 08:06 AM

We are looking to fill a position for a Tealeaf analyst and consultant.  IBM Tealeaf is the leading Customer Experience Analytic solution in the marketplace.  If you are interested in working with clients to improve web and mobile digital experience, we have a growing need for a Tealeaf Analyst and a Tealeaf Consultant. Read on for details on each position...

As a Tealeaf analyst, you will be building events and reports that enable a deeper understanding of user sessions and then assisting in the analysis of those sessions to identify customer struggle points. You will also work with the client to cross reference Tealeaf with their web analytic, a/b testing, and voice of the customer data. We need an individual who is passionate about analyzing data and uncovering insights as well as customer service delivery. We are looking for an individual interested in developing advanced digital, customer experience and business analytic skills.

As a Tealeaf consultant, you have front end web developer skills and are proficient in Javascript and with various Javascript libraries as well as other web development technologies.  You must be able to work in a web and mobile application environment to support and customize the Tealeaf SDK. In addition, you should be proficient in basic programming tools (i.e. Github), database technologies (i.e. SQL), and internet networking technologies.  You will be doing technical and analytical work in this job.  We need an individual who is willing to invest the time to optimize their skills in this and associated technologies and is also able to work with clients to optimize Tealeaf for their environments. 

Pereion Solutions is a small entreprenuerial environment looking for people committed to client service and developing deep skills in digital customer analytics and the associated technologies.  We provide a flexible and competitive work environment for employees that share our values.  We are committed to skill development for our employees, outstanding customer service for our clients, and being the very best in the niches we choose to serve.  You can read more about both positions at . If either of these roles and the environment I have described sounds exciting to you, we would love to hear from you.  Just send an email with your resume to

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New IBM Customer Experience Analytics Solution with Journey Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 06:05 AM

At the IBM Amplify Conference in Tampa this past week, IBM announced a new cloud based Customer Experience Analytic solution. This new offering combines the latest release of IBM Digital Analytics, Tealeaf CX on Cloud, and new Journey Analytic capabilities all integrated with UBX. This provides a unique set of capabilities which provide a complete view of customer interaction on your web and mobile properties combined with the ability to visualize the customer's journey over multiple sessions. For companies, looking to optimize customer experience and make decisions based on detailed customer data this new offering provides tremendous benefits.  Let's take a closer look at what is included. 

Foundation: IBM Tealeaf Inside with New Digital Analytic Offering

This solution includes Tealeaf CX on Cloud, the SaaS based version of Tealeaf providing a detailed view of each user session combined with the ability to segment those sessions based on user events. Tealeaf is the leading CX solution in the marketplace in terms of providing the tools needed to capture and identify customer struggle. The new Digital Analytic solution combines a completely refreshed user interface with a modern Hadoop data structure. By integrating through UBX, with Digital Analytics and other data sources the rich data set from Tealeaf can be combined to provide extensive insight into customer experience and actions. 

Secret Sauce: UBX

The Universal Behaviour Exchange was released by IBM into market last year, it provides a bus to exchange user data between the different components (aka endpoints). This enables the exchange of data between the components I have already referenced, but also opens up to a marketplace of other marketing technology  solutions that provide additonal insight into the customer experience and journey. UBX  includes identity services to facilitate the mapping of different sessions to a single user.

Holy Grail: Journey Analytics

Moving from single session analytics to multi-session and multi-device views of a customer journey is something all marketers strive for, yet there are several inhibitors in getting there. By leveraging a common integrating bus with identity services we can start to break down those barriers. A set of Journey Analytic reporting capabilities come with the new cloud based IBM Customer Experience Analytic Solution. By integrating other elements of your marketing technology infrastructure you can expand on those reporting capabilities. 


Get Started Now

The fully integrated solution is not available yet, but fortunately there are some very clear actions you can take now that will start delivering value right away.

  1. Read and watch the IBM Customer Experience Analytic product material at the following link.
  2. Implement Tealeaf CX on Cloud now, this will enable you to start identifying the customer experience issues on your current web and mobile properties.
  3. Universal Business Exchange (i.e. UBX) is then available at no additional charge.  You can begin adding endpoints based on your marketing technology portfolio, this will enable you to start building a data model for tracking customer journeys. 

If you would like additional information on the IBM Customer Experience Analytic announcement and assistance in helping your company build a roadmap to take advantage of these capabilities, then please click on the tile below. 

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Tealeaf CX on Cloud Adds Major Enhancements with Heat Map Capability

Posted by Steven Perry

Sun, Apr 3, 2016 @ 21:04 PM

There were significant enhancements in March to IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud (aka Tealeaf SaaS).  IBM Tealeaf SaaS has been in market just over a year and provides an affordable entry point to companies that may have looked at a traditional on premise Tealeaf implementation in the past, but did not make the jump because of cost or complexity.  The initial version of Tealeaf SaaS did not had the same level of functionality as the on the premis version , but that gap is quickly closing.  The addition of IBM Tealeaf CX Overstat on Cloud to Tealeaf CX on Cloud fills one of those gaps. Tealeaf CX Overstat provides heatmap and form analytics as is now available on Tealeaf SaaS as well as the traditional Tealeaf On Premise product. For information on IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud click here.

IBM Tealeaf CX Overstat on Cloud provides additional usability analytics to help identify what customers are doing, where they struggle, and how you can better optimize the experience. The capabilities of Tealeaf CX Overstat on Cloud include:

  • Heat maps, comparison analytics, and link analytics show where customers click, tap, hover, or swipe so you gain a true understanding of how they are interacting with your web and mobile applications.
  • Form analytics identify where customers struggle when completing a form, so that you can reduce drop off rates and increase conversions. 
  • Attention maps highlight what content customers spend most of their time viewing, so you can ensure that high value content is driving interaction
  • Accessibility overlays recommend improvements to make content more accessible
  • It is fully integrated into a modern Tealeaf SaaS interface (see below)



Some of the benefits you will receive from IBM Tealeaf CX Overstat on Cloud include:

  • Visualize usage patterns across the site
  • Identify the parts of a page that are most frequently used
  • Connecting page usability data with your web analytic data and individual session analysis
  • Improving form conversion rates

Usability analytics provide an opportunity to improve customer experience on both web and mobile applications and do so at a tremendous ROI.  For companies truly committed to improve customer experience and moving past traditional web analytics to solutions that enable them to understand why customers behave the way they do, tools such as Tealeaf CX on Cloud provide tremendous value.  Now options are available with a very robust set of usability analysis capabilities exist at affordable price points. 

To learn more about IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud or specifically Tealeaf CX Overstat on Cloud, click below. 

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