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Learn what’s new in Q3 with Watson Customer Experience Analytics, IBM Tealeaf on Cloud and IBM Digital Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 16, 2018 @ 08:10 AM

Many new features and improvements were introduced in Q3 for Watson Experience Analytics (CXA), IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud and IBM Digital Analytics (DA).

 Watson Customer Experience Analytics enhancements expand navigation and user management:

  • Enhancements to navigation allow users to pin favorite pages and easily move between all Watson Customer Engagement tools.
  • User management updates make it easy to add Digital Analytics users and assign a role as well as grant Admin privileges to a specific user.
  • The Digital Analytics client ID that provides flexible report data is now visible.
  • You can now replace top path reports with a customized report on the Overview dashboard and in the left navigation. Contact IBM Support for assistance.

 IBM Tealeaf on Cloud introduces many new features that enhance usability:

  • Anomaly Detection is new feature that has been added that detects anomalies in data.  Users now can indicate report metrics to be monitored.
  • The Simple Event Capture UI has been enhanced with the addition of a Match any content toggle. 
  • For Tealeaf on Cloud customers who provision the organization on their own, time zone input is now required. This addresses time zone information conflicts that periodically occur. 
  • Newly added to the Asset Manager is an option to view Native Templates. Use this feature to view existing templates and to incorporate custom templates for use with native replay. 
  • Bot Detected, an out-of-the-box session attribute, has been added to the Event Manager. Now you can easily identify session searches that are from bots with Bot Detected. 
  • Other usability enhancements added to Tealeaf on Cloud include:
    • A new section, Admin Workspaces, provides a new workspace for administrators and a central location for tracking Anomaly detection metrics. This section is visible to only Sysadmin, OrgAdmin and SupportUser roles.
    • The ability to select and add multiple widgets at once to your workspace.
    • Create new hit attribute and Create new step attribute buttons have been incorporated into the process of creating Events. Now you no longer need to abandon the Event you are creating when you want to add a Hit or Step attribute.
    • Select Multiple has been added to the Event Manager allowing you to simultaneously add multiple conditions to an Event.
    • The MMI Report has been enhanced to include MMI data from export sessions.
    • Improved validation for Replay Rules
    • Replay has been set as the default view for Consolidated session replay.
    • Improvements to the Replay user interface permit users to resize the left navigation panel.
    • Session list has been enhanced to allow users to adjust column width for an improved view of the Session list table.
    • An alphabetized applications list can now be found in the Applications table. This makes it easier for users to quickly find an application.
    • A numeric indicator has been added to the blue flag in the navigation pane of Session replay. Making it helpful to identify the exact number of steps for a screen that matches the search criteria.
    • Snapshot Gallery sort order is in a persisted state when accessing over multiple sessions.


Looking to improve digital intelligence and create actionable customer insights?  Click the tile below to view Pereion Solutions' IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics and Tealeaf on Cloud Customer Use Case videos. 


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IBM Digital Analytics (DA) updates provide improved capabilities and management of personal data:

  • The ability to login to IBM Digital Analytics with an IBMid. Now when a user logs in to DA for the first time, using an IBMid, the user is prompted to link the IBMid with a DA client ID.
  • Support for recurring email delivery of workspaces. In prior releases, you could email a workspace only one time. Now with this added feature, workspace emails can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly using the Schedule Email drop down.
  • Newly released, is an alert feature that displays a 5-minute countdown. You can now indicate if you wish to stay logged in or just simply log out.
  • In earlier releases, DA did not allow you to email workspaces that contained personal data. Now, reports with personal data are excluded from workspaces that you email.
  • A notification feature is displayed at the top of the DA screen when ad hoc reports are finished processing. In addition, a Report status menu has been added to the DA header. Allowing you to track the status of active ad hoc reports as they are running (Running reports) or if they have finish processing (Completed reports).
  • The Standard report tooltip shows more detailed information like report type, report frequency and if the report contains personal data. Additionally, you can now share views of Standard reports with others and set start dates for segments in Standard reports to 800 days in the past.
  • Now only users with PII access are able to select dimensions that contain personal data. All users without PII access are restricted.
  • Marketing Channel and Marketing Program reports are replaced by the beta reports. Now you can create custom channels in DA and those channels will be included in your Standard reports.
  • Export data straight from the Digital Analytics UI. Using Export, you can select 3 types of data to export: Activity Record Feed, Customer Record Feed and Search Data Feed

Top 10 use cases to improve on digital intelligence using Watson CXA

Using Watson CXA, Pereion Solutions can help you identify your customers' paths, understand your customers' struggles and experiences, and then optimize your site and maximize business opportunities. 

In our eBook, Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” we complied a list of the top 10 use cases you can implement to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work with IBM Watson CXA.  Also included, are links to specific formulas that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences.  Click below to download our eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook



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Enhance Customer Journeys with Customer Insights using Watson CXA

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Aug 21, 2018 @ 07:08 AM

All too often, many customers experience frustration in their digital online journeys. Such as a poor online check out process, a link that doesn’t direct you to the appropriate information or an invalid coupon code. All can lead to abandon carts or ignored marketing campaigns that, in the end, result in disappointed customers and marketers.

The key to a successful customer journey is having the appropriate data to better understand your customers. Each customer journey requires both a starting point and a goal. That goal should be a mutual win-win that builds up your relationship with your customer at every conversion point. The use of the customer data can help in achieving the mutual goal.

Sample Journeys

The What vs. the Why of the Customer Journey

While traditional web analytics do a great job in evaluating what is happening with your website, like number of clicks, page views or bounce rates, it does not tell you why your digital properties perform as they do. Use of customer data gives you the why in the equation. When you have both what and why, you acquire the insight needed to help improve customer journeys.

Customer data focuses on how users interact with your digital properties rather than the properties themselves. Customer data awards you a competitive advantage in that it supplies you with the knowledge needed to create exceptional digital experiences that produce outstanding journeys.

Customer Insights

Let’s take a look at the types of customer data that can be helpful in creating positive impressions on customer journeys:

  • Mindset Data – Are the key stages in the customer experience with a brand. Based on the customer interaction performed, customers are placed in one of the five mindsets
    1. Discover-customers are starting to learn what you’re are offering
    2. Compare-customers are looking at all the options available.
    3. Acquire-customers have purchased one or more product
    4. Use-customers that are your users who may register their product or contact the
      help desk
    5. Advocate-customers sharing product info on social media or supplying a
      customer product review

Mindset data can aid in building remarkable experiences along the customer journey that result in progress from one mindset segment to the next.


  • Behavior Data displays and captures customer data through heatmaps, session replays and form analytics. These behavior analytic capabilities can pin point customer struggles that need immediate attention across all channels with speed and accuracy which ultimately drive ROI. This allows marketers to stay ahead of the competition, be more dependable and gain valuable insight to ensure customers achieve goals throughout their journey.
  • Engagement and Value Data can be created by leveraging AI customer analytic solutions, like Watson CXA. Customer value data calculations can be made for you with a level of speed and accuracy that does not involve a team of data scientists. The outcome being a recognized ROI.

Leverage Watson CXA to Improve Customer Journeys

By leveraging AI powered Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), a better understanding of how customers interact with your brand can be achieved in journeys across time, devices and channels. It gives you insight into to why your customers experience issues, the visibility into the customer experience and the ability to segment customer sets so you can take immediate action. All allow you to make better, faster and smarter business decisions across customer touchpoints. To download a copy of the IBM’s Whitepaper, How to use Customer Level Data to Supercharge Customer Journeys, click here.

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If you are interested in learning more about Watson CXA and realized benefits and ROI, download a copy of our eBook which highlights the top 10 use cases and formulas for success. Gain the insights you need to enhance customer journeys, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

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Accelerating B2B Digital Transformation with CX Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Aug 14, 2018 @ 07:08 AM

Like many organizations, B2B companies have elevated digital transformation on their business agenda. Faced with rising expectations in a competitive landscape where much of the B2B decision-making process is now online, B2Bs realize they must quickly understand and address their customers’ needs across their digital journeys and deliver an exceptional eCommerce experience. But, while digital technologies are forcing B2B companies to rethink how they can best service their customers and adopt new ways of transforming their business, they often find themselves struggling to overcome B2B digital innovation challenges.

Challenges in B2B

As more and more millennials are now B2B buyers, B2B organizations need to better understand their needs and evolve their customer service capabilities to deliver more personalized, hassle-free online experiences that they have come to expect. This requires that B2B organizations uncover inefficiencies and acquire a deep understanding of their customer pain points to quickly find ways to alleviate friction and deliver the highest level of customer service possible. At the same time, B2B marketers are under pressure to increase marketing effectiveness and understand what offers, content, and services will engage key segments and deliver a substantial return on investment (ROI) across digital innovation efforts.

Complex B2B Processes

One of the biggest challenges B2B organizations face in digital innovation is the complexity of their business transactions -- where the typical B2B transaction is usually high volume and comprised of many different components in a single transaction. A good example that illustrates the intricacy of B2B business processes is automobile manufacturing, where car makers must source many unique parts – tires, hoses, batteries and electronics, etc. – that are often manufactured from numerous different vendors. The process encompasses seeking qualified supplies, requesting proposals, handling quotations, managing special pricing and advanced payment options, handling supply chain and order management, as well as administering customer service and support, and more. Digital transformation involves facilitating these B2B processes online in a very effective manner where operational efficiency is key to creating the superior customer experiences that B2B buyers expect.

b2b-ecommerce-solutions-1Complex B2B processes offer a challenge in digital transformation


Requirement for data-driven insights

Success in B2B digital transformation boils down to data – and the ability to secure the right customer data and apply the necessary data analysis to truly understand customer behaviors and journeys to create more actionable insights that B2B companies can use to improve customer engagements and optimize experiences. By leveraging robust data analysis capabilities using CX analytics, B2B players can gain the insight needed to drive digital innovation across key areas of their business including process optimization, eCommerce site optimization and marketing effectiveness, allowing them to overcome constraints in the adoption of digital technologies. CX analytics have essentially become a B2B digital transformation imperative.

Driving B2B digital innovation

One of the important areas where CX analytics offers B2Bs invaluable capabilities is in process optimization. Given the complexity of B2B eCommerce transactions, B2B organizations have a heightened requirement to understand user behaviors to monitor and optimize critical business processes across their organization. Using CX analytics, B2B companies can measure the effectiveness of their individual online process steps and quickly identify and understand their customers’ online struggles in order to remove points of friction and provide an optimized experience across their entire business process. The ability to identify inefficiencies with the complete flow of processes also helps unite B2B teams in collaborative efforts around the digital innovation plan and offers B2B organizations the insight needed to uncover better ways to deliver optimized online solutions and services to their customers.

CX analytics also provides B2B companies valuable insight they can use for eCommerce site optimization and improving marketing effectiveness. By using behavior analysis in CX analytics, B2B organizations can understand customer behavior across their site – including engagement with page content and engagements before, during and after search functions – offering insights they can use to optimize their site and enhance search terms and functions. Struggle analytics can further assist by uncovering where and why customers struggle and offering the insights B2B companies need to rectify issues and optimize the customer experience across their entire site. B2B organizations can also use behavior analytics to analyze behavior patterns and identify customer paths, and then apply advanced segmentation to drill further into customer behavior, to gain the insight necessary to develop more impactful, personalized campaigns focused on customer wants and needs – and maximize marketing effectiveness to deliver a healthy ROI with digital transformation initiatives.

Addressing the right factors in digital innovation – and applying the power of CX analytics for data-driven insights -- helps B2B organizations overcome their digital transformation challenges and offers the agility to respond to evolving customer expectations to stay ahead of the competition. To get started with accelerating digital innovation using CX analytics, download Customer Experience (CX) Analytics: A Digital Transformation Imperative” by clicking here.

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Watson Customer Experience Analytics Named Leader by Forrester

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jul 31, 2018 @ 07:07 AM

In the recent Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018 report, IBM was recognized as a leader based on  IBM’s Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) and Watson Marketing Insights (WMI). Scoring high overall in a 39-criteria evaluation in the areas of business impact, time to value as well as product investment and vision.

The evaluation included 9 customer analytics solution vendors who provide a comprehensive customer analytics platform which offer DIFM (“do- it-for-me”- business user friendly) and out of the box capabilities. According to the report, as demand for easy and instant access to customer insights among many professionals has increased so has the market for DIFM customer analytics solutions. Due to lack of IT and data science resources within many organizations, this new class of customer analytics solutions has surfaced allowing non-technical business users to leverage the insights needed to make better business decisions.

Click here to download the Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018 report from IBM. 

Watson CXA outperforms in Journey and Struggle Analytics 

Watson CXA distanced itself from the competition by excelling in Journey Analytics and Struggle Analytics in the Forrester evaluation.  Both offer a greater visibility into customers' behavior resulting in outstanding digital customer experiences by leveraging an infusion of Watson AI technology.

  • Journey Analytics provides a cross channel and multi-session customer view to help visualize the complete journeys customers take and assist with identifying the top-performing or popular paths that lead to conversion, offering actionable insight that can be used to replicate positive customer experiences.


  • Struggle Analytics recognizes potential struggle activity, such as step counts, repetitive patterns, or slow load times for pages. In addition, it allows you to drill deeper with session analysis to view individual customer experiences and readily determine the cause of customer struggle.



IBM Watson Marketing Insights - AI-power cognitive analytics with out of box capabilities

Forrester commends IBM Watson Marketing Insights (WMI) for its AI powered predictive customer insights and out-of-the-box analytic capabilities. It allows businesses to explore marketing insights and leverage predictive analytics without requiring data scientist technical skills. IBM WMI assists marketers in understanding and forecasting customer behaviors by recommending target audiences based on predictive analytics by creating segments based on a profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources. For more information about IBM Watson Marketing Insights, click here.

Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA)

As a top performer in customer analytic solutions, IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) provides a comprehensive customer analytic platform which offers a seamless, end-to-end view of the customer experience to understand and optimize every journey.  Gain the insights you need to resolve issues, boost conversions and maximize lifetime customer value with Watson CXA. In our eBook, we have highlighted the top 10 use cases and formulas for success. Please click the tile below to download the eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

Pereion Solutions is an IBM Gold business partner specializing in Watson Marketing. If you would like to learn more about IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics please click here or the tile below to request a consult or request a demo.

Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics

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Discover what's new in Watson Customer Experience Analytics, IBM Tealeaf on Cloud and IBM Digital Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jul 17, 2018 @ 07:07 AM

Several improvements and new features were released in Q2 for Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud and IBM Digital Analytics (DA). In addition, Watson CXA was named a leader in customer experience solutions. Let's take a more detailed look at the latest enhancements.

Watson CXA updates provide improved user management capabilities and increased access to flexible reports

  • Watson CXA now has expanded access to preview flexible reports. All IBM Watson CXA customers that have enabled IBM Digital Analytics within the US data center now have access to preview flexible reports. Data is available for only one of your IBM Digital Analytics client IDs and historical data is limited to a few months worth of data during the preview period. With flexible reports, you can quickly create ad hoc reports for all your data.**
  • User management preview allows you to see a list of your users and roles without having to leave Watson CXA.

**Flexible reports are currently available only as a limited release.  Contact your customer representative for more information.

Watson CXA named a leader in customer experience solutions

In the Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2, 2018 report, Watson CXA recently ranked as a top performer in customer experience analytic solutions. Learn more about why IBM Watson CXA is a leader in the pack, how it helps to bring about better business results and what is driving the need for "do-it-for-me”(DIFM) marketing customer insight solutions. Click here to download the Forrester report from IBM.

IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud has many new enhancements that provide increased ease of use and functionality

  • Ability to delete all sessions option has been added to the Session Search list. This feature allows users to delete sessions from IBM Tealeaf on Cloud, including sessions exported to IBM Bluemix COS, and IBM Softlayer COS.
  • Remove user's personal information from Tealeaf reports by using the Purge feature. You can selectively delete dimension values from displaying in any report to any level of the user (including org admins, support users, sysadmins). Additionally, you can purge all historical data associated with the dimension from Tealeaf on Cloud reports.
  • The Distance Between Event condition has been enhanced to include two new parameters:
    • ExistsOnCurrentStep
    • ExistsOnCurrentHit

 DistanceBetweenNewOptionsWhen you specify Exists on Hit or Exists on Step, the distance is calculated only when the Event fires and fires on the current Hit or current Step, otherwise the fired events are ignored. This can be useful when you need to track all occurrences of a Distance Event.

  • Expanded capabilities for the Asset Manager. The ability to search, view details, download, delete and upload Web Replay Assets capabilities have been included in the Asset Manager.
  • Can't remember which sessions you viewed? Now viewed sessions are marked with play icons making it easier for you to see which sessions you previously viewed.
  • Ability to authorize a regular user to help manage Session Export tasks with a new role named SessionDataAdmin. Users that are assigned the SessionDataAdmin role will have access to the Data Export feature and can create exit and manage Session Export tasks.
  • An All Alerts option has been added to the Alert Manager. In the past, alerts were viewable only by the person who created them and by the users with whom the Alert was shared. Now, the All Alerts option provides the OrgAdmin access to every alert for the organization, making it easy to access, manage and troubleshoot Alerts.

IBM Digital Analytics improves report features and the management of personal data

  • New and improved reports features. Click stream report can now expand to 10 nodes. Top Line Metrics reports now support quarter-to-date and year-to-date date ranges.
  • Management of personal data has been expanded in legacy Digital Analytics and associated applications. Click here for more details.
  • Get your answers from Watson! Simply click the Watson icon at the top right of your screen for answers to all your questions. For support, click the Support card or for technical information, click the Develop card both located at the bottom of Watson Assistant.

Share your ideas to improve Watson CXA, Tealeaf on Cloud or IBM Digital Analytics

Have an idea to improve Watson CXA, Tealeaf on Cloud or IBM Digital Analytics?  Submit your feedback or feature ideas on the Aha! Watson Marketing Ideas site. IBM will review your comments and suggestions for new product features and provide status updates as decisions are made. You also can vote on a previously submitted ideas as this information helps to prioritize development of new features 

Top 10 use cases to improve on digital intelligence using Watson CXA

In our eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” we put together a list of the top 10 use cases you can implement to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work with IBM Watson CXA. Click below to download our eBook.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

Pereion Solutions can assist you in identifying your customers' paths, understanding your customers' struggles, and experiences and then optimize your site and maximize business opportunities using Watson CXA. Read how one client delivers outstanding customer experiences using Watson CXA coupled with the help of Pereion Solutions.  Click below for a copy of the case study.

 Read the Shubert TIcketing CXA Case Study


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Upgrade from IBM Digital Analytics to Watson Customer Experience Analytics Today

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jul 10, 2018 @ 07:07 AM

Special Offer for IBM Digital Analytics Customers

Move beyond traditional web analytics with a special offer from Pereion Solutions and begin to really understand your customers' behavior.

This upgrade offer is designed to help you seamlessly and successfully make the transition from IBM Digital Analytics (DA) to Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) along with the expertise of Pereion Solutions. In addition, it will allow you to gain a greater visibility into customers' behavior resulting in outstanding digital customer experiences.

Valid from July 1, 2018 though September 30, 2018, this offer provides:

  • Free Tealeaf SDK implementation services for IBM Digital Analytics customers that upgrade to Watson Customer Experience Analytics through Pereion Solutions by September 30, 2018
  • Customized, configured and tested SDK
  • Incremental capabilities of Watson CXA
  • Recognized return on investment (ROI)


IBM Digital Analytics Upgrade Offer Request a Quote

Why make the move from IBM DA to Watson CXA

Although IBM Digital Analytics (DA, AKA, Coremetrics) has a good web analytic foundation to build on, Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) yields a level of customer insight that can't be achieved with traditional web or digital analytics solutions. Watson CXA can go beyond that and provide tremendous value in identifying and improving customer experience issues and ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Benefits of making the move to Watson CXA

  • Enhanced visibility into customer experience through Journey Analytics, Struggle Analytics, Mobile Analytics
  • Ability to create actionable insight from your customer data
  • Modern user interface that provides easy navigation and enhanced views in to customer data
  • Monthly releases that add new enhancements and functionality with no incremental costs
  • Realized savings in time and money and an overall return on investment (ROI)


Watson CXA image-6


Improve Digital Experience by Upgrading to Watson CXA Now

A challenge for many organizations is how to get started and move beyond basic digital analytics to create more relevant data that equals better customer insights.  Watson CXA and Pereion Solutions can help you with these efforts.   In our eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” we compiled the top 10 use cases you can implement to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work with IBM Watson CXA.    Also included are formulas for success that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences.

To learn more about how Watson CXA can transform your customer data into actionable information that allows you to make better decisions for your business, you can download the eBook by clicking below.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook.


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Discover How Shubert Ticketing Delivers Great Customer Experiences with Broadway’s Batphone

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, May 16, 2018 @ 07:05 AM

If you are like most companies today, you are continually striving to gain greater visibility into your customers’ online activity and secure the insight necessary to successfully elevate your customers’ digital experiences.   This endeavor entails employing the power of AI in solutions like IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) to help you better understand customer behavior and tapping into the required expertise to effectively transform your data into usable insight to deliver exceptional experiences and create loyal customers.

Shubert Ticketing image

Join us for an IBM webinar to understand firsthand how Shubert Ticketing, a leading international provider of ticketing services, successfully leveraged Watson CXA, with expert assistance from Pereion Solutions, to optimize their customers’ digital experiences and transform their business.


Understand customer behavior to reduce struggle and optimize experiences

Faced with the challenge of managing a complex, high volume check-out flow for both online and mobile customers, Shubert Ticketing was also striving to quickly understand their customer engagements and struggles and successfully optimize their digital experiences across channels.   For their solution, Shubert Ticketing deployed Watson CXA to gain valuable insight into their customers’ journeys and behaviors and to identify areas of customer struggle.   Using replay technology available in Watson CXA allowed them to drill even deeper and see exactly what their customers were experiencing on their site.   Gaining the necessary digital intelligence, Shubert was able to take quick action to minimize customer friction and offer an optimized experience for their customers now -- and into the future.


Maximize business value quickly with expert support

To get the most out of their Watson CXA implementation, Shubert Ticketing engaged the expertise of Pereion Solutions, an IBM Gold Business Partner and Expert in Watson Marketing with demonstrated skills and specialization in customer analytics.    Pereion Solutions helped set up the appropriate events and reports in Watson CXA to offer Shubert Ticketing valuable visualizations and analysis of their customers’ behaviors very quickly – resulting in substantial business value and a rapid return on investment (ROI.)    Previous to collaborating with Pereion Solutions, Shubert Ticketing had been challenged to quickly set up the required events for effective insight into their customer experiences.  But with Pereion Solution as an expert in the Watson CXA tool, it was like having the quick response of a “Batphone,” enabling Shubert Ticketing to swiftly respond to changing conditions on their site and quickly test and monitor new features that build on their customers’ Broadway experiences. 


Learn firsthand how Watson CXA has transformed business for Shubert Ticketing

Join us on Thursday, May 24 at 1pm EDT (10am PDT) for an IBM webinar, “Delivering Great Customer Experiences with Broadway’s Batphone,” to hear how Shubert Ticketing successfully leveraged Watson CXA to reduce customer struggle and optimize their customers’ digital experiences.   Register and reserve your spot by clicking here

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What’s New in IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, including Tealeaf and Digital Analytics?

Posted by Steven Perry

Sat, May 12, 2018 @ 07:05 AM

Many new features have been introduced for Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), including IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud, and IBM Digital Analytics (DA) that offer increased functionality and improvements in utilization.  Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key enhancements recently released.

Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) advancements offer more insight and control over your data

  • Access to personal data in Watson CXA can now be restricted based on user roles, helping you to comply with the new European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • The real-time report feature allows you to get important metrics updates in real time and see how your sales, buying sessions, average order value, and product views are trending throughout the day. Data is updated automatically every 5 minutes, and you can filter sales and product views by product name, product ID, or category.*

Real Time Reports_imageNew real-time report feature in Watson CXA allows you to see how important metrics are trending

  • Flexible reporting provides a new way to create and use ad hoc reports. Designed to increase the speed of creating custom reports, flexible reporting allows making immediate changes to the report easier than having to create a new report or edit a previous ad hoc report using the standard method.  Flexible reporting also helps facilitate deeper analysis by having multiple dimensions breakout within your populated data and segments that filter your data with specific criteria.**
  • Reports can now support multiple currencies, allowing you to select monetary values in your organization's preferred currency.***

*The real-time report feature is currently available only as a limited release. Check with your customer representative for availability.

**Flexible reports are currently available only as a limited release.  Contact your customer representative for availability or to get early access to this feature to provide feedback and help improve this feature.

***Contact your support representative to update your Watson CXA account to reflect the correct currency in your reports.


New features for IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud offer increased functionality and improved user management

  • In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), controls have been added to help ensure personal and sensitive data of visitors to your website is protected.
  • Session search now includes archived sessions, allowing you to search and replay exported sessions that have been archived to IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS).

Session Search for archived sessions_image

Session search for archived sessions offers a seamless path to interact with archived sessions
without leaving the Tealeaf on Cloud user interface


  • An enhancement to Asset Manager now allows you to view the image files uploaded to Native Replay, providing you better visibility in the folder structure and the ability to delete and download files from the Images folder on the IBM Tealeaf on Cloud file system.
  • The sub-search functionality has been extended, allowing you to search for specific words or phrases that appear in the session itself and to go directly to the pages and steps that contain the searched term.
  • Improvements in utilization for KPI and Process reports allow you to now run an existing KPI or Process report against a different application without having to recreate the report.
  • A new type of Event to detect when two or more events occur in sequence can now be created, offering you increased functionality in your event reporting.
  • Compare Event count instance data to data averages overtime with the new Rolling Data feature that provides additional insight on a metric performance over time.
  • A new Refresh capability has been added to the Replay user interface, allowing you to manually refresh the replay and ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date replay of a customer’s session.

IBM Digital Analytics (DA) enhancements provide increased ease of use and improved visibility

  • In support of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the various enhancements have been added to offer more protection when collecting and storing personal information.
  • With IBM Support migration to a new support portal, all links from IBM Digital Analytics to support have been updated to direct you to the new portal.
  • Standard reports can now be added to an ad-hoc workspace for easier viewing and use, and the reports can be viewed/surfaced in any of your ad-hoc workspaces.
  • More control over displaying trend lines is available, as you can choose alternative dimension values between different chart modes and the report will remember these values when you switch to another mode.
  • All admins can now create and manage their own Custom Marketing channels, and once a custom channel is created it can be used immediately in the Marketing Channels (Beta) Report.


Learn more about the benefits!

With the current updates, and more to come, learn more about how the new UI for IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf on Cloud can help you to optimize on your digital marketing efforts and position you to more easily adopt Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) to improve customers’ experience across your website.

Explore the new features in IBM Tealeaf on Cloud by clicking here

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Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Apr 10, 2018 @ 07:04 AM

As a marketer leveraging Watson Campaign Automation (formerly known as Silverpop), you already realize the benefits of engaging your customers with compelling automated marketing campaigns powered by increased intelligence.   But, what if you could infuse even more intelligence into your automated campaigns and deliver further impactful marketing and increased results?   Now you can with a new integration with Watson Campaign Automation and Watson Customer Experience Analytics technologies that allows you to create more informed automated campaigns using powerful customer insights.


Transform your marketing with data driven insights

Offering advanced analytics, Watson Customer Experience Analytics helps you make smarter marketing decisions based on actionable insights into your customers across touchpoints and channels by providing the robust capabilities of:

  • Behavior analytics that help you visualize the complete cross channel journeys your customers take with your brand across devices and over time, helping you to readily analyze the different behavior patterns and paths of your customers. Analyzing customer behavior offers the opportunity to quickly identify high-performing customers, as well as isolate those customers who struggle, and drill deeper to gain the insight you need to improve business outcomes and maximize conversions.  
  • Struggle analytics that work to recognize paths, patterns or repetitive activity that could indicate customer struggle and provide the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer friction. By recognizing your customer struggle points, you can rectify issues and launch targeted marketing actions to recover lost sales opportunities and optimize experiences to create delighted lifelong customers.
  • Advanced segmentation that allows you to drill down further into customer behavior and understand what events impact your customers’ actions across the various stages of the buying cycle. The ability to segment you customer data helps you further understand your different customer sets and how they are performing and behaving.   By recognizing unique behaviors, you can offer relevant marketing messages and product recommendations to maximize cross sell, upsell and customer win back opportunities.


Advance your marketing campaigns with integrated data

By combining the Watson-enabled capabilities of Watson Campaign Automation and Watson Customer Experience Analytics, you can benefit from more behavior-based segmentation capabilities that you can use to augment campaign performance, as well as gain increased visibility and insight into your customers’ behaviors that you can leverage to optimize your paths to purchase and reduce customer struggle.  At the same time, the integration of diverse data helps you to deliver relevant messages at the right time to help your customers along their buying journey and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


WCXA for WCA clients

Ready to inject the power of Watson Customer Experience Analytics into your automated campaigns?

Join us for a FREE webinar on May 1, 2018 at 12:00pm EDT (9:00am PDT) to explore three compelling use cases for Watson Customer Experience Analytics with Watson Campaign Automation that enable the following campaign-boosting actions:

  1. Behavior-based personalization to increase conversion rates and slow attrition.
  2. Re-engage frustrated customers to recover lost opportunities and develop better customer relationships
  3. Deliver product recommendations to help engage, cross-sell, upsell and win back customers.


To learn more about advancing your automated marketing campaigns with Watson Customer Experience Analytics or to register for our webinar, please click the tile below.

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GDPR is Coming! Get Ready with an IBM Digital Analytics Health Check

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Apr 3, 2018 @ 07:04 AM

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25th, so if you are an organization with customers, vendors and partners in the European Union (EU), you will want to ensure that the way you collect, store, and manage their personal data complies with the new regulation.   Designed to give individuals better control over their personal data and establish a single set of data protection rules across Europe, GDPR signals a critical turning point in the way organizations across the globe will need to approach data privacy – providing both challenges, as well as opportunities, for your business.  

As you work towards becoming GDPR compliant, performing a GDPR health check on your IBM Digital Analytics (DA) solution is beneficial in preparing for your GDPR readiness.


Analyze the personal data you collect

The protection of personal data is the core of GDPR, and personal data under GDPR is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person and can include online identifiers, such as contact information, email address, IP addresses, and other unique identifiers.  With the strict rules established for safeguarding this personal data, it is critical for you to identify the customer information you are collecting, understand how the information is being used by your company and recognize who has access to the information across your organization.   

As tags are the primary means for collecting online data and gathering behavioral information about your customers and site visitors, an effective GDPR health check should include performing a tag audit to evaluate the tags used on your website.   Implemented properly, a tag audit can help you isolate specific tags and attributes that are being used to collect different kinds of customer data and how they data is being used.  In addition, efficient management of tags on your site can assist you with maintaining proper control and processing of personal data, as well as assist with offering the required consent or opt-out provision to individuals, which is a key part of GDPR. 


Align your DA reporting to GDPR compliance

Conducting a report review to examine personal data is important for understanding and developing an inventory of what personal data you are collecting.  At the same time, if you are looking to migrate to the new IBM Digital Analytics User Interface, now is also the perfect time to eliminate your older dated reports and create updated ones in the new UI that fully support your GDPR compliance plans. 


Get ready for GDPR!

The GDPR deadline is right around the corner, and it is critical that you have a view of what personal data you collect on customers to effectively prepare for GDPR compliance.   Now that you know what you need, let us help you make the process easier.


Pereion Solutions Gold Business Partner Mark

With expertise in IBM Digital Analytics and Watson Customer Analytics 
Pereion Solutions can help you prepare for GDPR


As an IBM Gold Partner with deep expertise in IBM Digital Analytics and Watson Customer Experience Analytics, we can assist you with a DA Health Check to put you on a successful path to GDPR readiness.  IBM has made available a Watson Marketing GDPR readiness site with additional information on GDPR readiness that you can find here. To request a consult from Pereion Solutions and discuss how a Digital Analytics Health Check can help prepare for GDPR, just click on the tile below. 


Digital Analytics Health Check


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