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Learn How One Company Optimizes the Digital Experience by Reducing Customer Struggle

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Dec 12, 2017 @ 07:12 AM

In today’s digital-connected world, customer expectations are continually rising and meeting these expectations is becoming increasingly challenging.   It is not enough to simply attract and engage customers on your site.   Successful companies must create a consistent, frictionless and optimized digital experience across all journeys, all the time, and be agile and innovative in the delivery.   So, how can you address this challenge and go about designing the best possible customer experience? 

Shubert Ticketing image.png

Let’s take a look at a real-world scenario and consider how Shubert Ticketing, a leading international provider of ticketing services, has managed their complex, high volume check-out flow for both online and mobile processes to successfully optimize their customers’ digital experience by reducing struggle.


Understand customer behaviors

As an organization offering unique shopping experiences to both online and mobile customers, Shubert Ticketing had to secure deep insight into all of their customers’ digital experiences and quickly understand their customer engagements and struggles.   By using IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA), Shubert Ticketing gained valuable insight into their customers’ journeys and behaviors and began to understand what was contributing to purchase considerations and to isolate areas of customer friction.   Their ability to then drill deeper with replay technology in Watson CXA to view specific sessions offered the unique opportunity to relive their customers’ experiences and see exactly what their customers encountered on their site, allowing them to quickly understand the root causes of observed behaviors.   


Reduce customer struggle

Armed with this valuable insight into their customers’ journeys and behaviors, Shubert Ticketing was well-positioned to take quick action to minimize churn and ultimately recognize the financial benefits of offering an optimized digital experience to their customers.  Using Watson CXA, Shubert Ticketing was able to quickly pinpoint the source of a recent complex system issue in their checkout process, allowing them to identify and remedy the matter nearly twice as fast – saving them valuable time and a significant amount of ticket sales that could have been lost.    The ability to quickly isolate and rectify issues is especially crucial for organizations like Shubert Ticketing that operate in a high volume model and manage complex back-end systems for their business.


Shubert Broadway image_5.jpg

Shubert Ticketing:  Offering customers a route
to the right tickets at the best price


Enrich the customer experience

The increased insight into their customers’ digital experiences, however, goes beyond providing quick-fixes to potential issues.   With an enhanced view of their customers’ journeys, Shubert Ticketing was better able to discover higher level trends in their customers’ behaviors that they are using to create and prioritize further customer experience improvements.   For example, as Shubert Ticketing strives to offer customers their preferred tickets at the best possible price, they are testing an innovative search function to assist their customers with selecting the first date where they can secure a seat at their desired price.   By using Watson CXA to measure the popularity of the new feature, they can assess the impact to their business – and fully deploy the function to further enrich their customer relationships.  


Deliver optimized digital experiences

With the analytic capabilities of Watson CXA, companies like Shubert Ticketing are able to monitor, respond and optimize every touchpoint along the customer journey to meet digital customer expectations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

To learn more about the IBM case study for Shubert Ticketing and how they successfully leveraged Watson CXA, with assistance from Pereion Solutions, to reduce customer struggle and optimize their customers’ digital experiences, click here.


Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook

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Applying B2B Marketing Analytics to Optimize Your B2B Customer Experiences

Posted by Steven Perry

Wed, Nov 1, 2017 @ 07:11 AM

In today’s evolving B2B landscape, customers are expecting more personalized and frictionless experiences when engaging with B2B organizations.   To create the optimized experiences customers expect on your B2B portal, you need data-driven and actionable insights that will allow you to better connect with your B2B audiences and improve your online business processes.   But, how do you draw real insights from your data and identify the key actions that will maximize the business value of your B2B portal?


B2B Marketing Analytics:  Get more from your data

As part of your B2B marketing practices, you no doubt collect and track a variety of data on your clients and their interactions inside your B2B portal.   By applying the right B2B marketing analytics to accurately analyze and interpret the data, you gain the necessary tools to not only meet the needs of your buyers, but to exceed their expectations and deliver a truly optimized B2B customer experience.

For example, by segmenting your B2B users by the profile or behavioral data you collect, you have the ability to segment your B2B audience down to individual users and deliver personalized content to your clients across all channels.  


           B2B marketing analytics to help enrich B2B customer experienence 
and improve B2B business processes


What’s more, by applying B2B marketing analytics to evaluate key touch points on your B2B portal – like search functions, click through rates (CTRs) and call to actions (CTAs) on pages and customer service engagements – you can identify areas to improve the B2B customer experience and develop more profitable business relationships through optimization.   Employing the power of analytics to your critical B2B business processes, including inventory management, order fulfillment and processing of quotes, can help you draw real insight from your data into your business’s success and identify areas to improve your business processes to increase conversions and maximize opportunities on your B2B portal.


Ready for digital transformation of your B2B portal?

Jumpstart your efforts to explore your data to improve your customer insights and optimize your B2B customer experiences.  Pereion Solutions’ new B2B digital transformation CX checklist identifies the top 6 success factors for applying B2B marketing analytics to transform your data into a valuable tool for building an optimized customer experience on your B2B portal.

To learn more about how to get started with developing data-driven actions to optimize your B2B customer experiences, you can download our B2B digital transformation CX checklist by clicking below. 

B2B Digital Transformation CX Checklist

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What’s New in IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf on Cloud?

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Oct 3, 2017 @ 07:10 AM

Released in August, the current enhancements for IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf on Cloud offer refinements in reporting and improvements in usability that provide a more enriched user experience. Let’s take a more detailed look at what’s new.

Enhancements to new UI for IBM Digital Analytics

Here are some of the features offering enhanced reporting and increased efficiency:

  • A new Cross Sold Product Report offers insight into product affinities.
  • The Page Categories and Product Categories reports have been expanded to support 15 levels of page or product categorization.
  • Ability to schedule a recurring ad-hoc report to run on a quarterly basis.
  • Ability to download and email your reports in the native Excel format.
  • Type-ahead functionality is now available in report filters.
  • Content in exported and emailed report files will translate into your local language selection when switching to another language.

New Release_IBM Digital Analytics.png

New Cross Sold Products report in IBM Digital Analytics

New features in IBM Tealeaf on Cloud

Take advantage of new enhancements that offer increased functionality and improved usability.

  • Session search added to the landing page.
  • Improvements to the Report builder user interface that allow you to quickly and easily change the view of your report data.*
  • A new field added to the configuration settings for Snapshot capture.*
  • A new way to delete Tags directly from the left panel of the Event Manager.
  • A redesigned user interface for Alerts for enhanced usability.
  • Improved highlighting for Replay that incorporates an overlay method of highlighting.

* Standard and Premium Editions only


Advancements in IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA)

For users already enjoying the advantages of increased visibility into customers’ journeys and experiences offered with Watson (CXA), there are additional new benefits introduced with this release. 

  • Save journey-level audiences in addition to saving audiences at the report level and at the attribute level.
  • Updates to the In-store channel where in-store purchase data is now included in revenue KPIs in journey reports, mindsets, and on the Overview dashboard.
  • Better labeling for event attributes in mindsets.

New Release_Watson CXA.png

New ability to save journey-level audiences in IBM Watson CXA


Learn more about the benefits!

With the current updates, and more to come, learn more about how the new UI for IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf on Cloud can help you to optimize on your digital marketing efforts and position you to more easily adopt Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) to improve customers’ experience across your website.

Understand more about the enhancements offered in the new UI for IBM Digital Analytics by clicking here  or view a learning video here

Explore the new features in IBM Tealeaf on Cloud by clicking here.

Ready to start with delivering exceptional customer experiences? Our new Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) eBook highlights the top 10 use cases and formulas for success with step by step processes for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences using Watson CXA.  Watson CXA provides a set of capabilities contained within IBM Digital Analytics and Tealeaf on Cloud combined.  If you would like assistance in helping your company take advantage of IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, request a consult or download our new Watson CXA eBook, please click below.     

               Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook             Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics                       

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Transform Your Customer Data into Actionable Insights

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Sep 5, 2017 @ 07:09 AM

In today’s fast-paced digital world, you need to quickly understand your customers and deliver an exceptional customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.    Exploring the various categories of customer data you collect is part of the process, and it can certainly give you a glimpse into how your customers are engaging with your business.  Segmenting your customer data allows you to take a step further in understanding your different customer segments and how they are performing and behaving.   But, to truly understand customer behavior and transform your data into usable and powerful customer insight requires employing cognitive computing.


Helping you make better decisions

Moving beyond the traditional scope of digital analytics, IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) can help you answer important questions about your customers’ behaviors and assist you with making better decisions to drive business.   Why do customers choose or abandon particular paths to purchase on your site?   What motivates your customers to convert – a video or product comparison table?   Why do customers struggle on your check-out page?   Watson CXA can help you get answers to these questions and more, allowing you to make more informed decisions on how to maximize opportunities and optimize your customers’ experiences.   And, making better business decisions translates into a savings of time and money for your business, as you have stronger insight on where to focus your marketing resources.

Watson CXA_journeys_image.png

Ready to get started with creating actionable customer insight?

The challenge for many organizations is how to get started and move beyond basic digital analytics to create more relevant data that equals better customer insights.  Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) and Pereion Solutions can help you with these efforts.   In our new eBook, “Watson, Can You Help Improve Digital Customer Experience?,” we compiled the top 10 use cases you can implement to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work with IBM Watson CXA.    Also included are formulas for success that provide a step by step process for getting started with effective digital analysis and optimized customer experiences.

To learn more about how to transform your customer data into actionable information that allows you to make better decisions for your business, you can download the eBook by clicking below.

Watson, Can you help improve digital experience ebook.


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Interested in Data Science in a Digital World? We are Hiring!

Posted by Steven Perry

Sun, Aug 13, 2017 @ 13:08 PM

If you are interested in customer analytics and technology and working with clients to optimize their digital businesses, we currently have two positions open and posted on our Careers page.  Please check them out! 

The first position is a Customer Analytic Data Scientist. This position is perfect for someone who is both interested in technology and interested in data analytics.  We work with clients to provide them advanced insights into the digital interactions on their web and mobile properties.  You will have the opportunity to understand, analyze, and help optimize our client's digital processes and customer experience.  To be successful at this position you will enjoy learning new digital technologies and be analytical in nature;  always looking to peel back the onion one more layer to find the hidden insights.  

The second position is a Customer Analytic Sales Specialist. This position is ideal for someone who enjoys engaging with people and helping them solve business problems.  You must be persistent, but also able to listen and understand the challenges individuals face in their respective businesses and organizations.  Through a thorough understanding of the technologies and analytic methodolgies, you will help customers and potential customers solve business problems.  You must be able to understand and communicate business value.  

 At Pereion Solutions:

  • We invest in our customers by delivering value.  
  • We invest in our employees by building skills. 
  • We invest in excellence by always seeking to be the best at what we do.  
  • We invest in growth by reinvesting back in our business.

We are a small company providing customer analytic solutions, committed to these principals and looking for people interested in joining our team.  Please check out the details on each of these jobs on the Pereion Careers page. We would love to hear from you!   


Watson, Can You Help Improve Customer Experience?

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jun 6, 2017 @ 07:06 AM

Today’s customers expect more – they want exceptional experiences and personalized service wherever, whenever and however they engage with your business.   Deliver anything less and you run the risk of not converting them to a loyal customer, or worse, losing them to the competition.  But, how do you confront the rising task of consistently meeting these high-expectations and delivering exceptional customer experiences across all the journeys your customers take?  To help answer that question, we asked IBM Watson, “Can you help improve customer experience?”   His insight was intuitive, compelling and, well, insightful.


Understand all of your customers’ journeys    

By combining several innovative analytics, Watson CXA (Customer Experience Analytics) offers a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ journeys, across all channels and touch points, providing you the insight needed to deliver the experiences your customers want.  With journey analytics in Watson CXA, you can visualize the complete cross channel journeys your customers take and identify the top-performing or common paths that lead to conversion, allowing you to readily replicate positive customer experiences.   At the same time, struggle analytics work to recognize paths or patterns such as step counts or repetitive activity that may indicate customer struggle and provide the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer frustration. 

 Watson CXA_mktg_1.png

Watson CXA mindset analysis allows you to drill down further into customer behavior and understand what events impact your customers’ actions across the various stages of the buying cycle or online digital process.   Did customers who made a purchase view a video or accept a special offer before buying?   Did customers read reviews or view a landing page as part of their discovery?   Watson CXA can help answer these questions and offer insights you can use to deliver the information your customers want, when they need it – at each step of their journey – helping to improve customer experience and enrich your customer relationships.

 Watson CXA_mktg_2.png


View the customer experience to optimize every journey

Watson CXA goes beyond helping you visualize your customers’ journeys and behaviors – it offers you the unique opportunity to relive your customers’ experiences.   With session replay capabilities, Watson CXA allows you to replay sessions and zoom in to see where your customers struggle, providing a deeper understanding of individual customer experiences and opportunities to resolve issues and improve optimization.   Integration of usability analytics, including heat maps, link analytics and form analytics, help to uncover usability flaws and offer additional awareness into customer struggles, providing you the necessary insight to effectively optimize your site and improve the customer experience.   

Segment your CX data further with Watson CXA to understand where particular customers are clicking or hovering on your site and understand what leads some to convert and others to struggle.  Enabled with a view into your customers’ behaviors, motivations and experiences, you can then deliver a very personalized and enriched customer experience – one that customers want and have come to expect.


Be empowered to deliver an exceptional customer experience

With Watson CXA, you can uncover obstacles to superior customer experience and discover problems that you never knew existed –  enabling you to more readily identify challenges and quickly take action. Real time alerting based on unusual customer experiences alerts you to potential struggle points in your customers online experiences and provides an easy way to view them.  Drill down with replay capabilities to understand first-hand the best way to resolve your customers’ pain points and uncover valuable insights into customer behavior to deliver customer experiences that increase conversions, shorten the buying cycle, and optimize experiences across channels.

 Watson CXA_mktg_3.png

With Watson CXA, you can see a unified omni-channel view of the journeys your customers travel – enhanced with customer journey, struggle, mindset and usability analysis -- that empowers you with valuable insight to develop consistent and optimized customers’ experiences across all channels, offering your customers nothing short of an exceptional customer experience.


Ready to improve and optimize your customer experiences? 

See for yourself how Watson CXA can help improve the customer experience and offer the deeper insights you need to keep up with your customers’ expectations and deliver the personalized and intuitive cross-channel experiences that create delighted and loyal customers.

If you have questions or would like to further explore the capabilities of IBM Watson CXA, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below.

                                                         Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics

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Providing Optimized Customer Experiences – Are You Meeting the Challenge?

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, May 2, 2017 @ 07:05 AM

Now more than ever, customer expectations are rising faster and meeting these new expectations has become increasingly challenging.  Not only must companies be prepared to engage customers where and how they want, but competitive companies that want to remain relevant must also provide a consistent and optimized customer experience across those channels – and be agile and innovative in the delivery.  But, what exactly are the fundamental customer experience essentials and how can you best deliver on them?


Customer Experience (CX) Imperatives

Just released last month, IBM’s 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study discovered that the majority of retail brands’ CX capabilities to deliver optimal customer experiences are actually falling short in meeting customer expectations across the various channels of customer journeys.  Significant in the study is the identification of several paramount factors for optimized customer experiences:

  • Customer engagement is crucial in determining the evolving needs and wants of customers and in developing an optimal customer experience. Understanding what your customers desire allows you to offer an on-going personalized experience and effectively influence preferred paths to conversion.
  • Customer experiences must be consistent across all customer journeys and touchpoints with mobile being key to integrating experiences across channels. While mobile is fast-becoming the primary interaction tool for customers, they have multiple ways to engage with you, and customers expect an optimal experience at every juncture.
  • Leverage innovative and value-add technologies to enhance customer journeys and make the shopping experience easier. Capitalize on the solutions that offer the greatest impact and offer customers the ability to optimize their experiences.

Embracing the essential elements of optimal customer experiences will not only help you improve your customer experience capabilities to meet your customers’ expectations today, but it will ensure you are better positioned to respond to rapidly evolving market changes and on-going competitive disruptions.


Watson CXA image.png

Delivering Optimal Customer Experiences

Meeting these new challenges requires robust analytic solutions that provides a consolidated cross-channel view of your customers’ engagements that you can leverage to create an omnichannel strategy that delivers a consistent and personalized customer experience across all customer journeys.    Integrating capabilities from IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf, the new IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) consolidates customer experience insights from all channels in a unified view and enhances them with customer journey and mindset analysis, providing a platform to help you quantify and visualize customer journeys – individually and in aggregate.   Watson CXA offers you the ability to replay sessions and zoom in to see where your customers struggle, providing you opportunities to resolve potential issues and improve optimization for every journey.   This aggregate customer view also assists with identifying top performing paths that you can replicate to increase purchase considerations and boost conversion rates.  Did a product comparison tool drive customers down a particular path?  Was there a preferred payment option lacking that led to customer dissatisfaction?  Watson CXA can help you answer these questions and react quickly to keep up with your customers’ expectations.   Equipped with a better understanding your customers’ needs, behaviors and motivations, you can use this valuable insight to develop consistent and optimized customers’ experiences across all channels and create delighted and loyal customers.

With Watson CXA, crucial analytic capabilities work seamlessly together in a single user interface making it easier to unite around your customers and collaborate around the important insights necessary to deliver exceptional customer experiences – and differentiate yourself from the competition.   


Ready to meet your customers’ challenges?

To learn more about the global assessment of retail brands’ customer experience capabilities, including findings in various category areas, you can download the IBM 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study.

If you have questions or would like to further explore the capabilities of IBM Customer Experience Analytics, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below. 

Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics

If you missed our related feature, Optimize Your Customer Journey with the New Customer Experience Analytics, you can read it here.




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New Watson CXA Success Formulas and Community

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 07:03 AM

We are happy to announce that we recently launched the Customer Experience Analytics Formula blog which focuses exclusively on Formulas for Success for using IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, Tealeaf CX on Cloud, Digital Analytics, Journey Analytics and Universal Behavior Exchange. The blog will provide regular updates with new formulas that you can apply to your business.

Join the CXA Community and CXA Formula blog

We are also introducing a new Customer Experience Analytics community! Have a question in any of the above areas? Ask your peers in the community! This community provides a forum for users to ask questions, discuss and discover best practies and approaches to solving different challenges. This is a great opportunity to share with and learn from peers and network with other customer experience and customer analytic professionals.

These formulas and this community are designed to provide you with insight and best practices in customer analytics.  Register for the CXA Community and CXA Formula Blog today!


The Business Value of Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Dec 12, 2016 @ 07:12 AM


In a customer-driven market, customer analytic solutions that reveal how and why your customers may be struggling on your website are invaluable.   Armed with this information, you are better able to understand your customers’ behaviors and enhance customer experiences across web and mobile channels.  So, while a detailed understanding of your customers is key in today’s competitive environment, being able to truly quantify the business value of customer analytics can be a daunting task – but one that is all the more important as you compete for funding in an era of shrinking budgets.   The ability to determine a practical return on investment (ROI) for deploying a customer analytic solution requires a careful review of business benefits and financial costs.

Leveraging customer insights to maximize business opportunities

Customer experience analytic solutions, such as IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (CX) on Cloud, provide actual visibility into your customers’ experiences so that you can quickly identify issues that lead to transaction abandonment and implement design improvements that optimize your customers’ experiences.  The insight into your customers’ online experiences goes beyond providing quick-fixes to issues, however.   With an enhanced view of your customers’ journeys, you are better able to discover higher level trends to further enrich your customer relationships and create continuous customer experience improvements.  The result is incremental revenue from increased conversion rates and improved customer retention across channels.   Increased revenue is not only realized through higher conversion rates and retention of customers, but satisfied customers are certainly more likely to refer new business your way as well.   


Save valuable time and money to reinvest in your business

As you know, time is money and customer analytics can save you significant time in the reproduction of issues, especially those that are difficult or nearly impossible to duplicate.   Issues that could take you days to discover on your own can now be uncovered in as little as minutes.  At the same time, another key benefit of a customer analytic solution is how it helps you identify and understand the extent of a problem, so that you can prioritize your development efforts on the prevalent issues that affect the most customers, saving you both time and money.  Finally, deploying a customer analytics cloud offering allows you to avoid upfront hardware costs and save on on-going maintenance and labor costs.  The incremental revenue recognized from optimized customer experience, coupled with the ability to focus your time and resources on other high impact areas of your business, can translate into a significant value for your business.


Weighing the costs for increased business value

While the value to your business can be substantial, there are internal and external costs you need to anticipate in measuring the ROI for a Customer Analytics solution.  Yearly cloud licensing fees and initial professional and training expenditures need to be evaluated, as well as man-hours spent on the planning and implementation of the solution’s initial deployment.    With the deployment of a cloud offering, there is minimal incremental IT administrative support required; however, costs for incremental customer experience staff should be considered.  Specifically, an analyst resource to support the customer experience analytics solution with event and report generation, issue prioritization, and monitoring of alerts and dashboards is an important consideration. The actual deployment and support costs can vary depending on your business size, requirements, and adoption rates, so it is important to consider possible impact and implementation risks in your financial assessment.  

With continuously tight budgets, you must answer for every dollar spent, as well as optimize your customers’ experiences for successful business growth.   Fortunately, the right customer experience analytic solution can help you leverage your customer data to help increase ROI and improve your customers’ experiences.   Based on a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, the IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud solution can yield a potential three-year risk adjusted result of 196% ROI with a payback period of 4 months, demonstrating significant value to your business.

 Forrester TEI_rev.jpg

Ready to invest in business growth and customer loyalty?

To learn more about the cost savings and business benefits of IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud identified using Forrester’s TEI framework and methodology, you can download the IBM commissioned study by clicking on the tile below.   If you have questions or would like to see a demo of your website with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud then simply request a IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud consult.

 Download the Forrester TEI Study               Learn more about IBM Customer Experience on Cloud



Optimize Your Customer Journey with the new IBM Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

Today, your customers can embark on many different journeys with your business – across multiple channels, applications and devices -- and they expect exceptional experiences at every step.    To be successful and delight your customers at every juncture, you must know who they are, what they want and why and how they want it.   While IBM Digital Analytics (DA) can provide you with key data points, for you to truly recognize your customers and understand how activity in one channel impacts conversion in another, you need to be able to connect the customer data points to form an integrated and holistic view of your customers that provides insight into their needs, behaviors and motivations.

The new IBM Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) draws on capabilities from IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf, and enhances them with customer journey and mindset analysis, providing a platform to help you quantify and visualize customer journeys – individually and in aggregate – across devices, channels and touchpoints, offering you the opportunity to resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


Get more from your customer data  

With all the paths your customer can take on their journeys, it is easy for customer data to become fragmented and challenging to effectively analyze.  CXA combines several innovative analytics -- customer behavior analytics, journey analytics and heatmaps and form analytics – to offer a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ digital experience.   The customer behavioral analytics help you identify where your customers struggle, and easily zoom in to replay the parts of the session that caused the problem, allowing you to act on insights to improve site optimization and customer experience.  The new multi-channel path analysis of journey analytics allows you to quickly compare path popularity, duration, revenue and customer values across unique segments and drill down for deeper understanding of customer journeys.  The inclusion of heatmaps and form analytics can help to round out the picture by showing where customers click, hover or swipe on your site or struggle when completing a form, so that you can work to increase conversions and better understand your customers’ interactions.   With CXA, these analytic capabilities work seamlessly together in a single user interface making it easy to unite around your customers and collaborate around insights by providing you a refined lens to view your customers' journeys.

 IBM CXA graphic.png


Differentiate yourself in the market  

By providing a consolidated view of your customers’ journeys and experiences, the CXA solution allows you to transform your customer data into a strategic and competitive tool to help you deliver extraordinary customer experiences and develop loyal customers.  Because you understand where your customers struggle or which events impact purchase consideration and advocacy, you are better able to address or avoid customer pain points and minimize churn with optimized engagement and offers. With increased insight into the multi-channel customer journeys, you can identify the most successful journeys and replicate them to increase conversion rates, revenue and customer loyalty.  So, in a competitive environment where you need to react fast to keep up with customers and remain a step ahead of the competition, CXA arms you with critical information to help you deliver consistent and exceptional customer experiences. 


Ready to deliver extraordinary customer experiences?

Whether you have recently made the transition to the new IBM Digital Analytics Interface or are in the process of making the conversion, this is the perfect time to consider the IBM CXA solution to optimize your business.   In addition to the improved user experience and enhanced capabilities offered with the new Digital Analytics Interface, your upgrade to IBM CXA offers additional benefits.   The CXA solution is being extended to valued DA clients with an advantageous renewal price where a relatively minimal investment offers you significant upgrade capabilities.   Converting to CXA also means you eliminate DA add-on products, as unlimited Explore credits, DA report segments and extended data retention are all included in the CXA solution.   One of the additional benefits is the newly announced option to upgrade with IBM Digital Analytics Suite, offering an entitled bundle of four popular add-on marketing and analytics services -- IBM LIVEmail, IBM Lifecycle, IBM Digital Data Feed, and IBM Multichannel Analytics—only available to CXA clients.

To learn more about the benefits and best practices for understanding customer journeys, you can download the IBM Customer Analytics white paper by clicking here or on the tile below. 

If you have questions or would like to get a quote to convert from IBM Digital Analytics to IBM Customer Experience Analytics, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below. 

If you missed our last feature, Elevate Your Experience with IBM Tealeaf CX on Cloud, you can read it here.

                Best Practices For Understanding The Customer Journey               Learn more about Watson Customer Experience Analytics    

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