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Optimize Your Customer Journey with the new IBM Customer Experience Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

Today, your customers can embark on many different journeys with your business – across multiple channels, applications and devices -- and they expect exceptional experiences at every step.    To be successful and delight your customers at every juncture, you must know who they are, what they want and why and how they want it.   While IBM Digital Analytics (DA) can provide you with key data points, for you to truly recognize your customers and understand how activity in one channel impacts conversion in another, you need to be able to connect the customer data points to form an integrated and holistic view of your customers that provides insight into their needs, behaviors and motivations.

The new IBM Customer Experience Analytics (CXA) draws on capabilities from IBM Digital Analytics and IBM Tealeaf, and enhances them with customer journey and mindset analysis, providing a platform to help you quantify and visualize customer journeys – individually and in aggregate – across devices, channels and touchpoints, offering you the opportunity to resolve potential issues, increase conversions and optimize every journey to create loyal customers.


Get more from your customer data  

With all the paths your customer can take on their journeys, it is easy for customer data to become fragmented and challenging to effectively analyze.  CXA combines several innovative analytics -- customer behavior analytics, journey analytics and heatmaps and form analytics – to offer a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ digital experience.   The customer behavioral analytics help you identify where your customers struggle, and easily zoom in to replay the parts of the session that caused the problem, allowing you to act on insights to improve site optimization and customer experience.  The new multi-channel path analysis of journey analytics allows you to quickly compare path popularity, duration, revenue and customer values across unique segments and drill down for deeper understanding of customer journeys.  The inclusion of heatmaps and form analytics can help to round out the picture by showing where customers click, hover or swipe on your site or struggle when completing a form, so that you can work to increase conversions and better understand your customers’ interactions.   With CXA, these analytic capabilities work seamlessly together in a single user interface making it easy to unite around your customers and collaborate around insights by providing you a refined lens to view your customers' journeys.

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Differentiate yourself in the market  

By providing a consolidated view of your customers’ journeys and experiences, the CXA solution allows you to transform your customer data into a strategic and competitive tool to help you deliver extraordinary customer experiences and develop loyal customers.  Because you understand where your customers struggle or which events impact purchase consideration and advocacy, you are better able to address or avoid customer pain points and minimize churn with optimized engagement and offers. With increased insight into the multi-channel customer journeys, you can identify the most successful journeys and replicate them to increase conversion rates, revenue and customer loyalty.  So, in a competitive environment where you need to react fast to keep up with customers and remain a step ahead of the competition, CXA arms you with critical information to help you deliver consistent and exceptional customer experiences. 


Ready to deliver extraordinary customer experiences?

Whether you have recently made the transition to the new IBM Digital Analytics Interface or are in the process of making the conversion, this is the perfect time to consider the IBM CXA solution to optimize your business.   In addition to the improved user experience and enhanced capabilities offered with the new Digital Analytics Interface, your upgrade to IBM CXA offers additional benefits.   The CXA solution is being extended to valued DA clients with an advantageous renewal price where a relatively minimal investment offers you significant upgrade capabilities.   Converting to CXA also means you eliminate DA add-on products, as unlimited Explore credits, DA report segments and extended data retention are all included in the CXA solution.   One of the additional benefits is the newly announced option to upgrade with IBM Digital Analytics Suite, offering an entitled bundle of four popular add-on marketing and analytics services -- IBM LIVEmail, IBM Lifecycle, IBM Digital Data Feed, and IBM Multichannel Analytics—only available to CXA clients.

To learn more about the benefits and best practices for understanding customer journeys, you can download the IBM Customer Analytics white paper by clicking here or on the tile below. 

If you have questions or would like to get a quote to convert from IBM Digital Analytics to IBM Customer Experience Analytics, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below. 

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