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Start 2021 with a Tealeaf TuneUp

by Kristin Bonazoli on January 12, 2021

Does your company use Acoustic Experience Analytics (aka Tealeaf on Cloud)?  Are you fully leveraging the capabilities of Tealeaf?  Is Tealeaf providing the insights you need to drive your digital transformation activity and enable your eCommerce growth in 2021?  If not, we can help!  We have put together a small simple service offering to optimize your return on investment.

Explore New Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) Use Cases

Pereion's Tealeaf TuneUp will analyze your company's usage of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf).  We will consult with you prior to assessing your site to understand your requirements and then help you develop additional use cases based on our experience.  At the end, we will review what updates have been made and discuss additional opportunities to better understand your customer's digital customer experience.  We will suggest additional use cases, such as performance analysis and rage click analysis, while also highlighting capabilities you may not be familiar with.  We will review your current SDK configuration and suggest updates.  As part of the TuneUp, we will work with your team and provide a tailored training session, based on your needs.  So let’s look at what is included.

Pereion Tealeaf TuneUp includes: 
  • Pre-TuneUp Gap Analysis
  • Post TuneUp Review of Findings and Recommendations
  • User Training Session to refresh skills
  • 50 hours of an experienced Pereion Analyst
  • Development of specific uses cases based on your business requirements
  • Creation of events, reports, alerts, and new dashboards
  • Guidance on best practices, including session analysis
  • Assist with integrating with other tools (e.g. Voice of the Customer)
  • SDK analysis for potential update to leverage new capabilities
  • Assistance in leveraging analytic capabilities of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) such as Struggle Analytics and Anomaly Detection
  • Cost $4995.00
  • Offer valid through March 31, 2021

Start 2021 with a Tealeaf TuneUp!

Why should I do a Tealeaf Tuneup?
  • Position your organization for digital growth
  • Setup additional customer experience use cases 
  • Improve engagement across your organization
  • Leverage customer experience analytics to drive data driven culture
  • Update your current events and reports based on site changes
  • Identify issues inhibiting user experience
  • Refresh team skills
  • Understanding the real digital experience of your digital properties has never been more important
  • Tealeaf is a great tool, maximize the value you receive and deliver the ROI you planned on!
Need additional Tealeaf Training?

We also offer basic Tealeaf training resources to help you boost your skills and expand your knowledge in key areas of customer behavior analytics.  Please check out our Education and Support page, for Acoustic Experience Analytics, that  includes On-demand training webinars and Learning Paths that provide useful information and tips to best leverage Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf).  If you would like to learn more or would like to inquire about additional training for your organization, click here.

Pereion On-Demand Training Webinars


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