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Pereion Solutions becomes Webtrends Optimize Business Partner

by Kristin Bonazoli on July 10, 2023

Pereion Solutions is pleased to offer a suite of website optimization solutions that accelerate conversion rate optimization and further enhance the digital experience for your customers. Through a new partnership with Webtrends Optimize, we now offer Testing and Personalization solutions to help optimize and deliver personalized digital experiences, increase online conversions and maximize website ROI.

webtrends optimize1

Webtrends Optimize Product Offerings

Pereion Solutions continues to invest in skills, resources, and capabilities around our Digital Experience Analytics practice. With our new offerings from Webtrends Optimize, we can offer our customers a best of breed web optimization solution that naturally ties together with ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) initiatives and can further enhance the digital customer experience. Here are some of the key capabilities and business benefits of Webtrends Optimize Testing and Personalization optimization tools:

A/B Testing
Webtrends Optimize A/B Testing solution allows you to test 2 or more versions of an online experience (such as a page element, webpage or conversion funnel) and gather and analyze the quantitative and qualitative user insight around those tests. From the user data, you can then determine which version of the test works best or where there is a need for potential change to optimize your website to drive conversions.

Personalization tools leverage customer behavior data to create and deliver tailored and personalized experiences based on user behavior, user preferences and demographics. Webtrends Optimize Personalization solution analyzes and consolidates the results of your personalization campaigns across your digital portfolio so that you can offer experiences that differentiate you from your competition, increase conversion rates and create happy and loyal customers.

Product Recommendations
Drive cross-sell or up-sell at the right moment. Our product or content recommendations help users find products that similar users enjoyed, or comparative products as alternatives.

Combine Digital Experience Analytics with Webtrends Optimize Solutions

By combining Digital Experience Analytics with Webtrends Optimize testing and personalization tools, you achieve a complete understanding of the customer journey and valuable insights that provide you with the opportunity to optimize and deliver personalized digital experiences.

Here is how this integration works…Digital Experience Analytics collects, measures and analyzes user behavior data across your digital properties providing valuable insights. This rich insight helps you to understand how users engage with digital assets, pinpoint areas of customer struggle and uncover areas of opportunity. By having a good understanding of how users engage with a website, you can design testing plan for website elements (such as a page layouts, call to actions, navigation and conversion funnels) to determine which test variations perform better and where there is a need for site improvements. The combination of Digital Experience Analytics, A/B Testing, Personalization, and Product Recommendations provides essential insights into user behaviors and optimized conversion rates. It also provides the opportunity to deliver customized and personalized content that makes you stand out from the competition, ultimately increasing conversion rates and lifetime customer value.

Want to take your digital experiences to the next level and drive your CRO program?  Click here to get started and learn more about Webtrend Optimize’s web optimization tools and how we can help you integrate them with your Digital Experience Analytics solution!

Learn more about Webtrends Optimize AB Testing and Personalization Solutions

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