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Tealeaf Optimization Offering

by Kristin Bonazoli on March 29, 2022

Are you looking to develop Tealeaf use cases around a unique business requirement but you do not know where to begin?  Are you running the current version of the Tealeaf SDK to leverage new capabilities?  Need some help building Tealeaf events and reports? 

Tealeaf is a powerful digital experience analytic tool that offers several robust capabilities.  Make sure your organization is getting the answers to important business questions and achieving the maximum value out of your Tealeaf investment with Pereion's Tealeaf Optimization offering! 

Optimize your Tealeaf Investment

Tealeaf boasts a sophisticated set of analytic capabilities that provide the insights you need to meet customer expectations, deliver superior customer experiences and drive digital transformation.  Yet as a Tealeaf user, do you know if you are leveraging all of Tealeaf's advanced analytic features to improve digital intelligence, create actionable insights and accelerate digital innovation across your business?  

Our Tealeaf Optimization Offering can help answer this question and enable you to realize the full potential of Tealeaf.  For a small investment of time and money, we will consult with you and evaluate your company's usage Tealeaf.  After initial discussions, our in house Tealeaf analysts will conduct a thorough assessment of your Tealeaf environment to identify additional use cases, provide guidance on best practices and assist with skills transfer and training.  At the conclusion of our analysis, we will talk through the specifics of our assessment, provide details on our findings and make recommendations to optimize your Tealeaf application. We will also offer additional opportunities to better understand your customers' digital customer experience and accelerate digital transformation.

This special Tealeaf Optimization Offer includes:

  • Initial assessment to review Tealeaf environment

Evaluate SDK for potential updates to leverage new capabilities

Review existing use cases

Discuss and identify possible gaps in reporting

Analyze events and overall Tealeaf environment

Approximately 4-8 hours of Tealeaf analyst time

  • Tealeaf consulting (40 hours of Tealeaf analyst time)

Provide recommended update to SDK as determined in initial consultation

Identify and develop additional uses cases based on business requirementsTealeaf optimization pic

Assist with set up and creation of additional events and reporting

Guidance on Tealeaf best practices

Support in applying advanced analytic capabilities of Tealeaf

Assist in integrating with other tools (i.e. Voice of Customer)

Customized skills transfer and training

  • Final project review

Review what has been done and findings from Tealeaf assessment

Discuss potential for additional Tealeaf opportunities

  • $4,500.00
  • Offer valid through June 30, 2022

Click here to get started on optimizing your Tealeaf investment!

Tealeaf Optimization offer CTA for Blog


Download our Updated Tealeaf Use Case eBook 

There are several Tealeaf customer use cases that extend from understanding and addressing customer struggle to recognizing areas needing improvements on your website.  In our recently released and updated Tealeaf Customer Use Case eBook, we have put together the top customer experience use cases that will help guide you along a Tealeaf Maturity Curve from "find and fix" problem resolution to site optimization and help you to improve the digital customer experience and drive digital transformation across your organization. 


Click here to download Pereion's Tealeaf Customer Use Case eBook and start realizing the business value of converting your customer behavior data into a competitive transformation tool!

Pereion Acoustic Tealeaf Use Case eBook Final


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