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Integrate VoC Data and Digital Experience Analytics to deliver superior customer experiences

by Kristin Bonazoli on November 30, 2022

One of the most valuable resources you can use to improve and build exceptional customer experiences is your customer’s feedback. Your customers can share their opinions pretty much everywhere online, whether it be through community forums, blogs, product reviews, social media or an organization’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey, their comments provide significant “straight from the source” insight that can be used to overcome several CX challenges. Learn how the integration of digital experience analytics and VoC tools creates an important use case for many businesses looking to enhance the digital experience to meet growing customer demands.

Integrate Voice of the Customer data and Digital Experience Analytics to understand CX issues

There are several Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions on the market today that provide businesses with invaluable feedback relative to their brand, products and services and assist in better understanding their customers’ needs and expectations. Though VoC tools are great for validating customer comments and concerns, they do not provide a full picture of what may have caused positive or negative feedback. By integrating VoC and digital experience analytics, businesses are able to link VoC data to actual user experiences to achieve a clear view of the CX issues that caused negative customer feedback to further analyze customer comments and complaints.

Voice of the Customer Use Cases and Business Benefits

Voice of the Customer (VoC) surveys provide extraordinary firsthand insight and present businesses with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and the digital experience. While valuable, VoC tools do not offer a level of insight to fully identify problems that may be driving negative customer feedback. To take VoC insight a step further, the integration of VoC data and digital experience analytics enable organizations to drill deeper and analyze customer responses.

By linking VoC data with digital experience analytics, organizations gain the means to identify, quickly diagnose and solve problem areas that are causing adverse comments. Some VoC use cases that can be applied include:

  • Segment and search for user sessions based on VoC session data to identify problem driving feedback

VoC Sessions 1VoC Sessions
Search and segment sessions through VOC and Tealeaf integration

  • Accelerate the time to identify and resolve potential problem with session search and replay to further analyze complaint sessions

The ability to analyze users sessions based on VoC data is essential in understanding customer issues and facilitating superior experiences. In addition, there are several other business benefits that can be realized by organizations that leverage VoC coupled with digital experience analytics:

  • Validate customer comments and concerns relative to customer experiences to assist with optimization decisions and digital transformation priorities
  • Understand the complete context of customer experiences that result in specific feedback to facilitate improved conversions and increased revenues
  • Provide the entire organization with a view of the root cause of customer complaints to make more informed business decisions to enhance online experiences.
  •  Respond to customer concerns with an accurate picture of what happened

VoC Picture 1

Gain an accurate picture and pinpoint customer concerns through VOC and Tealeaf

Need some help or want to learn how to integrate your Voice of the Customer solution with digital experience analytics to gain deeper insights? Click here to set up an intro call with us!

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