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Improving the Insurance Digital Experience

by Kristin Bonazoli on July 28, 2022

Digital disruption has had a profound effect on the insurance industry in recent years. With a new breed of insurance consumers and emerging digital technologies to streamline operations, many insurance companies have accelerated digital transformation initiatives to meet the demands of customers and to stay ahead of the competition. Digital customer experience analytics can play a critical role in transformation efforts by helping to further efficiency across online processes and to optimize the digital experience that customers count on.

Improve digital intelligence in insurance with Digital Experience Analytics

Today, there are many digital self-service capabilities available to insurance customers. Whether it be viewing policy information, filling out a form or filing a claim, customers have come to expect easy, hassle-free interactions and insurers need to be able to deliver them - seamlessly. This can be particularly challenging since there are many roles (agent/broker/call center/claims/IT/underwriting) and complex systems operating independently behind the scenes within an insurance organization. Many of which have separate solutions deployed in the call center and for various digital properties. Yet, to the insurance consumer this is of no concern. They view the insurer as a single entity and expect things to work effortlessly across their digital journey. Therefore, it is critical that insurers understand customer behaviors and see what their customer see to be able to provide exceptional customer experiences across all channels and devices.

By improving digital intelligence with Digital Experience Analytics, insurance organizations are enabled to quickly respond to their customers’ evolving needs, improve process efficiency, and provide consistently optimized experiences across all channels. Digital Experience Analytics offers insurers with a complete view and valuable insight into customers behaviors that provide an understanding of not only “what” behind customer interactions but also “why” customers behave as they do. This valuable intelligence can answer several important business questions as well as identify and remove areas of friction to improve the customer experience.


Digital Experience Analytics use cases for insurance organizations

With many insurers still dependent upon complex legacy systems to support a multitude business processes and units, along with today’s insurance consumer (also using multiple channels and devices to perform a variety of unique transactions), many insurance organizations have embraced Digital Experience Analytics to simplify operations and improve the overall customer experience.

Digital Experience Analytics is widely used by a number of insurance companies and offers several key features and benefits that can help insurers:

  • Gain visibility into the actual customer experience for both web and mobile channels
  • Quickly diagnosis & resolve customer struggles
  • Quantify the business impact of site issues
  • Achieve real time customer analytics with enhanced segmentation
  • Track and analyze online business processes
  • Integrate CRM and Voice of the Customer systems to enhance call center operations
  • Retain online interactions to assist in fraud detection and customer disputes

There are a variety of use cases that can be created for insurance companies around the key capabilities of Digital Experience Analytics. Let’s take a look at some uses cases and the business benefits that can be realized:

Increase online policy conversion rates

Optimize user experience by identifying where and why customers and/or agents struggle and abandon the process. 

Prioritize web and process related IT issues

Utilize session replay to develop a common cross organizational view of site issues. Develop business impact assessments to help prioritize IT related projects. 

Provide call center reps with tools to see customer online experience

Eliminate the need for call center representatives to try and recreate customer online problems, by giving them tools to visualize web and mobile experience. Improve customer satisfaction by quickly resolving and web site related issues. Improve call center KPI’s by addressing customer root cause issues.

Retain documentation of online transactions

Preserve a complete permanent record of customer online transactions. This can be used for audit and compliance purposes, customer disputes, or fraud investigation.

Optimize user experience for mobile web

Quickly find and isolate problems with mobile app and web sessions. Maintain single approach to customer experience management across mobile and web.

Usability analytics and page engagement

Apply usability analytics like heat maps to understand where customers engage the most on your pages and uncover design flaws that may be causing customer struggles and abandonments. Leverage link analytics to identify design and layout changes.  

If you have a specific business requirement that you having trouble building a use case around, we can help! Click here to schedule a call with us.

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Tealeaf Customer Use Case eBook

Digital Experience Analytics and tools, like Tealeaf by Acoustic, provide several advanced analytics capabilities to leverage customer data and apply customer experience use cases that uncover actionable insights. This valuable intelligence can help answer important questions about customers’ behaviors and assist in optimizing the customer experience and driving digital transformation across your business.

In our Tealeaf Customer Use Case eBook, we have compiled the top customer experience use cases you can apply to improve your digital intelligence and put customer insights to work using Tealeaf. Click the tile below to explore these use cases and begin to realize the business value of converting your customer behavior data into a competitive transformation tool!

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