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Improving the Travel and Tourism Digital Experience

by Kristin Bonazoli on September 16, 2022

Deciding on that once in a lifetime travel destination is both fun and exciting but the task of making the travel arrangements can be downright daunting. From booking flights to reserving a hotel room or car, the process of getting your itinerary in order can be lengthy and, at times, very complex. Therefore, it is important that travel and leisure companies provide optimized and seamless omni-channel experiences that attract new customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Boost bookings with data-driven insights

Technology has presented today’s travel consumer with a variety of self-service digital offerings that enable them to book travel, confirm reservations and check-in to either a flight or hotel. But with a myriad of touchpoints over several different platforms, sometimes the digital experience can be less than adequate. Any struggle or usability issue with a reservation interface can cause the customer to simply abandon prior to completing a transaction. These abandonments can be the result of poorly designed pages, a booking process that is to long, click throughs to non-working and invalid pages or a complicated check out. To combat cart abandonments, travel organizations must be able to quickly determine what is going on with their digital properties and why problems are occurring to take the necessary measures to proactively enhance the digital experience.

At a whopping 87.8%, cart abandonment rates in the travel sector are higher than the norm (source: SalesCycle). So, it is critical that travel companies deliver simplified and friction-less multi-channel digital experiences that offer personalized content to better serve customers and encourage conversions. The successful companies will be those that can transform their customer data into actionable insights that they can then use to optimize experiences and build programs that attract and retain lifelong loyal customers. Digital customer experience analytic solutions help in this effort by presenting travel organizations with an unprecedented view and powerful data-driven insights into the customer journey that assist in creating superior digital experiences that customers expect and facilitate conversions to boost travel bookings.

B2C Travel Scenario-1

Overcoming CX challenges in the travel industry with Acoustic Tealeaf

Travel organizations that want to remain competitive and relevant within the industry must be ready and well prepared to quickly address and resolve areas of struggle to improve the digital experience. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing valued customers – not only to the competition but potentially for good. The challenge for many, however, is how to get started and overcome the following industry CX challenges:

CX Challenges in Travel industry

  • Deliver seamless efficiency across websites and apps
  • Offer personalized and meaningful experiences
  • Target marketing efforts for a strong ROI
  • Provide optimized experiences for unique customers
  • Create and retain loyal customers                                 

By investing in digital experience analytics, with solutions like Acoustic Tealeaf, and applying across digital assets, travel companies gain a broad view and valuable insights into customer interactions that can help address points of friction in real-time, identify usability issues and overcome some industry CX challenges. What’s more, Tealeaf helps answer why a customer abandons so you can take corrective action and deliver positive and meaningful booking experiences that increase conversions, reduce abandonments, and create loyal and lasting customers.

Acoustic Tealeaf Customer Use Cases for Travel and Tourism

Acoustic Tealeaf’s robust set of analytic capabilities enable travel organizations to apply several customer use cases to improve digital intelligence and put customer insights to work to further reservations. Here is a look at some uses cases and the business benefits that can be realized within the travel sector:

Reservation and Ticketing Applications

Identify usability issues or points of friction and drill down with session replay for a better understanding of customer behaviors to gain the necessary actionable insight you can use to maximize simplicity and provide a seamless experience on your website and applications.

Loyalty Rewards Membership Portals

Analyze customer engagements across your pages and applications to understand how customers interact with digital touchpoints and gain insight into customer preferences that assists you with delivering relevant content and offers at the right time to keep customers engaged and providing a personalized and memorable experience to create loyal customers.  

Marketing Attribution

Evaluate conversion paths to identify the pages, campaigns and marketing channels that drive the most conversions and then correlate consumer behavior to your marketing activities to gain insights that you can use to target and optimize your marketing efforts and realize a strong ROI.

On-site Search Optimization

Correlate search terms and customer behavior before, during and after performing search to understand if you are providing the right content on your pages and in your site’s search function and gain advanced insights to assist with optimizing search and increasing customer satisfaction.

Behavioral Segmentation

Segment customers by demographics, needs and buying behavior to assist you with providing compelling content and rewards that cater to different customer segments, enabling you to create unique and personalized experiences that motivate and delight customers in each group.

Want to learn more about Acoustic Tealeaf and how it enables data-driven actions to uncover problems and close digital experience gaps in the travel and tourism industry?  Click here to download a copy of Acoustic’s Ideapaper, Travel and Tourism: Gaining Customer Insights Before you Lose the Reservation.

Travel and Tourism

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