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The Value of Marketing Automation for IT Service Providers

by Greg Jackman on June 17, 2014

Marketing automation provides the tools that make it possible for IT service providers, or managed service providers, to build pipeline and grow their businesses. When we refer to marketing automation we’re talking about applying techology that allows you to more fully understand and interact, with potential buyers throughout the sales lifecycle. Marketing automation provides the resources to identify, nurture, and close these prospects in a manner that is valuable to them.


The key feature of any marketing automation tool is to focus on the relevance of communications: Deliver personalized messages to your targeted audience.


The most significant capabilities of any marketing automation tool are:

  • Segmentation tools within your databases
  • Automated communications with trigger marketing
  • Campaign creation, design, deployment & measurement
  • CRM integration and synchronization
  • Lead management, scoring, routing, and nurturing
  • Tracking, logging & analyzing you website traffic
  • Systematic demand creating activities
  • Optimizing your social media efforts
  • Real-time sales alerts for specified prospect activity

As a result of these capabilities, marketing automation is able to produce these key benefits:

  • Drives revenue and improves ROI
  • Improves integrated data management
  • Increases conversion rates

To build on this point, Gleanster Research conducted a study on the effects of marketing automation, showing that it has the capability to yield strong results at low marketing costs:


Reasons to Implement Marketing Automation1

gleanster reasons2 resized 600


Furthermore, there is evidence that the marketing industry is beginning to pay attention to these statistics and recognize the value in creating demand through marketing automation: 

  • Companies that use automation experience a 10%+ increase in revenue within 6 to 9 months.2

  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.3

  • The adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015.4

  • Businesses that use marketing automation experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.4


Act-On & HubSpot are two Pereion partners that provide marketing automation services.


Act-On is a cloud-based marketing automation platform with simple tools that track and measure any of your complex programs. They provide you with straight-forward approaches that analyze your web traffic, nurture your leads, integrate with your CRM, and allow you to easily manage your campaigns.

After just six months of implementing Act-On's marketing automation tools, NuGrowth Solutions, a provider of sales and marketing services, nearly tripled their lead generation with an increase of 192%, and improved their open rates by 34%.5 They were able to achieve this explosive growth because of Act-On's capabilities to:

  • Engage prospects productively through lead nurturing
  • Execute on enhanced segmentation lists
  • Deliver results quickly to the right sales people
  • Automate follow-up email responses to the appropriate prospects
  • Track and compare campaign results effectively

HubSpot’s marketing automation also feeds your sales pipeline, offering marketing analytics to optimize all your programs. They offer automated workflows to set up your marketing automation process so you’re able to engage and nurture your contacts with targeted, personalized emails at the most relevant time. These workflows are based on your buyer persona and goals. HubSpot provides the tools for you to attract, convert, track, categorize and profile your leads according to their characteristics and behavior.

Australian Rezdy, a B2B company that produces online reservation software for leisurely travel, had to grow their business with limited staff and resources. With HubSpot’s marketing automation tools, their nurturing program increased their lead generation by 500% and web traffic by 380%.6

Are you using a marketing automation platform? How has it benefited your company?  If you’d like to discuss the specific marketing automation objectives for your business, please use the comment section below or contact Steve Perry directly at slperry@pereion.com.

For more information on the best inbound marketing practices for a IT Service Provider, (including marketing automation on page 17) please download our Marketing Playbook for IT Service Providers:

Pereion Marketing Playbook for IT Service Providers

Please also feel free to share this blog using the social media icons above. You can subscribe to the Pereion blog below, as well, to continue receiving information on how IT solution providers utilize marketing automation, and other inbound marketing strategies.

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