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Can Inbound Marketing Really Double Lead Generation For a MSP?

by Greg Jackman on April 2, 2014

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a lot on their plate. But in the end, just like everyone else, you need to find the best approaches to grow your business. To grow your business you need to dramatically increase lead generation. So how are other MSPs doing it? Inbound Marketing is one of the key tools growing MSPs are using to grow lead generation across expanding service areas.

When talking about inbound marketing, the most important aspects include:

  1. Maintaining a consistent Blog
  2. Exercising proper SEO techniques
  3. Coordinating an organized Social Media strategy

The Inbound Marketing Methodology is one of the best way to convert strangers into visitors, into leads, into customers, and finally into promoters of your business. The graphic below shows this process through four steps1:

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight
Inbound Marketing Methodology

Statistics are consistently showing that businessess are buying into the Inbound Marketing movement:

Nearly 50% of CEOs Report
Complete Inbound Integration2


Inbound Integration

Several MSPs have already learned how inbound marketing is able to help their businesses grow. NSK Inc., an IT consulting and outsourcing firm, was able to accomplish the following thanks to HubSpot’s inbound marketing tools and techniques involving best blogging and SEO practices:

  • Increased client revenue by 207%3
  • Increased lead volume by 200%3
  • Increased in web traffic by more than 100%3
  • Decreased paid marketing spend by 50%3


So as an MSP whether you’re in the beginning or the more advanced stages of implementing inbound marketing practices, try asking yourself the following questions to help stimulate your thought process:

  • Can Inbound Marketing improve your company’s marketing ROI?
  • What are your most important sources of leads today?
  • Specific to Inbound Marketing, how does your 2014 budget compare to your 2013 budget?
  • What % of your leads currently come from inbound marketing? From outbound marketing?
  • What % of your annual lead generation budget will be spent on inbound tactics? On outbound tactics?
  • What is your cost per lead for inbound channels, such as blogging, SEO and social media versus outbound marketing?
  • Do you supplement inbound marketing with paid digital advertising?
  • What % of leads comes from these channels?
  • What % of those leads convert to actual sales?
  • How will you promote that new managed service practice you are launching? 


Hopefully these questions will help stimulate some fresh ideas on Inbound Marketing and help you increase your lead generation, conversion rates, ROI, and ultimately, grow your business. As your business grows and you launch new services, Inbound Marketing provides you with a vehicle to launch and promote that new service offering. 

We encourage you to download our Inbound Marketing eBook for MSPs to help you in your inbound marketing efforts:

MSP Inbound Marketing

If you’d like to discuss your specific MSP inbound marketing goals with us, please use the comment section below or contact Steve Perry directly at slperry@pereion.com.

Please also feel free to share this blog using the social media icons above. You can subscribe to the Pereion blog below to continue receiving information on how MSPs can utilize inbound marketing strategies.

Pereion Logo                                              Pereion Solutions Blog 


1Inbound Methodology, HubSpot, 2014.
2The Data You Need to Make a Compelling Case for Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, 2014.
3IT Consultant NSK, Inc. Sees 207% Increase in New Client Revenue using Inbound, HubSpot, 2014.

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