IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics and IBM Tealeaf

Customer Use Cases

Below are the top use cases for IBM® Watson™ Customer Experience Analytics and IBM® Tealeaf to improve digital intelligence and create actionable customer insights.

Priority Use Cases

Geospatial AnalyticsLearn and understand where your customers are engaging and struggling geographically

Struggle AnalyticsDetect and analyze customer struggle on your site in real time

Heat Map Analysis View where customers are interacting with your pages and understand customer behaviors for different segments

Journey Analytics - Visualize and understand customer journeys across time, devices and channels

Business Process Scorecards -  Gain visibility into the performance of your business processes and identify individual process steps that may need improvement

Real-time AlertingIdentify and instantly be alerted to the first signs of customer struggle on your website

Search OptimizationAchieve advanced insights into how customers engage with content and what they are searching for on your website

Anomaly Detection - Identify unusual patterns and irregularities in customer behavior data and uncover contributing factors






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