IBM Digital Analytics

IBM Digital Analytics is a complete, cloud-based digital analytics engine that gathers digital analytics for optimizing your web presence, marketing ROI, and converting visitors into loyal customers.

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, Pereion Solutions uses IBM Digital Analytics to improve your digital marketing efficiency, maximize your customer’s lifetime value, and increase your revenue with automated, personalized marketing programs. Valued for its exceptional web analytics capabilities and customer engagement across all channels, IBM Digital Analytics:

  • Increases your ROI and top-line revenue by providing insight into the quality of your website traffic
  • Applies the data from your website traffic to your digital marketing optimization methodology
  • Creates a multi-channel view of every customer and builds a customer profile through tracking and storing historical information
  • Syndicates your website visitors through multiple channels to target visitors most likely to convert to loyal customers

With IBM Digital Analytics, Pereion provides the customer behavior insight you need to transform your real-time analytics into automated digital marketing actions, optimizing your web, mobile, and social channels.



  • Web, social and mobile analytics
  • Customer behavior, interaction, and lifecycle analysis
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Impression attribution
  • Automatically embed digital customer profiles
  • Tag management, digital data exchange and WebSphere integrations
  • KPIs, dashboards, benchmarks, and mobile analytics for real-time marketing and personalization
  • Budget allocation for email, mobile, social media, and display advertising
  • Single view of customer across channels, sites and devices beyond just a cookie
  • Standardized implementation methodology to streamline your process and maintain website consistency over an extended period of time
  • Data portability with email, display ad networks and campaigns management tools
  • Smooth navigation to connects web analytics and digital marketing applications


  • Increase your conversion rates and ROI
  • Increase your cross-sell and top-line revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Improves brand engagement
  • Provides accurate visitor data for online marketing and multichannel strategy
  • Allows you to move directly from marketing analytics to marketing actions
  • Consultative relationship for implementation guidance and support
  • Easily execute search, email and display ad campaigns with personalized recommendations
  • Extract, segment and target customers via multiple channels and tools
  • Measure your social ROI and optimize your social presence
  • Targets potential customers with personalized content
  • Attract and retain visitors by offering a clear path to conversion


Enterprise Analytics: Executive-ready reporting, segmentation, deduplication, and simplified analytics across all sites based on user’s needs to analyze customer behavior.
Lifecycle: Increases customer value with industry-unique analytics, marketing automation, and customer milestone reporting based on where individuals are in the buying cycle.
Social Analytics: Monitors and measures social ROI to understand brand engagement, brand monitoring, and the social campaigns that are providing the best results.
Multichannel Analytics: Offline data and business insights to enhance your digital analytics, optimize marketing campaigns, and extend your focus across all channels. 

Impression Attribution: Out-of-the-box reporting, comprehensive tracking, and a global view of off-site interactions to analyze online impressions.


Execution Applications

LIVEmail: Out-of-the-box integration that uses customer insights to deliver targeted, automated email campaigns that will map email relevancy content and increase your conversion rate.
AdTarget: Out-of-the-box, targeted, display ad network integration that uses customer insights to extend your reach and increase your customer acquisition.
Search Marketing: Search bid management solution to enhance your PPC campaigns, automate bids, and maintain control of your analytics that will optimize your search marketing strategies.
Intelligent Offer: Dynamic, product recommendation engine that provides personalized offers across all your channels to increase your sales.



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