IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics provides you with the ability to visualize the entire customer journey, and to understand how activity in one channel, impacts conversion in another, so you can identify both obstacles and opportunities to increase revenue and loyalty. This offering makes it easier for you to quickly act on data across channels, to help target key segments and drive conversion.


Features and Benefits

  • Visualize the customer journey 
    • Quantify and visualize complete, cross-channel customer journeys—individually and in aggregate—across devices and over time.
    • Always know where customers are in their journey and learn how activity in one channel impacts performance in another.
    • Replicate the top performing paths and weed out the troublesome ones.
  • Relive customer experiences
    • Zoom in to see where customers struggled and pinpoint trouble spots.
    • Replay any session to see exactly what your customer experienced.
    • Identify new opportunities to improve the customer experience and refine the journey to deliver more conversions.
  • Gain the insights you need
    • Bring together customer experience insights from all channels in a unified, visual dashboard.
    • Customize the dashboard by role to track the KPIs most important to you.
    • Easily identify trends and understand root causes.
    • Gain immediate insight to go from question to decision in minutes, shifting resources and taking action to grow revenue.


Journey Analytics

A unique feature of IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics, Journey Analytics is the first solution to get a full picture of your customers behavior

  • Clearly visualize your customers purchase cycle across channels and devices with a true omni-channel analysis.
  • Automatically captures and displays customer paths and customer journeys. 
  • You can drill down into a journey and see what channels and digital assets your customer interacts with, what paths they take, who completes high-value purchases and where they exit the interaction.
  • Provides you with a highly visual view of the successes and failures in your customer brand experiences.
  • This allows you to gain the insight to engage with them at the right place and in the right way to
    • Increase customer conversions
    • Shorten the buying cycle
    • Ultimately deliver better user experiences

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