Implement IBM Tealeaf within SiteSpect Cloud

SiteSpect is a digital optimization provider that enables online businesses to test everything on their websites without Javascript tags. They are a market leader in A/B & Multivariate testing. We partner with SiteSpect & IBM to provide an integrated approach to website and mobile optimization, including a private cloud implementation of IBM Tealeaf within the SiteSpect Cloud.

By hosting your IBM Tealeaf environment in a private cloud within SiteSpect’s data centers, you share a common infrastructure with your SiteSpect Cloud implementation. Benefits include:

  • Focus on jointly optimizing your conversion rates & digital customer experience, rather than managing Tealeaf infrastructure
  • Ensure common visibility of the user experience across your testing platform and customer experience management solution
  • Minimize network latency issues

If you are interested in discussing how to implement IBM Tealeaf software within the SiteSpect Cloud, please fill out the contact information to the left and we will contact you.