Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) formerly IBM Tealeaf SaaS

We have extensive experience working with this product enabling you to focus on improving your customer experience while we help you identify customer struggle points and provide you with the customer experience analytics you need to grow your business. 

Our services include 

  • Setup and implementation, update Tealeaf UI SDK
  • Personalized training and skills transfer on best practices
  • Create Tealeaf objects (events, attributes, dimensions) to track user activity
  • Create reports and dashboards for various audiences
  • Use Tealeaf to segment user sessions based on various factors to identify and report on specific customer issues
  • Provide session analysis to identify issues and customer struggle points based on segmentation, using session timelines and replays
  • Create and manage Tealeaf Struggle Analytics and Alerts
  • Create snapshots of key pages utilizing Tealeaf Overstat module to provide usability analytics, including Heatmaps, Form Analytics, and Attention Maps



  • Provide skills and expertise on the use of Tealeaf CX on Cloud
  • Reduce the time to value for using Tealeaf
  • Identify customer struggle points and quantify the business impact
  • Identify opportunities to improve web and mobile customer experience

Packaged Offerings

  • Implementation and train the users
  • Quickstart – 100 hours of a Tealeaf consultant to create events and reports and get you productive quickly
  • Base support – If you buy from Pereion Solutions, we provide basic product support, answer specific usage questions, and work with Acoustic to resolve any product issues
  • Base plus – 10 hours of Tealeaf consulting services per month to guide to assist in creating events and reports, plus providing guidance on best practices
  • Premium – 1 to 2 day per week of a Tealeaf consultant to act as your customer experience analyst. In addition to creating events and reports, we will provide detailed analysis of user sessions and customer experience issues

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