Tealeaf TuneUp Service Offering 

Pereion Solutions will verify that your Acoustic Tealeaf investment is fine tuned by examining the current use of your implementation and SDK configuration.  We will ensure your business is leveraging all the analytic capabilities, applying the important use cases applicable to your business needs and make you aware of all recent updates and versions of Tealeaf.  

Acoustic Tealeaf TuneUp Service Offering includes:

  •  Pre TuneUp Goal Setting – Build a plan
  •  Post TuneUp Business Review
  • 1 User Training Session to refresh skills
  •  50 hours of an experienced Pereion Analyst
  •  Development of specific uses cases based on your business requirements
  • Creation of events, reports, and alerts
  • Guidance on best practices
  • Assist with integrating with other tools (i.e. Voice of Customer)
  • SDK update if needed
  • Cost $4995.00
  • Offer valid through September 30, 2021

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Tealeaf TuneUp - Get Started

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