Digital transformation is a major focus for many B2B organizations today and so are the expectations for exceptional digital customer experience.  B2B companies recognize that they must act quickly to understand and address their customers’ needs across digital journeys.  Yet, many B2B companies lack the required data and insight and struggle to overcome B2B digital innovation challenges. Complexity of business transactions, typically high volume and comprised of many different components in a single transaction, is one of the biggest challenges B2Bs face.

Success in B2B digital transformation comes down to the data in which B2B companies can use to optimize and improve digital customer experiences – ability to obtain the right customer data and applying the essential data analysis to create more actionable insights.  With CX Analytics, B2B organizations gain invaluable data analysis capabilities which offer:

  • Process optimization by measuring process effectiveness
  • Site optimization by using struggle and session analysis with the ability to segment data
  • Improvements in marketing effectiveness by utilizing behavior analytics

By applying the power of CX Analytics, B2B organizations can overcome their digital transformation challenges and gain invaluable data driven insights that offer the swiftness to respond to evolving customer expectations to stay ahead of the competition. 

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