Customer Experience Analytics Customer Use Cases

GeospatialAnalytics   Geospatial Analytics - Learn and understand where your customers are engaging and struggling geographically 

StruggleAnalytics   Struggle Analytics - Detect and analyze customer struggle on your site in real time

HeatMapAnalytics   Heat Map Analysis -  View where customers are interacting with your pages and understand customer behaviors for different segments

JourneyAnalytics   Journey Analytics Visualize and understand customer journeys across time, devices and channels

Process 2 Icon   Business Process Scorecards -  Gain visibility into the performance of your business processes and identify individual process steps that may need improvement

RealTimeAlerting   Real-time Alerting - Identify and instantly be alerted to the first signs of customer struggle on your website

SearchOptimization   Search Optimization - Achieve advanced insights into how customers engage with content and what they are searching for on your website

AnomalyDetection   Anomaly Detection - Identify unusual patterns and irregularities in customer behavior data and uncover contributing factors

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