Channel Marketing

Pereion Solutions helps you take advantage of industry best practices in deploying a channel marketing program.

Many partner programs fail to deliver the growth a company planned because they do not truly create new customer opportunities and are ineffective in enabling their channel sales partners to sell their products. Companies often do not make the necessary investments to extend their direct marketing model to their channel partners.  Pereion Solutions can develop channel marketing plans to deliver the required lead volumes and revenue plans. Pereion can directly manage your co-marketing programs and help your marketing department deliver channel ready marketing deliverables. Equally important is the ability to communicate with your channel partners and train them on the sale of your products. Pereion can provide "best practice" advice and deliver channel sales training and sales enablement collateral.  Pereion provides the following Channel Marketing solutions:

  • Channel Marketing Plan Development
  • Co-marketing Program Management
  • Channel Specific Marketing Deliverables
  • Channel Sales Training and Sales Enablement Collateral
  • Partner Communications

A well designed channel marketing plan will create the pipeline velocity needed to grow your business.

Channel Marketing Concierge Service