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Tealeaf as a Service for IBM Digital Analytic Customers

Posted by Steven Perry

Mon, Oct 19, 2015 @ 07:10 AM

IBM Digital Analytics, formerly Coremetrics, is going through a needed refresh.  The beta version of the new release is currently available for all IBM Digital Analytic customers. While the beta version is still limited, there are already some emerging features and functionality that are much improved.  Such as:

  • Top line metrics reports that are easier to use
  • More flexibility in date ranges and segmentation
  • Shared work spaces

One of the unique and interesting additions to the Digital Analytics beta is the Ghostery Tracker Map Integration.  This allows you to easily view and analyze the third party tags on your pages, evaluating both the prevalence and latency of those tags.  Excessive and unwanted tags can create a number of problems, including poor customer experience, privacy compliance issues, and wasted time of the web operations team. 

At the same time, Tealeaf CX has been released in SaaS version that is called IBM Customer Experience on Cloud.  This Tealeaf SaaS version does not provide all of the functionality of the on premise version of Tealeaf (which has been around for a decade), however it is much simpler to deploy and  is less expensive to purchase and implement.  For IBM Digital Analytics customers in particular this represents a great opportunity.  The User Interface between the beta version of IBM Digital Analytics and Tealeaf SaaS is the same and it is easy to see how IBM can fully integrate these two offerings.  While full integration is not currently available, IBM has said the short term roadmap includes full bidirectional export capability of session segments between offerings.  It is possible to export segments from Tealeaf SaaS to the Digital Analytics beta today. 

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on CloudTealeaf SaaS Screenshot

IBM Digital Analytics customers with Tealeaf SaaS will be able to easily apply Tealeaf capabilities to their Digital Analytics segment analysis all with a common user interface.  A real simple example would be to export a top line metric report out of IBM Digital Analytics, such as cart abandonment, and leverage the capabilities of Tealeaf to understand why customers are abandoning.  Tealeaf's unique strengths are the ability to apply segmentation, robust session analytics, and session replay to fully understand customer experience and customer behaviour on web and mobile properties.  This will provide a unique and integrated set of capabilities to existing IBM Digital Analytic customers that may have considered leaving the platform. 

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience on Cloud(SaaS) is also a new offering and it is rapidly evolving.  In addition to the current capabilities, by early next year alerts and heatmaps should be available which will provide another level of capability and functionality for existing IBM Digital Analytic customers.

Honestly there has not been alot of innovation around IBM Digitial Analytics in the past couple years.  With the new IBM Digital Analytics beta and the new Tealeaf SaaS offering the time is right for IBM Digital Analytic customers that are truly interested in understanding web and mobile customer experience and improving their customer engagement to add Tealeaf capabilities.  If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities to pair IBM Digital Analytics and Tealeaf SaaS click below. 

Request Information on Tealeaf SaaS  for IBM Digital Analytic CustomersIBM Advanced Business Partner

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