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New IBM Customer Experience Analytics Solution with Journey Analytics

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 06:05 AM

At the IBM Amplify Conference in Tampa this past week, IBM announced a new cloud based Customer Experience Analytic solution. This new offering combines the latest release of IBM Digital Analytics, Tealeaf CX on Cloud, and new Journey Analytic capabilities all integrated with UBX. This provides a unique set of capabilities which provide a complete view of customer interaction on your web and mobile properties combined with the ability to visualize the customer's journey over multiple sessions. For companies, looking to optimize customer experience and make decisions based on detailed customer data this new offering provides tremendous benefits.  Let's take a closer look at what is included. 

Foundation: IBM Tealeaf Inside with New Digital Analytic Offering

This solution includes Tealeaf CX on Cloud, the SaaS based version of Tealeaf providing a detailed view of each user session combined with the ability to segment those sessions based on user events. Tealeaf is the leading CX solution in the marketplace in terms of providing the tools needed to capture and identify customer struggle. The new Digital Analytic solution combines a completely refreshed user interface with a modern Hadoop data structure. By integrating through UBX, with Digital Analytics and other data sources the rich data set from Tealeaf can be combined to provide extensive insight into customer experience and actions. 

Secret Sauce: UBX

The Universal Behaviour Exchange was released by IBM into market last year, it provides a bus to exchange user data between the different components (aka endpoints). This enables the exchange of data between the components I have already referenced, but also opens up to a marketplace of other marketing technology  solutions that provide additonal insight into the customer experience and journey. UBX  includes identity services to facilitate the mapping of different sessions to a single user.

Holy Grail: Journey Analytics

Moving from single session analytics to multi-session and multi-device views of a customer journey is something all marketers strive for, yet there are several inhibitors in getting there. By leveraging a common integrating bus with identity services we can start to break down those barriers. A set of Journey Analytic reporting capabilities come with the new cloud based IBM Customer Experience Analytic Solution. By integrating other elements of your marketing technology infrastructure you can expand on those reporting capabilities. 


Get Started Now

The fully integrated solution is not available yet, but fortunately there are some very clear actions you can take now that will start delivering value right away.

  1. Read and watch the IBM Customer Experience Analytic product material at the following link.
  2. Implement Tealeaf CX on Cloud now, this will enable you to start identifying the customer experience issues on your current web and mobile properties.
  3. Universal Business Exchange (i.e. UBX) is then available at no additional charge.  You can begin adding endpoints based on your marketing technology portfolio, this will enable you to start building a data model for tracking customer journeys. 

If you would like additional information on the IBM Customer Experience Analytic announcement and assistance in helping your company build a roadmap to take advantage of these capabilities, then please click on the tile below. 

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