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Customer Experience (CX) Analytics Webinar Series

Posted by Kristin Bonazoli

Mon, Dec 9, 2019 @ 07:12 AM

Are you searching for the answer to "why" behind user behaviors in the customer journey?

If so, we can help you find it!  Register now for Pereion Solutions' Customer Experience (CX) Analytics Webinar Series to learn how to combine CX analytics, using Acoustic Experience Analytics (AKA Tealeaf), with traditional web analytics to achieve an in-depth view into customer behaviors that offer valuable insights which can help to create exceptional customer experiences, eliminate struggle and answer the "Why" vs. the "What" in the customer journey.

Pereion's Customer Experience (CX) Analytics Two Part Webinar Series

Pereion Solutions' two part CX Analytics Webinar Series will focus on the business value of customer experience (CX) analytics, using Acoustic Experience Analytics, and explain how to apply advanced CX analytics to move beyond traditional web analytics to gain deep insights and a better understanding of the needs of customers across all digital journeys.  Webinar attendees will learn how CX analytics can answer not only the "what" in the customer journey but also the "why" behind customer behaviors. The webinars will demonstrate the functional value of CX analytics through specific use cases that can help businesses leverage customer experience analytics to improve conversion rates and drive customer satisfaction.
In addition, we will share how companies have been able to yield a 243% return on investment (ROI) and 6 month payback through the deployment of Acoustic Experience Analytics. (ROI and payback information is based on 2019 Forrester’s TEI Study).

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Provided below are details of the January CX Analytic Webinars that include dates and times, subject matter and a link to the webinar registration page.  Click here to register for Pereion's two part CX Analytics Webinar Series and get your answer to the "why" behind customer behaviors.

Customer Experience Analytics – Two Part Webinar Series
Why Move from Traditional Web Analytics to Customer Experience Analytics?
Webinar Registration Link:

Part 1 -  Wednesday, 1/15/20 at 12:00pm ET
CX Analytics Webinar - Getting Started and Moving Beyond the Basics

    • Session Search
    • Session-Replay/Analysis
    • Process Conversions
    • Alerts
    • Mobile Analytics
    • Geospatial Analytics

Part 2 - Wednesday, 1/29/20 at 12:00pm ET
CX Analytics Webinar - Leveraging AI and Advanced Analytics

    • Anomaly Detection
    • Struggle Analytics
    • Journey Analytics
    • Search and Page Optimization
    • Voice of the Customer (VOC)


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This blog provides insight and tips on Customer Experience Analytics, especially in the usage of Acoustic Experience Analytics (Tealeaf) and Acoustic Analytics (CXA) to optimize web and mobile experience.

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